Egyptian Ambassador Slaps Cyprus Airport Officer – Then Pulls Off Official’s Wig (Video)

Egyptian ambassador to Cyprus, Menha Mahrous Bakhoum, lost it and slapped a police officer at the airport in Cyprus.

From the video: Egyptian ambassador to Cyprus, Menha Mahrous Bakhoum, has appeared in a video swearing at and slapping a police officer at Larnaca airport, claiming she was subject to verbal and physical humiliation by airport security despite her diplomatic standing.

Ambassador Bakhoum was at the airport to see off her family and she wanted to escort them beyond the passport control. A female police officer then asked her to remove her boots, but the Egyptian diplomat refused, prompting a dispute.

Ambassador Bakhoum then acted by slapping the police officer, resulting in her being manhandled by a group of male officers. They dragged her to a separate room in a bid to calm tempers.

Efforts to contain the situation, however, failed when ambassador Bakhoum reportedly grabbed the wig of a senior officer in protest at her detention, according to Cyprus Mail.

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  • Ghost

    uppity baboon

  • bg


    January 4, 2013

    Egypt’s Morsi: No Peace With
    Descendants of ‘Apes and Pigs’

    January 5, 2013

    Saudi Arabian in US for Military Training
    Charged With Raping American Boy …..

    glad to see those whose ethnicity shall not be mentioned lest
    one insults the prophet (the hell with Allah) Muhammad (did he
    have a last name??) are making headlines.. /piss be upon him


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  • Texascat

    It would be interesting to see how she acts in her own setting. Home,office. She is not a diplomat regardless of her title

  • she’s a fat abusive cow who didn’t realize she was NOT on her own turf.

    In a sense, we are seeing how Egypt will act if given the power and opportunity.

    Them and us brothers, them and us.

    As Allen West pointed out that painful fact has been repeated for centuries.

  • crackermike

    Why is this any different from American Congresscritters demonstrating their extreme arrogance and disrespect for the Law? Scum is scum and Politicians are even lower than child molesters.

  • These Mohammedan’s are popularly the only thing standing between Israel and your pathetic ‘Christian’ dispensationalism.

  • Joscefi

    The newspaper reports that Cyprus Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Marcoullis has officially apologized to the Egyptian ambassador for the unnecessary and bad behavior of the security personnel.
    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses publicly and sincerely its regrets and apologizes for the treatment of the ambassador, which was not in conformity with the principle of inviolability of the person and respect of diplomatic representatives,” Marcoullis said in a statement.
    However, even though the officers are at fault when they manhandled and detained the ambassador, who has diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention, Police Association head Andreas Symeou has argued that the government was wrong to apologize for the actions of the officers.
    He claims that the police were right to react as they did, after Bakhoum slapped the officer

    Read more:

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  • Hippies Still Smell

    This is perfectly consistent with Egypt’s perception of Cyprus as a conquered dhimmi territory. The uppity Cypriot officers clearly needed to be reminded who’s in charge.

    Since the Islamo-supremacist occupation and ethnic cleansing of Greek Cyprus began in 1974:

    * at least 55 Greek churches have been converted into mosques
    * another 50 Greek churches and monasteries have been converted into stables, stores, hostels, museums, or have been demolished
    * the cemeteries of at least 25 Greek villages have been desecrated and destroyed
    * innumerable icons, religious artifacts and all kinds of archaeological treasures have been stolen and smuggled abroad
    * illegal excavations and smuggling of antiquities is openly taking place all the time with the involvement of the occupying forces
    * all Greek place names contrary to all historical and cultural reason were converted into Turkish ones.

    VIDEO: Famagusta, The Hostage Ghost City of Europe

    Why don’t Leftists howl about the continuing cultural rape and occupation of northern Cyprus? Priceless antiquities have been pillaged; Greeks have been driven from their homes; ancient churches have been converted into mosques; and the thriving resort of Famagusta transformed into a ghost town. Nobody cares.

    Instead, Leftists obsess over the trumped-up plight of the perpetually pampered Fakestinians– apartheid Islamo-supremacists committed to genocidal jihad.