It’s not news that Barack Obama likes to blame George Bush’s ‘failed policies’ for all of the problems in America today.

But now we know that after four years of Barack Obama the economic growth during the Bush years was greater than during the Obama era.

(Trading Economics)

Despite the Clinton recession, the Attack on 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the mortgage crisis that caused the 2008 financial collapse, GDP growth during the Bush years was higher than during the Obama years.

Under George Bush GDP growth was an average 1.67 percent.
Under Barack Obama GDP growth was an average 1.53 percent.
(Numbers from Trading Economics)

Remember this the next time Obama bashes George W. Bush.




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  1. He’s got a nerve….Failed policies.. When his policies failed eons ago & 100% of the time they’ve been tried! There’s no more failed a policy than that of socialism! (The rest of the world knows this & are all moving toward capitalism. Even communist China is changing their economic model to the free market).. Such an ass..

    BTW funny I was going to share this link anyway & have it running in the background & here he mentioned TheGatewayPundit in it. lol

    Check it out;
    Obama Gives Al-Qaeda Missiles To Attack America And West!

  2. In case you missed it before; it’s a list we should all have on hand & reference when doing any business.
    The Big List of Who Hates Guns :)

  3. Unexpectedly, GDP growth during the Bush years was higher than during the Obama years.

  4. It is a little early to be making this comparison! The U.S. economy is remarkable and resilient. I fully expect the economy to survive and overcome Obamanomics! If that happens, some good numbers ahead will take Obama GDP look much better. We better be hoping for good times ahead!

  5. The low information voters, aka, the stupid and lazy, could care less. They are living their utopia. No hafta work and yet drive a decent car, have their 52 inch tellys, have the taxpayers foot the bills for their food, medicaid. What’s not to like?

  6. The economy will rebound due to Obama relaxing regs on the oil industry.

    This will happen so he can ensure his “legacy”. The he will campaign for another

    term, as the Messiah. Evil has much to do, America begged for this and God is going to

    make sure we get a gut load of it. Has to be. Nice thing is to see it unfold in my day.

    Powder is dry

  7. It is my firm belief that Obama does not want the economy to grow.

    People assume he does, and react accordingly when his policies fail. Everything he does is anti-growth, so why do we assume he’s pro-growth?

    (Blaming Bush has just been a way to cover his “failures”, which in his mind are not failures at all.)

    Beware the false liberal premise.

  8. Remember this compelling video: “If I wanted America to fail…”

    and another one worth watching: Can you guess who I am?

  9. facts don’t matter to “progressives” or democrats

  10. I missed huge upside in stock market during first four assuming that he would destroy the market! The point is not that he will try to command and control the economy, but that the economy is smarter than he is!

    CEO’s downsized, held back the cash, took his incentives, reduced to part-time, worked the tax code, whatever they needed to do to maintain their profits! When the time is right, they will jump in the middle of the rising tide!

  11. Maybe, Barack Hussein Obama ought to learn from George Bush policies and FAQ to spend less.

  12. bush’s GDP was a failure he wanted to go higher. obama’s GDP is a success he wants it lower.

  13. The Dow doubled under Obama. Capitalists and shareholders did very very well. Only “socialists”pretend to care about the wage earners

  14. #17…the dow doubled under obama. it did?

  15. Of, the fun we can have with averages. If you take the average of unemployment under both the Bush and Clinton administrations, they appear to be equal, 5.3% for Bush and 5.2% for Clinton. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Ya see, Clinton inherited a 7.3% unemployment rate, and left it at 4.2%. On the other hand, Bush inherited that 4.2% rate, but left with it at 7.8%, and rising … rapidly.

    The same goes for the growth rate. When Bush took office we had a mild recession, with the growth rate at -2%. However, when he left, we were in a major recession with growth at around -9%. Since we’ve recovered under Obama, we have not returned to negative growth.


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