Yup. Her singing was as fake as Michelle Obama’s wig and eyelashes.
Beyonce lip-synched at the Inauguration yesterday.
It was a great performance.




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  1. As fake as Preezy Obama and Mooch’s hair and eyelashes.

  2. Slow news day eh? Not enough trumped up crap to whinge about?

  3. Ignore all TROLLS! They may be cheering now, but they’ll be whining yet again in six months when King O forgets them again, or “throws them away” as he did those poor staff members who worked their butts off to elect him. See “used up and thrown away” here at GP for details.

  4. What’s the matter, Ben Gazzi not working out for you?

  5. So THAT’s why she was audible over the band! Kelly Clarkson wasn’t, at least not from a nonofficial recording nearby.

    However, both of the recordings linked here are of very good quality.

    My guess is that Beyonce did sing at the live event, and then chose the pre-recorded backup for the official video clip.

    Of course it’s faked. Veracity has no priority with this administration.

  6. Fake singing for a fake POTUS!

  7. I could not possibly care less.

  8. What’s the matter, Ben Gazzi not working out for you? – rayprice

    Why don’t you tell that to the families of the four dead Americans?

  9. I could careless!

  10. How do we know she sang it in studio?
    How is this practically different from reading a teleprompter?

  11. Hell, Barry has been lip-synching since he started campaigning in 2006. Lip-synched thru his whole first term. Jeff Dunham’s puppets could do as well as Barry! Maybe better.

  12. Carly Rose Sonenclar could have done it live.

  13. Proud to say I have never listened to this whorish white girl wanna be.

  14. I knew it! What a tool.

    Here’s a new funny blog on Maryland and our silly Governor.



  16. Fake leader, fake singer…nothing new.

  17. I’m sure there is no lip sync when hubby is around

  18. Everything about the First Couple is fake……they are the figment of your imagination that they created. I wonder if they laugh themselves to sleep at night….thinking they’re getting away with the biggest hoax ever played on the American People?

  19. She didn’t have a choice. The event organizers require her to prerecord the song. Same is true of other events like this, the Super Bowl for example. This is not a controversy because that’s just how the business works. Event organizers call the shots and they reduce risk as much as possible.

    Concerts are a different story. If a performer lip syncs a concert, that’s a scandal.

    She sure sang a beautiful rendition of the anthem! One of the best I’ve ever heard.

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