Coming Soon to Your TV… “All My Baby’s Mamas” Starring Rapper Shawty Lo and Ten of His Baby’s Mamas

Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies. The show is scheduled to air this spring on Oprah’s Oxygen Channel.

That’s not a house. That’s a harem.

Rapper Shawty Lo is pictured with his 11 children and their 10 mothers in an online video promoting the planned Oxygen TV special “All My Babies’ Mamas.” (screenshot)

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  • Flintstone F.

    Not much of a family photo. You all stand back there next to my crib, and I’ll stand up here, lookin’ like a cracker, with my arms folded sayin’ look at all my sh** yo.

  • shadow

    And who would watch this crap. Oh, that’s right, JH watches Honey Boo Boo. He probably can’t wait.

  • shadow

    Hope no one watches. Really a sad commentary on the nation we live in.

    Dang! Another point of agreement. What a night!

  • joeOrwell

    That’s a lot of free cell phones.

  • shadow

    At least this fool and his harem will be paid for parading their amoralistic life in front of the cameras, so they won’t be drawing welfare, this year.

    Oh, for Christ’s sake, let them draw welfare. Please don’t make them rich by watching this crap.

  • S. Wesley Mcgranor

    I came of age in the 90’s; when Blacks rejected wiggers, and rap music was not Black culture.

  • Simsalabim

    If 0bamao had a son, this is what he’d look like.

    He’d be in the ‘choom gang’ too.

  • conservative dude

    this is what happens when government replaces an intact family and the church.

  • Marsh626

    I doubt it. Laughing at White Trash families is the only reality TV shows mainstream society finds acceptable. Exposing how trashy most black families are in America is a big no-no. The whole point of the “Cosby Show” for example was to portray black families in a positive light. It was essentially racial propaganda and the makers of the show were honest about it. Do you really think they’re going to reverse decades of ceaseless efforts to make blacks look like suave intellectuals? Pfft. Don’t count on it.

    If you want to see what Black America really look like (and the real reason why America has such high gun crime rates and low standards of living in general), watch this documentary…

    *warning for content*

  • Mac in NM

    You can take the savage out of the jungle but……….

  • Mitch Rapp

    How many are on welfare and what is this clown costing us?

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Future SEIU workers. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the fools prove me wrong. How much are these kids costing tax payers? Given their outstanding family life I’m sure they’ll be doing exactly the same thing, maybe we SHOULD encourage Planned Parenthood. It’s a tough call.

  • bg


    Marsh626 #49 January 8, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    re: [Exposing how trashy most black
    families are in America is a big no-no.]

    you are a turn a molehill into a mountain opportunist racist..

    you hang with the hood Revs or what?? /s/


  • bad actor

    Danny (#19): You have to ask? You KNOW they are all on welfare, sucking at the govt teat.
    This show is most definitely NOT coming to my tv. No way.

  • NoResolution

    Another Obama voter looking for a handout.

  • vb

    Actually, Weekly Standard linked to a reaction to this at the blog My Black Baby. The blogger was appalled. Although the blog seems to have a liberal bent, it seems to share our values about responsible parenthood. We should be careful in our comments not to seem to put all blacks in the same pot. It’s probably far better to let blacks take the lead in objecting and ask how we can help.

  • ar05075


  • http://! l.barney


  • dwdude

    the desperation of the doprah network

  • scneocon

    We used to watch “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” when I was a kid. Now Marlon & Jim are gone, the indigenous African species & their mating habits remain & we’re the sponsors.