Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies. The show is scheduled to air this spring on Oprah’s Oxygen Channel.

That’s not a house. That’s a harem.

Rapper Shawty Lo is pictured with his 11 children and their 10 mothers in an online video promoting the planned Oxygen TV special “All My Babies’ Mamas.” (screenshot)



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  1. Thrash.

  2. We don’t need the damn show.

    We see this same disgusting story ad nauseam in section 8 housing across the country.

    Yep, free housing, food, energy, cash, and health and day care for anyone and everyone who breeds with the likes of this guy. And remember, these “baby mamas” (both citizens and illegal immigrants) will continue to qualify for such public assistance benefits just as long as they keep breeding with guys just like this.

    And let’s not mention the fact that untold millions of similar “sperm donors” collect a fraudulent welfare check from each and every one of their many “baby mama’s” section 8 residences on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

    And too think that many progressive liberals can’t seem to figure out why this country is bankrupt, both financially and morally. But hey, according to Obama and the Dems, we can just keep borrowing ever greater amounts of money from China to “help” pay for this nonsense. (that is, until China stops loaning money to us).

    Anyway, I sure hope that the Atlanta authorities nail this guy for any child support that he might owe these “baby’s mamas” and their “children” (or should we say “living welfare checks).

    Meanwhile, where’s “question(not a)man and his race card?

    Can’t wait to hear what that race card flapping liberal has to say about this disgusting storyline.

    Let me guess, he/she/it will call us all a bunch of (Democrat party borne) “KKKers” for having the nerve to speak the truth about such “breeding for dough” lifestyles.

  3. It’s a good thing this show is on Oprah Winfrey’s network since The O is an approved liberal. Were this show to appear on a conservative owned channel……the spit would hit the fan.

    Hey, black America, this is what the entertainment industry thinks of you. Happy?

  4. Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies.

    Only idiots watch garbage like this.

  5. ++

    in Islamic Countries, Muslims are allowed 4 wives,
    me thinks they support that in England as well..



    factual, fictional, composite names) AND HIS INVISIBLE LEGIONS

    Planned Parenthood praises sexual pleasure for kids

    and much more.. :-(

    Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report:
    We Did 333,964 Abortions; 1 Every 94 Seconds

    oh btw there are numerous “white baby daddy’s” too.. *sigh*


  6. ++

    “all his baby mama’s and daughter’s”

    i could be wrong.. but it looks to me as if there’s only one boy in
    the bundles of joy (i feel for the kids, not their daddy parent/s)..


  7. How much are WE the PEOPLE paying for this slacker wanna-be buffoon’s baby mama (whores)…

    Sorry for the rage. I am getting tired of this story showing up.

  8. ++

    why are 5 missing, they move out?? /s/


  9. That’s quite a picture. A boar and his sows. One can see that any day on a farm.

  10. That picture is of some tribe in Africa, right?
    And don’t forget – you can’t have CRAP without RAP.

  11. Typical savages. All they seem to know how to do is breed. And steal. And mug. And rob. And loot. And, well, you already know.

  12. 10 tramps with 11 children.

    And he probably thinks this makes him a man.

  13. it’s a recession baby mamm’s and illegitimate fathers need to get paid too.

    Oprah needs money and ratings, so why not have ghetto trash on and let people profit off of it. MTV had the redneck trash show on and it had stella ratings.

    What do you expect in Obama’s version of the Great Depression II? What morals, values? Huh. Holla.

  14. liberal american values. no civil rights leader will complain about this. its why they destroyed the black family.

  15. Some say that in the early days of the Arab markets the Chinese preferred purchasing only castrated slaves.

  16. Is this what we’ve become?

    At least this fool and his harem will be paid for parading their amoralistic life in front of the cameras, so they won’t be drawing welfare, this year.

  17. This is something they shouldn’t be promoting, no class. Shows the fundamental problem in the ‘hood, moral poverty.

  18. When will O air the episode when this sperm donor is neutered… with a butter knife? BTW, there are white families here in the great white North who have kids with 4 different last names.

  19. Hope no one watches. Really a sad commentary on the nation we live in. No substance just make lots of money and go home.

    More trash for our youth to watch. Less and less family values and more inconsequential gibber jabber with a bit of filth spun in for good measure.

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