Family dispute?
A Code Pink loon interrupted Genghis John Kerry during his opening statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today.

This was a bit strange, considering John Kerry launched his political career as an antiwar America-bashing activist. Maybe some day this Code Pink loon be Secretary of State, too?




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  1. Who is responsible for this Code Pink Asshat being in this room? Who is providing access for these ridiculous Code Pink protests?

  2. Code Pink Socialist Democrat Commie Traitor in Chief best friend helping John Kerry nothing new.

  3. She was for John Kerry before she was against John Kerry.

  4. Oh gee.
    Notice how quickly the pinko protester gets removed when they are not screaming at a Republican.
    When naked protesters stormed John Boehner’s office the Capitol Police stood there like damn statues until everybody got all their filming done.

  5. That Ketchup Boy is such a chick magnet!

  6. Remember when they let one of them get near Conid Rice with fake blood on her hands? How do THEY like it!

  7. Did you know that John Kerry served in Vietman:)

  8. Just shows how stupid these leftist are. They don’t even know who is on their side—

  9. Someone should ask the Code Pink nutcase if the flesh of her comrades has a taste that agrees with her…

  10. Alternate headline:

    ‘Code Pink STAGES protest to coincide with John Kerry’s own views’

  11. No surprise at all. Fascism has its roots in SELF loathing misanthropy.

  12. Both Secretary Hillary and Kerry are not responsible for their Hypocrisy.


    Thanks Rush!!

  13. OT

    Can You Guess Who I Am? (It’s not a scare tactic. It’s a reality check.)

  14. And Hillary:

    She did nothing as a Secretary of State!!!


    Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses on Benghazi

    Secretary of State Clinton Wednesday failed to provide a full explanation of why an immediate military response wasn’t ordered to try to rescue besieged members of the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

    Maybe that’s because it’s inexplicable. But White House Dossier has done some investigative journalism and uncovered the top ten reasons why Hillary didn’t ensure that a military response from one of the nearby U.S. bases was immediately begun.

    1. She wanted to see if we could first find a diplomatic solution.

    2. Ouija Board wasn’t moving fast enough.

    3. Beyonce and Jay-Z were using the Situation Room.

    4. Tummy ache had already begun.

    5. United Nations hadn’t gotten back to her on whether intervention was compliant with international law.

    6. Libyans said, “We got this.”

    7. Decided George Washington had warned against foreign entanglements.

    8. Since it was Bush’s fault, Bush should be the one doing something about it.

    9. Tried to call military base in Italy but kept getting the damn answering machine.

    10. Never could have imagined anyone would attack American interests on anniversary 9/11.

    And the questioning, well, they blew it. We waited for her to be grilled and they allowed her grill them.

  15. Kabuki- a phony staged appearance

  16. Actually Hillary Clinton should be grilled by placing a table lamp over her in a dark room to question her left right and center. The media and officers looking at the adjacent room to find our what happen.

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