Classy. Obama Takes Jab at Paul Ryan During Inaugural Speech (Video)

Chicago Politics, Baby!
Barack Obama used his Inaugural Speech to take a jab at Paul Ryan.
The president included a line on “nation of takers” to hit Paul Ryan who along with Mitt Romney turned out to be the choice of working Americans.

Paul Ryan was sitting a few rows away from the president.

Via Special Report:

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  • http://! l.barney

    That’s our King O for you!

  • bg


    and that will affect me/you & my/your children,
    grand & great grandchildren’s futures how??


  • bigL

    As long as we don’t say anything back we lose. If Ryan called out “Cram it, JugEars”,
    or “at least I am not a serial Liar” or, “where are your college records “, we’d stop losing.

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  • bg


    bigL #3 January 21, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    hah, easy for you to say.. besides, i heard the
    sound system was in great need so to speak..


  • wth

    OK… I actually watched that clip for a few seconds. Feel dumber now.

  • Tom Doniphon

    We have been through this before! He likes taking a slap at Paul Ryan! If we worried about such thing in the grown-up world we would call him a bully! But we only condemn bullies when they are white, Christian, Republican and normalsexual!

  • paul52

    Will the Makers eventually shut down the Takers? Refuse to give any more to society’s parasites? It could be ugly.

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  • ruready?

    Ok, so he disagrees with Ryan. It’s a free country. He is free to disagree. However, when he attacks his opponent in his inaugural address, he has passed the bounds of freedom and entered the real of arrogant license. He is using the money, the prestige and the opportunities that his Office afford him to tear down the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    Barry the Bad Ass. Talks a tough game while hiding behind the power of the presidency. If he ever talked like this, man to man, he would be spitting out teeth. Punk.

  • Oliver
  • donh


    Obama doesn’t want to be burdened caring for his own brother…He wants you and me to care for them………So Obama takes from people like you and me who had nothing to do with the failures of Obama’s kin folk… and give away free stuff to his loser relatives who don’t have what it takes to make it on their own.

    Selfish people like Obama want to enjoy all the spoils of success without feeling the pinch of digging into their OWN pocket to help out a down and out relative …They get to feel morally superior through this false sanctimony of cannibalizing their fellow American to pay a free ride for their LOSER friends and family………when all they are really doing is washing their hands of the guilt from dishing their problems onto somebody else they don’t know. Passing the buck, playing the blame game, and neglecting to care for their own families. …

    Because NOBODY should be punished with a baby, or a handicapped child, or an elderly parent , or an unemployed brother…..who gets in the way of ME having another party… ….living MY life the way I want to……HAIL SATAN….( strike gong here )..>

  • lizzy84

    Poor form……….way out of bounds.
    And it will come back to BITE him.
    Americans hate a bully.

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  • ponderon

    Why would any republican want to attended this circle ,when they know the only way this narcissisic can relate to them is to attack and bully……..he so immature and so are the clowns that follow him ….

  • CT

    A Paul Ryan fart has more value than anything coming out of this Asshats head.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    But he won, folks, he won and he didn’t win by running against Romney (who was and is a cipher) but against Ryan. This was his chance to lay out his agenda which is diametrically opposed to Ryan’s. That’s politics. Actually, I doubt Ryan took it personally. The terms makers and takers were coined by Ayn Rand and, despite her ant-communism, I doubt she’s someone any of us would want as the poster child for conservatism.

  • cavt

    What more can be said about this guy. We’ve had 4 yrs of his demonizing any non-followers now we get 4 more. No surprise here–

  • JDR-Taq

    …to hit Paul Ryan who along with Mitt Romney turned out to be the choice of working Americans.

    Oh please, and what utter pap.

    They were the choice of the corrupt dive-taking, donation-seeking, self-enriching, Democrat-pandering G.O.P., and “working Americans” had no other choice.

    “choice of working Americans”, my a$$.

    We haven’t had a real choice for 5 elections.