Cheaters Never Win?… Lance Armstrong – Whose Net Worth Is $125 Million – Admits to Doping

Lance Armstrong’s home in Austin, Texas. (Rag Blog)

Lance Armstrong is an American professional cyclist who has a net worth of $125 million. In the last few years, Lance Armstrong has become a controversial figure around the world. In October of 2012, Armstrong was banned from professional racing amid allegations that he used steroids. Lance was forced to give up his seven Tour de France medals and lost all of his major sponsors including Nike and Anheuser Busch.

Today Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his widely anticipated sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    A Democrat… true and blue.

  • cowgirl

    Want to know what Gods thinks about money – look who He gives it to….

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  • ahem
  • ★FALCON★

    Lesson here – if the doping agency can’t catch you – they better hope you confess.

    The whole sport is useless, as is the doping agency.

  • Pay-back all those millions that you won by cheating ………

  • luckyone

    His new foundation: Dope Strong

  • Ricki Gilbertson

    “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” asked the boy, directing his plea to Shoeless Joe Jackson.

  • Morgan

    Wife dumper and lying doper. Father of the Year 2013, will surpass Bill Clinton and John Edwards.

  • Why should politicians have all the fun?

  • Rammer12


  • bigL

    I think he is making peace with his Maker as he defines it.
    I wonder if he has recieved bad health news.
    Or it could be some kind of 12 Step Program, wherein he should make amends where he can…
    House is a boat anchor-big deal.He was still a wonderful bike rider.Prob tok a lot of abuse from the Frogs

  • Buffalobob

    Never trust any one wearing spandex.

  • Bubba

    What a fraud. But, you can’t walk it back, loser. It’s not so much that he used the drugs. Hell, the only “sport” with maybe–MAYBE–more roid and performance enhancing drug abuse than the joke known as the tour de France, is the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition.

    Yeah…yeah…big surprise…you were a cheating dope abuser. Big deal. Who in that laughable joke of a sport ISN’T???

    No. What makes this guy true scum–and not worthy of forgiveness–is that for 7 years he absolutely went guns blazing at anyone and everyone who came out and said, “yeah…I know he was a doper–because I saw it/helped him.” He savaged dozens of people trying to destroy them and their reputations. Teammates he rode with for years were absolutely mauled with viscious attacks by this piece of crap. Over and over again.

    And now he wants everyone to just forget about that? What a sad sack disgraced loser. Nope. No redeemed legacy for you, you fraud lying scumbag.

  • JDR-Taq

    #5 ahem

    I’d go with Douay-Rheims or KJV.

    NRSV is the very last Bible “translation” that I would use. It is false.

    Words matter. Use BibleGateway and note the difference in words.

    In order to have a copyright, (and thus make moolah with a “version” of God’s Word) like Zondervan does with NIV, like Lockman Foundation does with NASB, etc., YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE WORDS.

    Douay-Rheims, KJV. The only two I’ll read. NIV and NRSV are the penultimate Liberal “bibles”. NRSV even changed the creation of the world (against the entire manuscript collection, just pulled it out of their butts) to support Evolution… and to get that copyright.

    Producing seed “after it’s kind” suddenly became “of every kind” in NRSV.

    Thousands more changes, deletions, omissions, additions, and outright blasphemies also happened.

    If it’s got a copyright — it’s a money-making, CHANGED scam. And it’s not God’s word.

  • retire05

    Did any of you read the article Jim Holf linked to?

    It says that Armstrong admitted to Winfrey that he used PEDs during his Tours, BUT THE EXTENT OF THE ADMISSION WAS NOT KNOWN.

    WTH does that mean? I’ll tell you. All you need to do is read farther down the article where the report comes from an “anonymous” source. Gotta love those “anonymous” sources.

  • retire05

    If Lance Armstrong was a black kid from the ghetto who wears a do-rag and beats his girlfriend, kills dogs, does drugs in public, he would be hailed as a hero and given a multi-million dollar NFL contract.

    But he’s a white boy from Texas so let’s tar and feather him.

  • Lim Lynn

    I guess Lance Armstrong doesn’t understand sportsmanship, hope to win gracefully and prepare to lose graciously.

  • retire05

    #19, oh, he understands sportmanship. One rules for black NFL players, anothe one for a Southern white boy.

  • Lim Lynn

    I mean do his utmost best in training and real competition without using steroids which illegal by following competition rules.

  • davo

    I still think he’s innocent


    This makes me sad. I know there are rule following atheists, but if you believe in no god you have no basis for morals. There would be no right or wrong, only what you can get away with. So Lance is only sorry that he got caught.

    He was a sports figure that I had admired.

  • Conservative Ken

    I believe Lance is guilty. Having said that, I also believe the brunt of accusations are from competitors who also cheated but lost. Had he been a European cyclist this would not even be on the radar.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I hope the guy has most of his money safely stashed away somewhere…

  • retire05

    #23, so there is nothing left to admire Lance Armstrong for?

    What about his personal fight with cancer, that gave hundreds of thousands of men hope they can do the same? What about his ability to put cycling on the map here in the U.S., and supporting kids who want to compete? What about his annual ride with wounded warriors, getting the bicycle companies to build, and donate, special made bikes for those brave veterans? What about the fact that you have never, not once, heard of Armstrong drunk, or disorderly, in public, making a fool of himself?

    Instead, we get a new tv show on OWN about some rapper and his eleven kids with ten baby mamas. Yeah, Oprah is digging at the bottom of the barrel with that one.

    Do I believe he doped? I really don’t know. I know he passed every test the Frenchies threw at him and all this came up because of a team mate, Floyd Landis. Landis was trained by Armstrong, and in 2006 he won the TdF, but got busted for doping. Landis tried to get Armstrong to back him but Armstrong refused, so Landis decided to get even. And get even he did. He raised enough cain about Armstrong doping, and of course, Armstrong, being the great talent he is, wanted to believe it.

    But I stick to my guns; if Armstrong was a black NFL player, everyone would be taking about how sad his doping was and how he just needs a second chance. Heck, he’d probably be invited to the White House. Instead, Armstrong will be vilanized, demonized and all because of the fact that he is a white Southerner.

  • retire05

    #24, Floyd Landis built the crucifix. The hounding media paid for the nails.

    Mark Maguire and Barry Bonds doped. Are they being hounded like this? Heck, no. And what about Michael Vick? He got another tony NFL contract when he should be shunned like the plague.

    What percentage of NFL players, who often show up at the White House to smile to Obama, do you think are doping?

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  • ahem


    D-R is what I personally use, but I wanted it to be clear to the casual reader.

  • jorgen

    He is a lying and cheating bast*rd, i.e. as dishonest as the average politician.

  • Yup, cheaters win all the time. The world is full of them. And to further insult the honest folks, they seem to live forever on top of it all!

  • Mel H

    They should caption that picture of his house; ‘The mansion your postage stamps paid for.’

  • lance Armstrong u made ur fans so discasdid in ur work and everyone hates u and now nobody will believe in u or
    ur life sytle so why don ,,t you fix it because ur the best person in the worldwide so just fix.Then people might believe in u if u don,t lie or cheat ever again because nobody will never believe in u.