California Politician Proposes Bullet Bill to Restrict Ammo Sales (Video)

A California politician proposed a bullet bill to restrict ammo sales in the state.

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California assembly member Nancy Skinner proposed the bill to restrict ammunition sales in the state.
NBC Bay Area reported:

The massacre in Newton, Conn., and other mass shootings have prompted for a call to curb gun violence.

California assembly member Nancy Skinner answered that call with a proposal to restrict ammunition sales in the state.

“2,800 people in California were killed last year by gunfire,” Skinner said. “It is easier to buy bullets than cough medicine or alcohol. It should not be that easy. We need to have much more scrutiny when it comes to the purchase of guns.”

Monday she unveiled Assembly Bill 48. It would require bullet buyers to show identification. It would also require ammunition dealers to be licensed and report all sales to the department of justice.

Emmeryville police chief Ken James supports the tighter restrictions.

”Right now you can buy bullets in any store and the sale is not recorded”, James said. “Gun violence will continue unless we control the sale of bullets.”

Oakland mayor Jean Quan also said she supports the bill and that Oakland has seen too much gun violence and the changes may help.

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  • hermie

    And the gangbangers are just shaking thinking about that tax on their ammo, which they can get easily from their gang connections in Mexico.

    Another time-wasting, ‘feel-good’ projects that legislators love to occupy their time rather than actually solving the state’s fiscal problems.

  • Highlander

    Just exactly how is having to produce ID to buy ammunition going to stop someone from loading it into their firearm, and killing someone with it? These people are pathologically stupid …

    Of course, we all know that this is nothing more than an attempt to generate a list of gun owners, and the calibers of the firearms they own. When the confiscation begins, it will be SO much easier to find and arrest those who resist …

  • Oliver

    Like the Georgia power plant closures, this, too, is designed to render citizens powerless.

    Connect the dots.

  • donh

    The GANGS need a new BLACK MARKET now that Drug distribution is being taken over by doctor clinics….Dime bags of weed will be replaced with dime bags full of bullets.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    If they ONLY had a law which stopped criminals from having guns! THAT WOULD STOP GUN VIOLENCE ONCE AND FOR ALL! Oh wait…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    California assembly member Nancy Skinner answered that call with a proposal to restrict ammunition sales in the state.

    This is where “It begins” is appropriate, because the California state legislature now has a Democrat supermajority. It may not last too long, but for now, Republicans don’t count and the door is wide open.

  • Muddywood

    When my parents move on to the Great Beyond, I’m getting the hell out of the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia.

  • bg


    more dog & pony (aka).. *sigh*

    January 8, 2013

    Cables Show State Department Disregarded MB Threat

    [The Obama administration chose to listen to voices suggesting
    that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was moderate rather than those
    who warned it would resort to violence if it came to power, cables
    obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show.]

    Graham Calls for Delay on Brennan Nomination

    someone please inform what good either
    Graham or Issa have done for US lately??



  • Marsh626

    Yet more proof that a large percentage of police officers are Leftist scum. I dunno why so many conservatives mindlessly worship police officers, soldiers, firemen, etc. Judge them individually. Tons of people in those professions are Obama worshipping traitors and union thugs who couldn’t care less about the conservative principles our country was founded upon. All they care about is their pay check.

  • billntwrk

    i make my own ammunition i melt the lead make the bullets i recover used brass clean it size it buy powder and primers

  • Cargosquid

    It would require bullet buyers to show identification. It would also require ammunition dealers to be licensed and report all sales to the department of justice.

    This wouldn’t even start new black market. It’s already illegal for a criminal to possess a gun. He’ll get the ammo with the gun on the black market or steal it like they do now.

    How is registering this going to stop crime or private sales from “registered” ammo. Criminals don’t shoot alot, so one or two boxes goes a long way.

    These people are idiots.

  • bg


    re: S. Wolf #20 January 8, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    BLACK HISTORY and the Second Amendment

    [Mr. Williams was a former U.S. Marine who understood that force must
    be met with force, so in 1960 he turned to the nation’s oldest civil rights
    organization for help. He applied to the National Rifle Association for a
    local charter. The NRA issued him the charter and supplied firearms
    training material.]

    STAR PARKER: Blacks should embrace NRA gun proposal

    [Cole quotes Frederick Douglass, “the self educated runaway slave,
    turned abolitionist newspaper editor and orator,” who said citizenship
    requires three boxes: “the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge

    Blacks should put politics aside and heed the wisdom of Douglass,
    Marcus Cole’s father, and my grandfather, and fight to protect
    freedom for which we have fought.

    posted about it somewhere via another link previously, but GP has the
    set up fixed so that i cannot search for back posted links like i used to,
    nor can i locate any via any 2013 posts.. :-(


  • MikeO

    More people were killed in auto accidents. Restrict the sale of gasoline.

  • S. Wolf

    bg #32

    Thanks for the additional info.

    re posted about it somewhere via another link previously…

    Try googling it. Just put in the title and/or part of your comment and then the domain gatewaypundit followed by bg…

    E.g. blacks and guns bg

    I’ve found the new comment system of pages often breaks my links back too so I google for them. :)

  • Oliver

    #28 BG: well at least Lindsay Graham is still asking for answers on Benghazi. No one — and I mean NO ONE else seems to care.

  • Patty

    Keep it up and this is going to the Supreme Court and I hope Roberts does his D,,, Job this time.

  • Patty
  • Kryton

    I’m still trying to envision a kit that converts ammunition clips into high capacity magazines. Unless I’m mistaken, clips allow you to feed ammo into a gun and are removed before firing. Magazines stay in the gun and hold the ammo.

  • S. Wolf

    Patty #36

    His D… job? He’ll do his D(emocrat) job alright, reverse the recent Heller decisions and rule that guns are for the police and military only. Roberts cannot be trusted.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    And I suppose it was the LAW ABIDING citizens causing the “gun violence,” right Quan? What a moron.

    The liberals’ approach to a situation they’re unable to come to grips with is to attempt to implement legislation that, while more often than not ends up trampling law-abiding citizens’ liberties, does nothing to solve the original problem.