California Democrats denied reports Tuesday of mass departures from the state in the wake of higher taxes on the wealthy.

Also Tuesday Tiger Woods admitted he fled the Golden State due to rising taxes.

Phil Michelson dared to complain this week over the state’s new taxes on the wealthy.
The AP reported:

Democrats said there is no evidence in the U.S. or California of mass departures in the wake of higher taxes on the wealthy. State Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, called Mickelson “the exception rather than the rule.”

“Most of the people who do well love to be in California, and there’s no evidence from past occasions when tax rates were higher on the wealthy that it led to any kind of exodus of those who were wealthy or higher-income earners, so I don’t expect that to be the case this time, either,” Dickinson said.

A study last summer by two Stanford researchers found no net effect in migration out of or into California by the rich after voters in 2004 passed Proposition 63, a 1 percent income tax hike on millionaires to pay for mental health programs. The study’s authors said “the highest-income Californians were less likely to leave the state after the millionaire tax was passed.”

Brown’s press secretary, Gil Duran, said voters agreed to raise taxes to protect education from further budget cuts.

“We have to look beyond our personal interests to where we are going as a society,” he said.

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island led the country last year in out-migration (measured as a share of their population). Not incidentally, the Tax Foundation ranks New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island among the five worst business tax climates.




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  1. Shorter Democrat talking point: “Move along. Nothing to see here. Return to your homes.”

  2. In the words of Hitlary: “What difference does it make? ”

    He’s black and therefore will get a pass from the stenographers formerly known as journalists.

  3. Progs never will have enough money to waste on their failed programs. Now, I can understand why Kalifornians need mental help, but do what is left of the sane really think the mental health programs are going to be effective? Probably not and that is why they voted against the tax hike. With progs, outcomes don’t matter; only their “good intentions” which, as we all know, pave the road to hell.

  4. Maryland accounted for the largest migration exodus of any state in the MidAtlantic region between 2007 and 2010, with a net migration resulting in nearly 31,000 residents having left the state.

    Where did most of them go? Virginia. Virginia is now home to 11,455 former Marylanders, taking $390 million from the tax rolls during this three-year period.

  5. Oh well Socialist Democrat Commie disastrous mismanaging give an excuse to highest income earn by elite group running away from financial disaster prone area. Remember Murphy law.

    Just imagine non Union members bus drivers had to pay extra when New York City Union members who were so lazy and slash hardworking bus drivers.

  7. Stories of millionaire refugees DO NOT HELP…and you see the powers of state using media bullying tactics to feed these stories into the class warfare game ….hounding and publicly shaming those ” selfish ” who flee and deprive the needy children their multimillion dollar school playgrounds and $150,000 a year salaried nanny minders….HOW DARE YOU MOVE…..when we have 100s of teachers planning to retire at 55 and EAT YOUR FLESH FOR LUNCH…. ….Mickelson was doing the back stroke apology within 24 hours……. SAD to watch..

  8. Do it quietly. When you make noise, the “reporters” wake up from their drunken stupor feel obligated to attack.

  9. First denial,then demagogue ,always for the children…, enlist the quislings in the media to demonize any opposistion,conservatives,go to bed and repeat the process the next day.The bedrock of the modern day Democrat.

  10. I have no problem with anyone making an honest living and being handsomely rewarded. People say the Phil’s, et al, are greedy for wanting to keep most of their earnings. Well, covetousness, envy and spite are character flaws too.

  11. #12. I think you hit the nail on the head. One of the seven deadly sins “Envy” seems to be at work and is promoted by the Dems to whip up class divisions. IMO of course…..

  12. It is time to let California suffer the effects of their own policies.
    Let all the illegal aliens on welfare pay the salaries of the school teachers.
    Let them pay the pensions of the retirees too.
    Then California might realize that when half the population cannot even pay their own rent or buy their own food that the welfare state ain’t such a great idea.

    California is telling anybody with money that they intend to screw them in order to hand it to overpaid public employees or welfare layabouts while Texas is screaming out at the top of their lungs to go there and pay no state income tax and own a firearm if you like.

  13. I reckon California Democrats are having a “Kevin Bacon Moment”.

  14. And they are full of it!!

  15. If Kim Jong Un found an unicorn in NK it is only natural to assume there are several roaming free in California.

    Robots going to steal Mc Donald Kitchen job?
    Colony collapse disorder WiFi Pesticide seeds and fields

  17. ah what a lie, in Az all you see anymore are CA plates. There not snow birds….

  18. No, Tiger will never get a pass because he never was willing to pay the race card. That is why you can have every black mayor, journalist and politician be as bad as Tiger (because not only would they not bother to support or even accept a question if their infidelity produced a baby but they would probably send the women into exile and continue to point fingers at Tiger as if they had any right to throw stones…having not even been the single biggest cause for raising global consciousness for golf in the last 20 years. Tiger’s behavior: stupid. Those who most deride him when they either do the same or would if they had his money and his (now much reduced) celebrity: hypocrite, sanctimonious, secular Democrats who preach morality even though every orifice on their body is used for immorality.

  19. #14 Neokong, you have to realize that those of us still in CA are likely here mostly due to family ties that prevent us from abandonment. In a heartbeat I’d return to Texas (where I lived for 2 1/4 years back in the 90s). I’m a second generation native and I’m not giving up on helping to save my state, but the people in this state make it awfully difficult and the stench of their hypocrisy gags me.

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