Brace Yourself for a Rat Infestation… EPA Bans D-Con

It’s bad enough that they kill jobs and profits, now this…

If you thought the bed bugs were bad, you ain’t seen nothing.

The Obama EPA just banned D-Con. Here come the rats.
The AP reported:

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of a dozen rat and mouse poisons sold under the popular D-Con brand in an effort to protect children and pets.

The agency said Wednesday it hopes to reduce the thousands of accidental exposures that occur every year from rodent-control products. Children and pets are at risk for exposure because the products typically are placed on floors.

The agency had targeted a handful of companies two years ago, saying they needed to develop new products that are safer for children, pets and wildlife. All but Reckitt Benckiser Inc., manufacturer of D-Con, did so.

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  • Ember George

    Oh, it gets better! Cats killing billions of animals in the US

    I have to wonder just how much taxpayer money was spent on this? 1st, Cats are declared killers then, 2nd, D-con is outlawed. Our country is being run by idiots. We can only hope they are the victims of the plagues about to overtake our country.

  • Elizabeth

    I hate rats. Especially democRATS.

  • SeaBass

    The great thing is with dear leader’s economy even the rats will starve.

  • Warthog

    Ah yes, their track record on such things is amazing.

    Lightbulbs that are dim, and poisonous and expensive …
    Toilets that won’t flush…
    Detergents that won’t clean…

    I’m sure a resurgence of disease bearing rodents is just the thing we need.

  • xiphos

    D-Con (DemocRat-Control) was ‘banned’ in 08′ and to some degree during the Bush years.

  • Owain Penllyn

    Baning of D-Con and similar products can & will will give rise to little bugs, such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) . An outbreak of Hantavirus could possibly devastate a densely populated urban or rural area.

  • Lily

    My cat will LOVE this — she IS a killer. She killed a snake in the basement (I love that cat!)

    In fact, people used to keep cats just for this purpose. Look at the illustrations in older kids books – they always show cats hanging around. In those days, cats earned their keep.

  • saveus

    rats protecting themselves

  • political_proxy


    The rats will rule the Earth, at least reing over humans as they are less intelligent than the rats.

  • katemacginn

    Just talking to a local farmer the other day, and she spoke of these regulations affecting farmers. They will no longer be able to use poison around the farm (e.g. in barns or around grain silos), which is going to create a HUGE problem! We’re going to have vermin invading our homes and farms! Wonder if we might have another rat-triggered plague? (Yeah, I know — it was the fleas — but they rode into town on rats!)

  • mg4us

    No surprise here. . RATs. .DemocRATs always protect their own. .

    They protected Hilary on Benghazi. .
    They protected Kerry on anti American Vietnamese antics. .
    They Protect Barney Frank on Housing bust
    They Protected Holder on Fast & Furious

    All DemocRATs. .and all protected. . and all Liars & Con-artists
    Dems con us all. . D-cons

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I’m glad they’re banning rat killer. I’ve never had a problem but can you imagine the infestations that are certain to develop in Obama condo’s? They voted for it, now enjoy the fruits.


    How many MORE children will die from rat bites (when you don’t kill rats, they multiply like rabbits!!!) than have died from ingesting rat poison.
    This is like being against the death penalty because (rather one innocent man not get whacked than 99 guilty men get the chair. It costms way more to keep a lifer alive, than to bury a dead criminal)

  • David Ross

    Considering millions died from malaria in other countries when DDT was (unfairly) banned, this ought to go over well. Another case of the inmates running the asylum. Look for disease to spread of course as well as a result.

  • chunkdog

    I am seriously starting to think this administration is doing everything just can to quickly thin the citizen population, which would allow more, faster immigrantion , creating Obamas multi-cultural utopia.

  • mg4us

    No surprise here. .

    Under Obama and DemocRAT administration, we let more illegal aliens into this country than rats. . .

  • PJ

    Some agency also banned fragrance free hand soap in pump containers too. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere except the medicinal (expensive!) kind.

    Thanks! Now my allergies are terrible and I’m poor!

  • Obamao

    develop new products that are safer for children, pets and wildlife.


    It’s supposed to kill wildlife

  • thegoldman

    Get ready for the next plague…

  • Joanne

    Meanwhile, fluoride – rat poison- is dumped in the public water supply. Just try to fight fluoride advocates to see just how ruthless these criminals are when they fear the truth will come out about the harmful effects of fluoride – one of the main ingredients in bombs to boot. Bloody hypocrites.