Boom!… Ben Shapiro POUNDS Piers Morgan On Gun Grabbing and Bully Tactics (Video)

Piers Morgan may want to ban knives, too. Cuz Ben Shapiro cut him to shreds tonight on CNN.

This was textbook material– Ben Shapiro was on with Piers Morgan tonight to discuss his new book “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” and talk gun control. Right from the start of the interview Ben took it to the anti-gun bully – calling him a bully. And, it was all downhill for Piers for the next 13 minutes. For some reason Piers would not answer Ben’s questions,

“If you are so concerned about gun deaths then why won’t you ban handguns? Don’t you care about the children in Chicago?”

Then Piers went on to call the US Constitution, “Your little book!” Disgusting.

This was great. Sit back and enjoy.

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  • Sandy

    A bit of topic but just read on Drudge that Bloomberg is going to restrict pain killers in hospitals. What is up with these b-terds? This is what National Healthcare brings — control, control, control.

  • Look-Out

    15 yr. old protects himself and 12 yr. old sister with dad’s rifle — shoots intruder:

    This big, bad ‘assault rifle’ leveled the playing field for two innocent children faced with bold criminals willing to invade their home during broad daylight hours. The boy used his father’s gun to defend himself and his sister from two males forcing their way into the house. Yet many want to ban this weapon for sounding so scary…

    You mean guns are used for good and save the day too?

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  • Practical Jane

    Shall Not Be Infringed.

    More Gun Laws? The laws on the books now are unconstitutional.

  • Rose

    THAT was SO NOT a pounding of PIERS!

    In fact, it was a pounding of BEN SHAPIRO. He gave NOTHIG to the fight.

    Why didn’t he AT LEAST point out that the EXPIRED ASSAULT RIFLE BAN of Reagan PROVED that BANNING ASSAULT RIFLES did NOT cut down on these mass shootings ONE SINGLE WHIT!. HE didn’t challenge PIERS on the mass shootings that PIERS claimed were done with an ASSAULT RIFLE that WERE NOT.

    He didn’t name off mass killings done without rifles, and even without GUNS.

    HE DIDN’T POINT OUT the only times the mass shootings were AVERTED was when SOMEONE WITH A GUN was ALREADY THERE, and they did NOT have to wait 30 minutes – hour for Police to arrive.

    He was so scared of saying something like how unconstitutional OBAMA is, that he said PRECIOUS NOTHING. IN FACT.

    We will lose everything if THAT is an “EXAMPLE” of Piers being told OFF.

    This was pathetic – Ben took a 1/2 a glass of water to a paint ball gun fight.

  • Rose

    AND BEN did NOT show the LIST of govt-committed MASSACRES that happened within 2-3 yrs after the govts in question SNATCHED THE CITIZENS GUNS!

  • Rose

    #23 January 11, 2013 at 3:30 am
    Practical Jane commented:
    Shall Not Be Infringed.
    More Gun Laws? The laws on the books now are unconstitutional.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans. – George Washington.

    American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition, Constitution quotes:
    No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.

    Amos v. Mosley, Constitution quotes:
    If the legislature clearly misinterprets a Constitutional provision, the frequent repetition of the wrong will not create a right.

    Justice Hugo L. Black: It is my belief that there are “absolutes” in our Bill of Rights, and that they were put there on purpose by men who knew what the words meant and meant their prohibitions to be “absolutes.”
    George Washington: Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.

    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good. – George Washington

    Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. – George Washington

  • Rose

    #11 January 11, 2013 at 12:22 am
    man_in_tx commented:
    Are you kidding? Did you listen to Shapiro? He would ban private sales of guns without intrusive Government background checks.
    Ann Coulter loves Shapiro: He is no Constitutionalist. He also wants laws requiring people to lock up their own weapons?
    Can we just stop trying to make concessions? The left is relentless: Their concessions are only temporary — they want to strip us of our guns so they can have their way with us.

    I caught all that insipid garbage, too.

  • Practical Jane

    #21 Sandy:

    They want you hungry, in pain, and defenseless.
    All the easier to subdue you my dear….

  • YourMaster

    due to liberalism being a mental disorder… and making the left utterly tarded.
    the left really want to take all the guns in order to disarm everyone
    once disarmed they can send their union bullies in to take your money, break your business,
    destroy your home, steal your tv’s, computers, anything that isn’t tied down
    and abduct both your pets and children to eat or marry. they can then
    force you to pay their healthcare bills, many more huge taxes… all so they can live in their parents basements and worship Karl Marx and communism while they gain off your sweat blood and tears.

  • Jaynie59

    I gotta agree with those who say it was Piers who pounded Ben. He did OK considering how smooth Morgan is, but he did not do great. A private gun registry? Yikes! And after Alex Jones no gun rights advocate should bring up the whole tyranny of government thing. They’ve already painted the tea party as right wing racist loons so don’t feed that narrative. Even if it is true it doesn’t matter, what matters is how they will spin it. Just say women need AR-15’s to protect their property after a hurricane. That’s why I want one. I want a scary looking gun so that I won’t ever have to use it. Just say something like that.

  • Militant Conservative

    Time is comming in which the gun owners will have to take back the country from

    those who wish to enslave ALL of us.

    Registration is the path the left wants. they wish to “know” who has what.

    Sorry, millions of us are off of your grid permanantly.

    The left is emboldened but having to move very carefully as to seem “resonable”.

  • John Bissell

    I’m sorry I don’t give a tinkers damn what Mark Kelly thinks.

  • donh

    WELL DONE Ben….and HERE is PROOF of the sadistic level of bullying Piers Morgan engages in …After Alex Jones got in his face…..Veiled threats of ” hoping his kids don’t get shot “…and expressing fantasy of dressing up in uniform and shooting him dead …>

  • RedBeard

    I find it interesting that CNN would be so benevolent as to give a talk show spot to a man who lacks education, historical perspective, and the power of rational thought. Talk about affirmative action. Say thank you to the nice CNN folks, Piers. Nod your head and smile. There’s a good lad.

    And don’t forget; when your candle burns out at CNN, you always have the fallback position of judging goofy “entertainment” acts on trash TV shows, where your deficiencies will never be noticed.

  • onbe

    Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians.

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  • Campfollower

    I thought Shapiro did a fine job when you consider the asshattedness of Morgan. Two points:

    The Reagan quote was almost 20 years ago. My god, look what has occurred in the last 20 years! Reagan couldn’t conceive of an Obama presidency!

    Second: why don’t gun advocates bring up Maj. Hassan? The left wants that to disappear, but this is an ideal time to pound them with that one.

  • Beckwith

    Shapiro repeatedly misuses the term “assault rifle.” He shouldn’t engage in these discussions until he learns something about the subject.

    None of the guns used at Aurora or Newtown were “assault rifles.”

    If it isn’t capable of “full automatic” fire, it is not an “assault rifle” — no matter what it looks like.

    And the recently introduced term — “semi-auto assault rifle” — is a liberal media propaganda invention.

  • Militant Conservative

    The left is signing its own warrant for it’s own eradication.

    They have already proven themselves as corrupt at the ballot box and leadership.

    An enemy to the constitution either foreign or domestic is just as deadly.

    Time to use Chairman Mao’s solution to this problem.

  • JR

    If CNN was smart, they would give Ben Shapiro the 8PM Central time slot. He would crush ratings.
    But they are stupid liberals so that ain’t gonna happen – ideology over profits.