An injured man lies in a hospital after the second bomb blast in Quetta on Thursday. Twin explosions in different parts of the city, including one outside of a pool hall, killed dozens of people. (Naseer Ahmed/Reuters)

Over 120 were murdered on Thursday in bombing attacks in Pakistan. It was one of the deadliest single days of terrorism in the country.
The Evening Standard reported:

Funerals for victims of a series of bombings in Pakistan were taking place today, as the death toll rose to 120.

Three days of mourning have been declared after one of the deadliest single days of terrorism in the country.

Five more victims wounded in the blast at a snooker hall in the city of Quetta died overnight. It took the number of people killed in that attack to 86, Pakistani police said.

The snooker hall was in a mainly Shia area of Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province in south-west Pakistan. It was first targeted by a suicide bomber, then a car bomb exploded minutes later in the same area. Among those killed by the second blast was local rights activist Irfan Ali, who had reportedly been helping those hurt in the first blast.

Resident Ghulam Abbas said: “The second blast was a deafening one, and I fell down. I could hear cries and minutes later I saw ambulances taking the injured to the hospital.” Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Sunni militant group with strong ties to the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Earlier in the day, a bomb hidden in a bag went off near a vehicle carrying paramilitary soldiers in a commercial area of the city, killing 12 people and wounding more than 40.



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  1. Those damn West Bank apartments continue to disrupt world peace!

  2. Clear thinking people should never play snooker. Do you suppose someone was making meth?

  3. If only the Pakistan people would ban bombs! Then the murdering jihadists would stop the mayhem.

    Oh, wait…..

  4. Let’s see….scores of dead anti-Americans. Sounds like a win to me.

    No wonder the obamster is supporting the jihadists. They seem to be on a run of cannibalism. Hope it lasts.

  5. No big deal here. Just a few rascally Muslims, out having fun with explosives. They need to blow off steam once in a while, you know.


    For Muslims, killing others and each other is a part of life.

    And the US govt wants to give them more visas and the Juice want more Muslims here and in Europe–to help themselves by making sure the Muslims keep fighting and destroying Whites and Christians–their number 1 perceived enemy.


    But they want all illegals deported from Israel and are building the world’s largest prison there–for illegals.

  7. Oh, well. That qualifies as “natural death” in Pakistan.

    Here I was worried that there may have been something really serious — like an anti-Muhammed internet video or Koran-in-the-toilet incident. That’s when things really get crazy.

  8. so, what’s the problem?

    how can we get them to expand this conflict?

    fewer moslams is good!

  9. all snark aside… I think we are witnessing some intimidation tactics going on.
    The taliban have been hit with a bunch of drone strikes recently and the Paki military is making noises about moving into Waziristan in the spring.
    The Paki people are being terrorized to put pressure on Pakistan’s rulers to not invade and to force them to end drone attacks.

  10. Ask me if I care.

  11. Islam the religion of peace.

  12. ++

    hmmm, is that permissible in the Qur’an?? /s/

    flashback to December 12, 2007

    Lawrence O’Donnell: I’m Too Afraid to Criticize Islam

    flashforward to January 11, 2013

    Lawrence O’Donnell: Get rid of the
    Bible on Inauguration Day [VIDEO]

    heh, what does he know.. *sigh*


  13. ++

    re: #13 January 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm bg

    Qur’an and Homosexuality

    Qur’an and Slavery

    please click & scroll for more at/in links,
    connecting link, & threads, thank you..


  14. its the religion of peace, i know the star-ledger told me so.


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