Joe Biden strikes again.
Listen to Joe Biden tell Senator Tim Scott‘s family, “If you need any help on your pecs, let me know.”
The Washington Free Beacon has video.




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  1. ‘Man’, what kind of postmodern speak is that? Go back to your hippie love-in brother; and black power in the streets.

  2. Ugh! Here is another reason I say THANK YOU O voters! See what you have also FOISTED on us? When KIng O leaves, his OFFICIAL COURT JESTER (who, by the by, is NOT FUNNY) takes his place!

    hint: Yes O voters, I AM being SARDONIC! :)

  3. Hey, man. How’re ya doin’ man?

    Good grief, man.

  4. Crikey. What a dullard.

  5. Well I guess he could have told him to “Spread his Legs you’re being fristed’ …….just think this clown is one heart-beat away…

  6. Someone remind me. Just who are the racists?

  7. Oh my Lord is such a horse’s ass. A complete jackass. Dumbest man in the Senate.

  8. How patronising.

  9. yep thats all you have to do in congress, work on you pecs.

    sen scott try working on repealing some of the oppression enacted in the last four years.

  10. #3…Hey, man. How’re ya doin’ man?

    Good grief, man.

    Is that the Cheech and Chong “Hey Man ” or Dwayne’s ” HeyHihey ” from What’s Happening ? …>

    ……..and why isn’t mimicking an ethnic jingo upon seeing a particular skin color RACIST ?

  11. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were the 47th Vice President of the United States….. But I repeat myself.

  12. Is that some sort of ‘code talk’ that we hear so much about?

    Maybe, just maybe, Biden was offering to help him run some Pex piping in his new house.

  13. Sounds like a brain fahrt to me.

  14. I guess he could have asked him, “Who let the dogs out, who, who?” Or perhaps he could have told him to go F-himself. That seems to be in vogue these days.

  15. shadow #15

    Go F*ck yourself.

    Why, so it is.

  16. Call me an old fogey but what the heck are “pecs”?

  17. Call me an old fogey but what the heck are “pecs”?

    The muscles in your chest. Short for pectoralis major.

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