Ben Shapiro on Hannity: “We’ve Reached the End of Bipartisanship.We’ve Reached the End of Civility” (Video)

Ben Shapiro was on with Sean Hannity last night to discuss his new book “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” and to list the top five progressive bullies in America today. As a final question, Hannity asked Ben how do conservatives counter the progressive bullies today. Ben answered,

“We can’t be civil with them. We can’t. We’ve reached the end of bipartisanship. We’ve reached the end of civility. It’s like the Geneva Conventions. These people are out of uniform. Once they exit the realm of civility they are now fair game. And it’s enough playing fair with them. It’s enough having the moral high ground. If we have the moral high ground it means that we lose. We need to start fighting back and fighting back hard.

Andrew Breitbart would be proud.

Now, if only our Republican and conservative leaders would understand this.

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  • Highlander

    You do know what a Star of David is don’t you Shadow?

  • FMB42

    “Now, if only our Republican and conservative leaders would understand this.”

    Understand it?

    They’re part of the act.

    The GOP has, for more than 20 years, done nothing but “fight back” with pillows while the Dems move on to use the dirtiest tactics that I’ve ever seen in my 30+ years of voting.

    Here are just some examples of the 20+ year history of GOP’s idea of “fighting back.”

    1. The GOP has done little or nothing about US voter fraud (even when their “hero” Reagan was pressuring various foreign countries to “clean up” their voting process). This failure either greatly helped, or entirely allowed Obama to “win” the last Presidential race via his “vote early, vote often” supporters.

    2. The GOP has done nothing about illegal immigration. Bush even went as far as to insultingly claim that illegal immigrants “are doing the jobs that Americans aren’t doing.” Unlike illegals, Americans aren’t often allowed to cheat welfare, use stolen I.D.s, and deal drugs while, at the same time, keeping such jobs. This failure to effectively address illegal immigration has done much to completely ruin our public school, prison, and heath care systems.

    3. RINO Bush and the GOP gave us SCJ John Roberts, who in turn, ruled in favor of Obama Care by declaring that our government can tax us on what we don’t buy. That’s right, we can be taxed for something we neither buy nor receive!

    The predictable result is nearly always the same: more power and money for the GOP/DEM government entities and less of both for us.

    It is now clearly inconceivable that these, and the many other GOP failures, are some sort of coincidence.

    This phony party has been fooling gullible voters into thinking that the “GOP is on our side” when, in fact they’re on the side of “Giving Out to the Progressives.”

    Just a glance at John Boehner’s pitiful act should be more than enough to make everyone understand the true agenda of the “Give Out to the Progressives” GOP party.

    Enough is enough.

    We need a new party.

  • cavt

    Right on, FMB42–

  • Lawrence Rosenthal

    Ben Shapiro is very threaty.

  • shadow

    Shadow, I was referring to the Star of David … not movie stars. Ignorant and stupid is no way to go through life son …

    Seems to be working for you. Heck, you can’t even get the quote right.

  • shadow

    I always wondered why Sheriff Joe didn’t go to a DA or file charges.

    Probably because he can say anything he wants, until it is under oath.

  • donh

    #24 Yes…BEN really strikes a tone of fear that will make the fascist bullies shake in their thug boots……/X/

    Look for Lawrence O’Donnell to give BEN the Tagg Romney treatment tomorrow with another ” take your best shot ” taunting….>

  • ss252

    Ben is 1000% dead on! Stop bring a butter knife made of plastic to a GUN FIGHT! We will become civil when the enemy does? Ask Japan

  • Nosmo

    #13…Hannity lost me after his incessant use of “Gutsy Call” even after being chastised by Rush and Levin….

  • brain damaged

    Poor little Benny. No one loves him since Buttfart dies. Now he takes a page from Ann C life and writes a BS book so he can supplement his $500/week salary from the hate site that he works for. I feel sorry for him.

  • Major Kong

    Republicans finally finding a spine and engaging in smash-mouth politics? Yeah, sure. I’ll just add that to the list of things I’ll never see in my lifetime.

  • Patty

    If we have the moral high ground it means that we lose. We need to start fighting back and fighting back hard.“

    What I and many have been saying. It is the time. We have laid down for too long. And to think they actually believe we should lay down our arms. It has been a sad election when so many Americans voted for more of Obama. In my opinion from day one he has been a sad and pathetic president. And those who are following him must be voted out of their positions in 2014.

    Our Constitution is something they aren’t reading and have wished to ignore. If they don’t follow this document then they should leave because this nation was built on this document.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “We need to start fighting back and fighting back hard.“

    Slow on the draw. This needed to happen before Obie took up residence in the White House. Way, way before.

  • Patty

    Doesn’t Mean Anything’
    HS teacher on leave for stomping on American flag in front of class

    Read more:

    Guns, Bible, Flags, Nativity scenes. Our faith, Our protection, Our Nation is on the line.

    Now, our schools.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Civility is for saps.

    We’re in a war, people. Start acting like it.

  • More Minty

    Bring it. Try something and you will all drown in your own blood.

  • Kathteach

    Ben is right. What do we do? Set goals – short term goals – midpoint goals and long term goals. That’s what one does when they are up against the wall – with a bully’s knee on their throat threatening them with a knife that they brought to the fight.

    Short Term Goal for January: GOP needs to boycott the Inaugural. Forget all the awesomeness of being in Congress to supposedly work with “my Great Friend Across the Aisle” (I hate the way these bozo Congressmen talk about each other when they hate each other to the death as far as principles, values and beliefs). The GOP House especially needs to simply BOYCOTT the Inaugural and all the attendant events.

    Instead they should hold an alternative meeting that weekend in a place with symbolic meaning – like Boston around a boat somewhere in the harbor – and hold a wake for the Mitt Romney presidency that promised so much to the millions who voted for him.

    Second short term goal: The GOP needs to boycott the State of the Union speech. Especially the GOP House. Just say no – do not show up.

    If there are some legal requirements that they be in attendance, make the Dems have to order the Capitol Police to come get them in their home states and “arrest them” into attendance. And if this happens, they need to stand through the whole speech with their back to the President as he spews forth lie after lie after lie.

    I mean – like Ben said – let’s start fighting like we mean it.

    And the media will be all over this and – trust me – the GOP needs the free media. This is how Dems operate.

    It’s how we better start operating to let the whole country know that a line has been crossed, Obama and the Dems have nothing but bad faith negotiations and lies (and let’s not forget threats – lots of threats that scare us to death).

  • Marcy

    Heck. Who is being civil? I stopped being civil 4 years ago. Haven’t lost my job or been bothered by neighbors who disagree with me. Why? Because they know I know how to play their game and it confuses them. Be nasty. Make insanely wild remarks about the left and their dear leader and believe me they can’t get away from you fast enough. You are not supposed to be able to play their game better than them.

    And forget about looking to conservative/republican leaders….they are all afraid of their own shadow. They don’t know how to fight these lefty idiots. We have to do this ourselves.

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