Barack Obama : If Congress Won’t Pass Immigration Plan I’ll Make Them Vote on Mine (Video)

Barack Obama held a campaign rally today at a high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. The president warned Congress that if they won’t pass a plan,

“I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.”

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  • Joel


  • Patty

    He is truly malicious and because of him, things are so depressing, so divided, so

    He just hates REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES. He just can’t stop putting his foot into everything but takes credit for nothing. It seems he cannot take credit for the Benghazi attacks but only the good works of others. He is demeaning the office of the presidency.

  • Nelle

    Look out, Congress. You are keeping His Majesty waiting.

  • Patty

    Why some Americans voted for him is beyond me. Yes, it is a misery. I am well aware of Soros, Unions, and the like, but why those of us who saw this man wasn’t vetted or a background check wasn’t a thought for the media. What a shame.

  • StandUpChuck

    Make him wait, hes got some “skeet” to shoot.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Who knew that Obama would become David Drumlin today? HAH!!

    You remember the Drumlin character (Tom Skerritt) from the film “Contact” — inserting himself and taking all of the credit for Dr. Eleanor Arroway’s (Jodie Foster) discovery and hard work.

    I would like to have seen the faces of the six-member team who have been working on immigration, and who made their collective announcement yesterday on this bi-partisan effort.

    They must feel like Dr. Arroway — betrayed and suddenly invisible, thanks to a megalomaniac who loves himself and his glory more than anything else.

    America – We have a problem (again).



    UGH! The image of the actor slamming on his hand on the table as Hitler from “inglorious basterds” comes to mind as soon as I read he’ll insist they vote on HIS PROPOSAL right away!

    I am TOO #$#$#$#$#@$@#$ for words! THANK YOU SO MUCH O VOTERS! HOW THE ##$#$# CAN THOSE TWITS SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!

  • Ragspierre

    “I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.”

    Skeeter made me giggle a little…

  • Dan in Not Chicago IL

    Umm, is he aware he is the Executive Branch of our government? And not the Legislative Branch anymore? (Granted, he was too busy campaigning for President during his half a term as a Senator to actually partake in the legislative process, but I digress.) He doesn’t write bills or send them up. What he is supposed to do is enforce the laws that Congress passes.

  • Ghost

    Epic Debt and Economic Threat
    Homosexual marriage
    women in combat
    covering-up gun-running scandals in Mexico and Libya, Heroes dead
    closing coal mines and threatening Natural Gas Boom, sealed off oil fields
    high value military equipment giveaway to Egyptian musloids, antipathy toward Israel
    threaten 2nd Amendment, disarming citizenry
    and now, Amnesty for Invaders

    and, ALL AT ONCE- we must act now, right away, immediately, don’t think, don’t look
    what’s the next hot-button ‘Crisis’ He’ll use to distract us-
    from our coming, inevitable catastrophe?

    who does this? who acts like this? Lucifer, Lenin, Alinsky…

  • As I sat and listened to this speech, I felt as if I was listening to a ‘leader’ of another nation… never, in my 45 years of life, have I ever had such a creepy feeling while listening to an American ‘leader’… and the crowd, as they were chanting, scared the crap out of me. What kind of a person chants and worships a political leader? ugh.

  • Flintstone F.

    Are we about fed up with this guy pretending to be the only one who has taken any of the nation’s problems serious?

    Have we had about enough of him pretending that he actually does anything akin to work?

    His plan? When has he done anything worth spit in his entire life?

    Just like with the debt deal he will counter with more demands that amount to ignoring current laws and weakening border security. He will work to make the problem bigger, blame Republicans and pander to low information illegal voters.

    This is just month one of his second term. He’s just getting warmed up.

  • ★FALCON★

    It’s not America’s responsibility to take in illegal aliens – and no other country does it, either. There are ways to come to America legally, all of which the pResident has no interest.

    Additionally, the pResident says these are people who want to come here to work – work? There are no jobs due to you being “focused like a laser” on golf, vacations, destroying the private sector, and trampling the Constitution.

    Finally, the death panels want to just let smokers and the obese die – they’re not worthy of tax dollars since they have lived a life not in line with Moochie Obama’s vegetable vegetative state. Fatties = 147 billion per year / Smokers = 97 billion per year in health costs. Yet, these illegal aliens will be getting carte blanche while the rightful and true citizens get the shaft.

    One Worlders have all the answers – perhaps they should find another world to experiment on.

  • Stephana

    like the idiot can actually make congress act on something. Dream on turd.

  • jony101

    it is a travesty that he stands in front of the american flag with his smirk, it shames the american flag.
    Republicans need to know that if they legalize these 20 million illegals, its the end of democracy. It will be a 1 party system like Venezuela. Right now the country is evenly divided 50/50, 20 million more democrats will tilt the balance of power. I dont know too many hispanics that vote republican, maybe a few that served in the military but not many.
    I know alot of hispanics that are on foodstamps though for them its no no shame, any man who works and still accepts handouts is not a man. A man who cannot feed his kids is not a man. Sorry but its the way it is.
    Maybe we all need to learn to talk spanish, since the mexicans aint going to learn english.

  • ★FALCON★

    Another point – Rubio isn’t eligible to be the President, but he shot himself in the foot with this ridiculous gamble.

    Even RINOs know illegal immigrants are not good for America. So he lost that sector, too.

  • Ghost

    at what point will you understand that the Pubicans are in cahoots with the Leftist/Globalists?
    by presenting a false front, they deceive you into delaying your escape.

    at what point will you realize that Divorce is the only option to preserve what remains of America?
    or, you like the sound of the flushing toilet?

  • CT

    Arrogant Ass

  • usamopatriot

    And Obama…

  • Tenacious221

    His…that we didn’t hear about…till after…OTHER people presented…something to vote on?

    Oh barak…you’re my hero.

  • #11…nazis!


    What a petty little tyrant, last I checked our effiminate potus can’t do such things as “make” or “insist” on congress doing much of anything. Sadly, with our most genteel house speaker, perhaps he can insist. Lord knows that walking quietly up behind mr. boehner and shouting “boo” is likely to prompt an uncontrolled bowel movement.
    How sad no one in congress will put this naked prince in his place. And to no suprise from anyone paying attention that this most profoundly effiminate generation of males would be the one to oversee the intentional placement of women into combat when necessity does not warrant such.

  • Finncrisp

    He flew to Las Vegas for this? And made the speech at a High School? What a dope. Why not save it for the State of the Union and be done with it?

    The photo op a day President gets all the coverage, whereever whenever. And still has no comprehension of what real America is all about. And doesn’t care.

  • #21… exactly!

    Another thing… can you IMAGINE the carbon footprint he made just traveling to Vegas for this speech? Where are all the tree huggin’, anti oil, progressives on THAT issue? I mean, HA, we DO live in the 21st century… we have tv and internet, etc… we have the technology for his speeches to reach millions of ears all without leaving such a huge footprint! But, of course, he would then not have the ‘live, worshiping’ experience to boost his ego. This world (and obviously half of this nation) is sick, hypocritical and stupid.

  • Francesca

    He can insist until he is blue in the face. A small problem, though. He doesn’t own the Congress. The more he insists, the more slooooowly they should go. What a punk.

  • JoyO

    Obama is making the abusive nature of the Progressives’ ideology much more visible. His Administration is proving that we must not give our Government more power because of the ineptness of our leaders and their unquenchable thirst for power. Hopefully, by the time he leaves office, every American will see our Founding Fathers as the true geniuses they were.

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  • Francesca

    #24: He likes to be on the move, so he doesn’t actually have to do any real work. Also, he is escaping Valerie and Michelle (unless they went along to keep an eye on him.).

  • tarpon

    The head tyrant is not to be kept waiting.

    How we the people put a waiting period on new legislation, and stop the Obama fiat’s.

  • SomethingWicked

    Gees, lets just burn the Constitution, disband Congress and declare him Emperor already. His Cult followers already think he makes the sun rise and set, can his Deification be far behind. Obama could stand on the White House lawn drinking the blood of new born babies and all the left would say is “Its okay, their mothers were raped” I think it is appropriate that he surrounds himself with children and adolescent, so that he can relate to someone on his own emotional/cognitive level. One dimensional thinking and a total lack of consideration of unintentional consequences. 7.8 % unemployment, ever increasing food stamp participation, States billions over budget, and we want to add MORE people to the work force / welfare roles? Did this man ever take an economics class?

  • Winston Wolfe

    Fine. Send the bill. Let’s vote on it.

    Maybe – as opposed to your most recent budget proposal – you could actually get one person to vote in favor of it.

  • Local 157


    Obama himself is an illegal eli yun posing as Prez and should be deported.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    @whitneypitcher : The media won’t report it, but Pres. Obama’s immigration speech today cost taxpayers $519.82 per word.

  • AnnaS

    This man thinks he is emperor! Will the country ever realize the emperor has no clothes? Will he be allowed to destroy the country before some one says he is breaking the law and violating the Constitution and starts impeachment? OR as I suspect, the Republicans are afraid to be called racist……..

  • AnnaS

    the dictator speaks…well, is still speaking. when things are actually happening, he hides from the public so as not to be assigned blame for failure. like closing gitmo, letting the bush tax policy expire, protecting our benghazi embassy, winning the war in afghanistan. my fingers are too tired to type them all…media continues to boast he’s the best president since lincoln. be careful with those contrasts, lincoln wound up being assasinated.

  • Hedgehog

    I hope Comrade Skeeter sends “his” bill up to Congress, and that the Congress refuses to pass it. That Commie punk.

  • Theadora

    More on the defense system along our southern border that Obama wants to shut down:

  • Hera

    This from the guy who vote against immigration “reform” in 2007.BTW- His bill can’t pass the House and might not get to 60 in the Senate.

  • bigkahuna

    Hey Obama STFU and pass a budget and stop flying around the world killing the enviromnment for a stupid @ss speach and wasting millions. Walk outside and give your idiotic speach on tv jerkoff.

    What a pathetic scumbag POS

  • Lim Lynn

    Socialist Democrat Commie Traitor in Chief wants everyone move forward to tsunami change if not he will threaten with another executive order.

  • Zhytamyr

    With the actual unemployment rate at somewhere north of 15% – it seems super helpful that the congress wants to add about 25 MILLION people to the labor pool. Can’t get a job and are desparate for a minimum wage job to mitigate your personal cash shortage- good thing that that’s been taken by a formerly illegal alien! One day we’ll all reallize that the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches have become all of our MORTAL enemy, but by that time it’ll probably be too late.

  • ratsofred


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  • WillofLa

    The thing under the picture, I forget with they call it, anyway, it says that Dems and Gop are ready to tackle the problem together. What, and come up with the same amnesty that pissed Bush off so bad that he angrily said on TV, “The American people just need to mind their own business and let us run the government!” right after his amnesty bill was defeated. Remember, that’s when my Senator, David Vitter’s name was found on the Washington Madame’s list of clients from fifteen years ago and the fire storm that ensued afterward was so full of hate and disgust it really made me mad. I wrote him and told him that no matter what I would support him just for standing toe to toe with Harry Reid, that he deserved it.

    And the really funny thing was that some Democrat said, “There’s not one single Democrats name on that list.” Really?? Soon after that I tried to get a copy of that list from some sources and they said that it was locked up in the Justice Dept. . Yeah, but I’ll bet Harry Reid’s got a copy of it, ABC who was the one’s who broke the story has a copy, and no telling who else has a copy of that list of clients. Do you reckon Harry Reid’s name is on it? Reid “hasn’t had any *ussy since one had him!”

    And just think, it was only last week that the Socialist Communist Democrats were trying to take our guns away from us. Now, they’re trying to take our nation’s sovereignty away from us.

  • The Way, The Truth & The Life

    Quote from just a few minutes into his speech: “Now is the time to fine a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants WHO STILL SEE AMERICA AS THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY.”
    The opportunity for what? To vote for Him and be the recipients of, as he said to Joe the Plumber, “redistribution of wealth.” Why else would they be leaving their homeland? What prevents them from exercising their talents in their country of origin? At this point, those of us who see him for who he is, do not see “America as the land of opportunity.” Not with unemployment as it is. Also, citizens who reach that goal of success and wealth through hard work are derided and criticized for their “greed.” “You didn’t build that!” No, HE DID! Like a dictator, he is demanding …..If Congress Won’t Pass Immigration Plan, “I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.” He is ensuring power and popularity for himself as he seeks to make this a communist country. How long will it be before even they no longer “see America as the land of opportunity?” A dictatorship will not be far from this inevitability. I fear for this country.

  • WillofLa

    The states need to go against the Socialist Communist Democrats and Obama by defending themselves with the Tenth Amendment. Arizona must be our leader again and Sheriff Apio needs to be our hero, he is anyway, but the only way to defeat Obama’s four years of the final moves to destroy this nation is for all the states that will to stand together. Especially along the border. Especially Arizona. Has the governor of Arizona thought about sending the National Guard down to that Southwestern corner that is being occupied by the Mexican dope dealers and their Mexican Army guards and kill every one of them. Do you mean that we have combat soldiers who are expert at fighting in the desert and they can’t get those guys down there to clean out one of our states that is under invasion?? The Mexican military is protecting a Hezbollah base camp right inside their border line. And I would like to see if Goggle has a map of it somewhere. Why are we letting our country to be invaded and not think that it’s not serious enough to act on?

    Oh, I get it. It’s another Bengazi.

  • WillofLa

    #30 SomethingWicked,

    Your comment reminded me of something I thought of yesterday when Rush played that tape of the little twerp from Georgetown Univ. who was talking about getting rid of the Constitution. And guess what he teaches at Georgetown? The Constitution! Can you believe that.

    But what I was going to say was, #30 has got a point, let’s go ahead and destroy the Constitution. And guess what? It was the Constitution that established the existance of a government!! It was the Constitution that started the government….no constitution, NO GOVERNMENT. NO GOVERNMENT, NO POLITICIAN’S. NO POLITICIAN’S, NO FAT PAY CHECKS. NO PAY CHECKS, NO DEBT. NO POLITICIAN’S, NO MORE TREATIES WITH THE U.N.. NO CONSTITUTION MEANS WE GO BACK TO STATES.

    Do you realize that America existed for ONE HUNDRED Years with NO government. We had commerce. We had establishment of states rights. We had a currency, and ARMY, NAVY well enough to defend us from the entire British Army, and defeated them. We had treaties with foreign countries that we traded with and did everything we did with a government but we didn’t need a damn government. It’s just we were getting big enough that we needed one to defend the whole country which was along the coast, that’s all. We have enough states now with enough people and each one has it’s own military, the National Guard that we could protect ourselves from any invasion. With an armed people along the Mexican border we wouldn’t have anymore problems with Mexico anymore, or dope coming into the country. If anyone wanted some weed they could grow whatever they needed and sell anything over. Just like was done in America before we had a government.

    Do you know that our country was already called “America” before we had a government? It wasn’t until we had a government it was renamed United States of America. Hell, as far as that’s concerned I wouldn’t mind being known as “America” again.

  • WillofLa

    I know that our forefathers wanted a government, that was the whole idea of becoming a independent nation, free from Great Britain. But now I think it’s made a full circle, and I hate using that term, but in this case I think it’s true. We’d be better off without a government and it could be done by tieing all the states together with communication, commerce and trade, and then we go about rebuilding our manufacturing and industry for the benefit of the states, not a damn government. We have the ability to make our own money, and there would need to be some centralizing of just a couple of things. But other than that we don’t need a damn government as long as the states would cooporate with each other better than we do now.

    I think we put to much dependence on the government doing to much for us and the states. I think maybe it’s time we got rid of the government and returned to just the states.

    There are more than enough smart people who would know how to do it right where everything the government does, the states could do. And just get rid of all the debt by writing it off. Besides we don’t owe a dime beyond what is Constitutional anyway. Did you know that? We don’t. All we owe is what is Constitutional and the government takes in more than enough to pay for all the stuff the Constitution says the people should pay for. It’s the government that endebts us to spending that we don’t owe.

    How would you like to keep all the money you make and only pay the tax the Constitution said we only should pay. We can run this country without a government. No government no more freeloaders sucking Welfare. No government no more illegal Mexican aliens because we would seal the borders with the military and just shoot anyone coming across. And yeah, I do mean men, women, and children. And old people, babies, I don’t care. That’s called “total war”! Something we should have been doing with Mexico a long time ago. And order them to build a fence on their side of the border to. And it had better match ours to. They’d be crawling to us to do business with our companies. And if Ford Motor Company wants to sell cars in “America”, tough cookies. We would put a 1,000% tarrif on “foreign” products and see how they like being a Mexican company.


  • mg4us

    Hey Oduma Obuma Obama

    Learn something about immigration FROM A REAL PRESIDENT

    Teddy Roosevelt hit the nail on the head with this:

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

    But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…

    There can be no divided allegiance here.
    Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.
    We have room for but one flag, the American flag…
    We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…
    and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”