At least six states say they are seriously considering taking some sort of legislative action against the government on the new gun control laws. They include Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Montana, Texas and Wyoming. Many more sheriffs around the country are also calling for action.
Via America’s Newsroom:




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  1. #21 … thank you!

  2. Only six states taking action – everyone’s action should be the middle finger and ignore him…..make him impotent.

  3. A bill similar to Wyoming’s gun rights bill will be introduced in the Arkansas Legislator

  4. Man, there is going to be a Great Migration to these six states and more who revolt against this tyrannical leader, Dear leader Obama.

  5. Where is Virginia? They better add themselves to this list, or I’m moving, and taking my money with me.

  6. I posted this once, and I’ll add it here, too. We have some experience with “shall issue” gun permit laws. The data here stops at about 1998. Is there an update, somewhere?

  7. #26 Kenny, I have been emailing back and forth with my Arkansas state senator and representative for over a week and when the General Assembly convened on Monday, a bill was introduced. Yeah Arkansas.

  8. It’s about time our side started standing up for freedom. Dems have absolutely no problem not following the law–witness sanctuary cities. We need to do the same with their unlawful ‘laws’ and this is a start.

  9. From #30, above

    Updated to 2008.

    Shall issue laws reduce the costs of crime. Very dense on the statistics. I’d be more inclined to look at the raw data.

  10. Governors and State AG’s

    Time to WAKE UP and ACT. .TIME to Control the Spread of the Federal Government Beyond the Powers granted it in THE US Constitution!

    Say Enough to DC. .


  11. I am surprised to see that Georgia is not on here. What is up with that!! Come on Georgia!!!

  12. Arizona Constitution speaks for itself, Governor Jan Brewer never speaks up without a thorough background check (excuse the pun) look how long it took her to decide on MEDICAID. The only bill that was quick and to the point was the Constitutional No Permit to carried concealed, and this was put in there and it was going to pass because of SB 1070. Sheriff Joe has always obeyed the law Federal and State, he knows what Obie is all about and how this person refuses to prove he is an American. If you read the history of Arizona this is not Arizona’s first rodeo. There is no hiding the truth Arizona and Obama despise each other more so Obie does most of the despising, especially over SB 1070 and our protection of the Mexican American Border, not by protecting the US but inviting all illegal immigrants (Mexicans) in between certain dates, but this is allowing terrorist through at the same time.

  13. Where is Arkansas when do we stand up to fight this tyrant?

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