Assad Orders Supporters to Target US and Israeli Interests If He Is Assassinated

Rebel fighters seized the Taftanaz military airbase in northwestern Idlib province on Friday. The Assad forces forced them to withdraw, but they managed to take many weapons with them.

Syrian President Bashar Assad told supporters to target US and Israeli interests if he is assassinated by rebels.
Fars News reported:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has ordered his army commanders to target Israel and the US interests in the Middle East region in case he is assassinated by the terrorists, informed sources said on Monday.

President Assad’s remarks came after he attended several meetings with his senior commanders, and discussed the country’s security situation with them, the Algerian Al-Shorouq Oline newspaper quoted informed sources close to the Syrian government as saying on Monday.

In the meetings presided by President Assad, Syria’s top army commanders told him that “the foreign hostile states will strive to assassinate him instead of launching a military attack on Syria”.

According to the report, a Persian translation of which was released by the Iranian students news agency, the Syrian army commanders have told the President that the spy agencies of certain western states and Syria’s neighboring countries have smuggled hi-tech missiles into Syria to provide armed rebels and terrorist groups with a chance to target President Assad’s likely residence.

In response, President Assad has ordered his military commanders to target Israel and the US positions in the region, specially in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, if the western states succeed in assassinating him.

Earlier this month, President Assad voiced his readiness for dialogue with the opposition and political parties in Syria. The Syrian leader also proposed general elections, adoption of a new constitution as well as a national reconciliation conference.

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  • Tom Doniphon

    Did Bashar OK this with SanFran Nan and Lurch Kerry? They were besties just a few years back and now he’s all “go get America”! Now that I think about it the, Saint Hillary had complimentary words for Bashar! So. I don’t get it!?

  • Assad’s time is running short, he better start making plans to meet his maker soon…

  • FMB42


    What planet does this has-been despot live on?

    His supporters will assassinate him the instant the time is right.

    Oh wait, Assad is living on a Russian protected warship now isn’t he?

    Either way, this guy’s time has all but run out at this point.

    Won’t be long until he meets the same fate as Mussolini, Ceaușescu, Saddam, and Gaddafi.

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  • I shed no tears for him, but these rebels are sharia folks too,

    PS I swear that man (Assad) looks like Tweety Bird!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    PS I swear that man (Assad) looks like Tweety Bird!

    A little less hair and a pair of pince-nez glasses on him and he’ll look a lot like Heinrich Himmler.

  • Lim Lynn

    Hope they won’t go all out targeting US and Israel once’s he assassinated. I can feel Arabs, Iran, China Russia and North Korea preparing for WWIII.

  • Morgan

    Hillary was torn as to whether or not Bashir Assad was a bad guy. I wonder if she’s made up her fading mind.

  • Buzzy

    And Assad would be absolutely correct in targeting the US. The US has been arming and supporting the rebels in Syria, much the same as they did with arming the rebels in Libya. Then they killed our Ambassador and 3 other Americans. Hillary said the next day, I can’t believe they did that, we helped them get rid of Ghadafi. Wake up folks, the US is arming, supporting, and pushing a radical islamist movement across the Middle East, and now in Mali as well.

  • Lim Lynn

    It’s true that Barack Hussein Obama was funded by Wahhabi when he went to University. If he didn’t support Jihad Islamist Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and other rebels then how will they overthrow so call dictators without infiltrating in Enemy Territories. Similar, to Fast and Furious scandals and Global Warming aka Climate Change.

  • gastorgrab

    *Note – Washington DC is a Gun-Free zone.

  • American Woman

    Please don’t consider a story printed by Fars News, the mouthpiece of the Iranian government, as factual.

    Iran wants an Islamic Caliphate and supplies the Rebels in Syria. This news story is Iranian Islamic Fascist propaganda

    From Wiki:

    “Fars News Agency (FNA) is a news agency in Iran. While it describes itself as “Iran’s leading independent news agency”,[1] news organizations such as CNN[2] and Reuters[3] describe it as a “semi-official” news agency with ties to the government. The Wall Street Journal has stated the agency is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

    Its managing director Saeid Noubari is a former head of the public relations office of the Tehran Justice Department. FNA’s managing editor Mehdi Fazaeli is also the spokesman of Iran’s Association of Muslim Journalists.”

    Read at:

  • Patty

    Is that a threat! 😆 If I were Obama I wouldn’t be reducing our military but instead bulking it up.

    But that won’t happen. He has his drones.

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  • jaxson

    the arrogance of these muslims is beyond imagination, so is Asswad saying to strike the straight of Hormuz, and if that happens how will these persians refine their oil? let alone transport it. i think it would hurt them more than us and would be a huge backfire, same with trying to launch a nuke in our direction, which hypothetically they could actually get one to our shore, i would love love love to see the retaliation strikes (plural) so in both cases i think they lose….