After the Sandy Hook school massacre Michael Moore blamed the tragedy on America’s inherent racism and awfulness.
What a jerk.

But that didn’t stop the anti-gun hypocrite from endorsing the violent shoot-em-up movie Django Unchained.
Via Twitchy:




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  1. “Ignore all nonsense u’ve heard bout ‘violence'”

    Ironic, indeed.

  2. Just another big fat hypocrite…. I will not go see this movie, won’t rent it, nor will I buy it! I won’t see another movie that Jamie Fox plays in again. I work hard for my money and it will be a cold day in hell that I’ll suport him with it! I’ll stick to watching sports on TV! :)

  3. The slothful, gluttonous liberal film maker who exposed the news media for fear mongering over child abductions and then proceeded to fear monger himself by showing us that people can just buy a shotgun right over the counter at the bank, is the same sloppy, immoral hypocrite who puts quotes around the word “violence” to describe a Tarantino film (which are among the most violent films made today).

    Careful with Moore’s tweets. He might just be passing gas.

  4. moore likes this violence because white people get killed. all liberals like to kill white people.

  5. Lardman is afraid of what others will do to his blissful lifestyle, check the mirror dude.

  6. Saw the movie. That being said, I didn’t pay to watch it. The plot is good and so is the music. But the shooting scences are horrible, more like a video game than a movie, and the sound effects are horrible during the shooting scenes.

    I don’t care for Jamie Fox, but the movie is filled with other good over-paid actors.

  7. We will see legislation banning any fats in buffet lines before guns come up.

  8. I saw the movie and have the t-shirt, you can get fat just by being crazy liberal.

  9. Typical radical liberal. Guns, violence, racism, and capitolism are all acceptable for the Dems and Libs but evil for all else. Michael Moore and others like him are totally devoid of good honest ethical morals and values. Ugly on the inside, the worst kind of ugly there is.

    Everyone here should click on the link provided by #8 BG. It is an excellent video on the real Michael Moore. It says it all. Thanks BG.

  10. He was just there for the buttered popcorn..

  11. Movies v. Reality I seldom see any Americans walking around carrying guns, why is this ? I think that if they did it would put an end to all this nonsense we are seeing

  12. I don’t give a RA what this pig has to say. There I said it.

  13. Who pulled the harpoon out of the whale?

  14. “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

    – Jamie Foxx joking on SNL about his new movie role, Dec-08-2012

  15. “I get to kill all of the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

    Puts a whole new meaning to the song We Shall Overcome.
    Thanks Jamie, for being honest.

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