Over fifty blockaders inside TransCanada headquarters in Houston march pipe dragon around, stage die-in. (Trans Blockade)

Protesters stormed the lobby of TransCanada’s Houston office on Monday dancing, screaming, trashing the lobby and chaining themselves to doors.

The protesters do not believe in American energy production.
The Energy Tribune reported:

More than 100 protesters entered the lobby of TransCanada’s Houston office Monday in protest of the company’s proposed Keystone XL project.

The coalition was in the headquarters for about an hour before being forced out of the lobby by police. The protesters danced, spilled black ”tar sands” balloons and hung neon orange hazard tape. Two of the protesters locked themselves to the front doors of the offices demanding accountability for alleged abuses by TransCanada.

TransCanada declined to comment about the event.

Two arrests were made for trespassing, with one of the protesters being a journalist from Chicago, Illinois.

“From the Texas backwoods to the corporate boardrooms, the fight to defend our homes from toxic tar sands will not be ignored,” Ramsey Sprague, a Tar Sands Blockade spokesperson, told Rigzone. “We’re here today to directly confront the TransCanada executives who’re continuing on with business as usual while making our communities sacrifice zones.”

The protest was over the 1,200-mile Keystone XL oil pipeline, which is currently being reviewed by the State Department. The coalition claims that this event kicks-off a new phase of blockade organizing – targeting the corporate, political and financial infrastructure behind the Keystone XL pipeline with solidarity actions planned across the country this week, including Austin, Detroit and New York City.



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  1. If I was Canada, I’d build that big pipeline to the West Coast and just send all my oil to China.

  2. “solidarity actions planned across the country this week, including Austin, Detroit and New York City.”

    Y’know, having a demonstration in New York makes a lot of sense to me.

    Just last week, I was in the city and could not help noticing ugly tar sands all over the place. I mean tar sands on almost every street and avenue. Ick.

    I say, get some of those demonstrators in there to demonstrate how to clean up.

  3. So, they walking to these “meetings”?

  4. Perpetual demonstrators. I’ll bet they’ll be blockading algore’s corporate offices next in protest of him selling his network to evil oil.

  5. #5, my first thought was, “Did they drive to this demonstration?”

  6. Protesters likely being funded by Al Jazeeragore or an Iranian front group.

  7. Of course they walked – well maybe not the journalist from Chicago – I expect he rode his bike.
    I just wish they would learn enough about their subject to call it oil sands. We aren’t pulling tar from the ground.

  8. Anyone have a flame thrower?

  9. Two arrests? Did they run out of handcuffs?

  10. I wonder if any of these guys ever took a geology class. This “toxic tar” is naturally occurring and has been used by man since the dawn of time. Over thousands of years it’s been widely used by anyone fortunate enough to have it handy. Suddenly, it’s toxic. Maybe we should tell them not to smoke it or eat it.

    Guaranteed that if we were to live “simply” and not destroy the environment by going back to the horse and buggy, these guys would be digging this stuff up to lube their axles (on the wagons) (the axles on the wagons).

  11. Every one of them should have been arrested. They were trespassing on private property, disrupting work and trashing the place. No one should have to put up with this stuff on their own property. I would say this country is going to the dogs except that it would be insulting dogs. Where do these looney tunes come from?

  12. And Obama wants to take away large capacity magazines?

    This is a pretty good example where they might do some good, or so it seems.

  13. We should send them over to the middle east to try this over there. What do they think they are accomplishing? They take a hour break from World of Warcraft to take a nap at TransCanada’s office. Sad really.

  14. Ditto #1! I was thinking the same thing! Let these do gooders spend some time in one their gulags-they wouldn’t last a day.


  16. How do you think these pukes got there ?????? Riding bikes ?

  17. tape their mouths shut and let them all lie there until they crap in their pants, then move them out into the street. a little public embarrassment would do them good.

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