An Allen West for Speaker of the House Facebook page was set up this week.

By law you do not have to be a US representative to be Speaker of the House.

Already one Republican voted for Allen West during the election today.

UPDATE: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gives Allen West his second vote for speaker.
There were at least four Republican abstentions and six defections from Boehner.

UPDATE: Nine Republicans have defected so far. With 17 defections they will need to hold a second vote.

UPDATE: Boehner wins reelection as Speaker of the House.




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  2. The GOP majority is a thin thing so one problem with splitting the vote for Speaker could end up re-electing Nancy Pelosi to the position, again.

    American politics, the epitome of “lesser of two evils”.

  3. John Boehner should remain speaker. The optics of ousting him will make us look like there’s a split in the Republican Party.

  4. #2- It is mathematically impossible to have Pelosi elected as Speaker again, unless a number of Republicans vote for her, and that ain’t happening.

  5. Yes we could have gotten Nancy again. I’d rather have John Boehner and he got 217 votes so he stays on.

  6. Just read Boner re-elected as speaker

  7. Yippee!

  8. Bummer……It bothers me that he slurs his words when he speaks…..and I’ll never have any confidence in a Politician that cries on the stump.

  9. Sorry but the cry baby won his seat back.

  10. What a collection of weasels we’ve got here.

    Boehner’s Nancy’s bitch.

    The GOP is a dead man walking.

  11. Nancy Pelosi would have rounded Boner up a few Democrat votes if more republicans defected. Having Boner sit as her puppet is more empowering to the Democrats than openly holding the gavel in her own hand. They still get everything they want without having to take any blame.

  12. “The optics of ousting him will make us look like there’s a split in the Republican Party.”
    you have to be be kidding. you’re the same person that was clueless romney didn’t have a chance. numbers mean nothing to you. we need two parties, we had two parties, but divide one of those parties in half and neither will ever win power again. lordy goodness. get off of fox and stop listening to rush or you’re doom to losing everything. fox fired rove. figure out why

  13. So close, what a squeaker. West only lost by a couple hundred votes.

  14. What a Great Speaker he would make. IF ONLY!!

  15. Sad but predictable. Nothing will change as is usual. Will be interesting though to see now if the cryer does indeed refuse to do any one on one negotiation with the dictator.

  16. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gives Allen West his second vote for speaker.

    That figures. Now that West and Walsh are gone, Gohmert heads up the headcase contingent, but(Steve) King and Bachmann are not far behind.

  17. Was the Republican establishment concerned about West one day becomming speaker when they were redistricting Florida?

  18. What a Great Speaker he would make.

    No doubt the late night comedians are very disappointed.

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