Rapper Shawty Lo defended himself against the criticism he’s received for starring in a reality TV show with his ten baby’s mamas and his eleven kids. “All My Baby’s Mamas” is scheduled to air this spring on Oprah’s Oxygen Channel. Shawty explains it this way.
“I didn’t ask for it. It just happened.”




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  1. *flashing*

    I’m stupid as hell. I’m stupid as hell. I’m stupid as hell…..

    H/t Gallagher

  2. I think we are done ‘paying’ for slavery.

  3. So if I grab a crowbar and hit him upside the head I can just tell the cops that “I didn’t ask for it, it just happened”?

  4. They had a lot of kids in “The Walton’s” too. This guy is an idiot. It’s time for conservatives in America to stop watching TV. Perhaps that might change this putrid fixation on reality TV.

  5. Just think, Bill Clinton beat this guy to Father of the Year honors! What a disgrace! I hope “Shawty” gets it next year!


  6. Boom Bada Bing, yeah, right!!

  7. The indication being that he somehow tripped and fell into her lady parts?

  8. I have absolutely no idea why you’re giving this show any attention.

  9. Shows like this, that glorify selfish, irresponsible behavior are watched by millions of low income, low information Americans. It only stands to reason that at least some of them will emulate that behavior …

    The people who shamelessly produce trash like this without regard for the impact it might have on other peoples’ lives should be ashamed of themselves …

  10. The people who shamelessly produce trash like this without regard for the impact it might have on other peoples’ lives should be ashamed of themselves …

    Trust me, they know the impact. That’s why they produce shows like this.

    And no, I’m not just saying that, I’ve heard it straight from the people that do that sort of TV in Sweden. The people that do shows like that are leftist activists, and they are very well aware of any message their shows send, and it is very intended. The whole reason they are even doing TV is to be able to do shows like that.

  11. Since the federal government considers handguns to be both sentient and evil, the solution is to “refine” the meaning of the Second Amendment buy restricting our right to possess a gun.

    Logically, then, Shawty’s genitals should be treated the same way. Since he has no control over them, they should be confiscated in the interest of public safety. After all, if even one child can be prevented, it’s a small price to pay.

  12. What I want to know is are the tax payers supporting the turd and his offspring

  13. This is the payoff of the failed Great Society experiment, clearly on parade for everyone to see. And yet, today’s lefties keep pushing social and fiscal plans that will ensure more of the same. Is there any doubt remaining that lefties actively desire the complete destruction of our social order?

  14. Offensive comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  15. He will be Father of The Year 2013! 2012 went to Slick Willie and 2007 to John Edwards.

  16. I’ll watch it, but only if the first episode chronicles him getting his nuts cut off – with no anesthesia.

  17. #17, anthony,

    Sooo, you write like a dem precinct chair or naacp member. You lost me and every other rational human at “animals.”

  18. Announcing the leading nominee for this year’s male version of the Butterfly McQueen Award:

    “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout makin’ no babies!”

    ……… It jus’ happen’d, it jus’ happen’d, I dunno how, but was jus’ drivin’ through the ‘hood and it jus’ magically happen’d ……

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