Belmokhtar Takes Responsibility for ‘Blessed’ Gas Plant Attack in Name of Al-Qaeda

Hostages surrendering to Islamist gunmen who overtook a gas facility in Tiguentourine near In Amenas in the south of the country. (AFP)

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the terrorist leader linked to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the Algerian gas plant attack this week in a new video.
The Province reported:

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the terrorist leader linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the Algerian hostage siege, describing it as a “blessed operation”.

Leader of a militant brigade called “Those who Sign with Blood”, he had already been identified as the mastermind behind the attack, making him one of the world’s most wanted men.

In a video message posted online Sunday, Belmokhtar confirmed his involvement and said the operation was carried out by 40 Islamist fighters, including several Westerners. It was filmed before the standoff ended in a bloodbath on Saturday and the militant, who lost an eye while fighting in Algeria, demanded that France withdraw its troops from Mali as the price of any negotiation.

The video was posted by a website called Sahara Media, based in Mauritania, another North African hotbed of Islamist militancy.

“We in al-Qaeda announce this blessed operation,” Belmokhtar said. “We are ready to negotiate with the West and the Algerian government provided they stop their bombing of Mali’s Muslims.”

Belmokhtar claimed that about 40 jihadists were involved in the attack — “most of them from Muslim countries and some even from the West”.

Mohamed Said, Algeria’s communications minister, said yesterday that the militants included men of six different nationalities. Belmokhtar was not among the raiders. The attack was thought to have been led by Abdul Rahman al-Nigeri, a field commander close to Belmokhtar who is thought to be among the 32 fighters killed.

Meanwhile, the BBC says the Algerian forces captured five of the terrorists.
The BBC reported:

At least 48 hostages are now thought to have died in a four-day siege at an Algerian gas plant, as reports say that 25 bodies found at the complex on Sunday were all those of captives.

It had initially been unclear whether the bodies found were those of hostage-takers or staff at the facility.

A day earlier, Algerian officials reported the deaths of 23 hostages, saying many more were unaccounted for.

Five suspected Islamist attackers were reportedly arrested on Sunday.

The Algerian authorities had said on Saturday that all 32 hostage-takers had been killed.

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  • Robert

    Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the terrorist leader linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the Algerian hostage siege, describing it as a “blessed operation”.

    Mokhtar Belmokhtar has a spiritual advisor who has given him religious sanction to commit the murders. Until this religious advisor is killed the whole show is a farce.

    Mokhtar Belmokhtar is just another foot soldier carrying out the wishes of the spiritual leaders.

  • AuntieMadder

    Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the terrorist leader linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the Algerian hostage siege, describing it as a “blessed operation”.

    Marklar marklar, the marklar marlkar marklared to marklar-Marklar, has marklared marklar for the Marklar marklar marklar, marklaring marklar as a “marklared marklar.”

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  • bg


    Obama will clarify and condemn at 11, oh wait..

    scroll for more..


  • bg


    “Blessed Bombs”

    is what the Iranian Mullahs call their Nukes..


  • bg


    Understanding Islam

    Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

    correction re: #6 January 20, 2013 at 11:04 pm bg

    “Allah’s Blessed Bomb”


  • jony101

    hopefully the Algerians hang the surviving terrorists after a quick trial of course. But then the west will condemn the hangings as barbaric, you can never win with the liberal elite.

  • YourMaster

    mokhtar probably looks like 0bama.
    is either one of his best friends in childhood or a distant family member.
    and most likely will be nominated to a sharia law tzar position
    in a few weeks by the 0bama administration
    and then given 20 medals for killing americans and taking hostages
    then a nobel peace prize *lol*

  • bg


    does AQ hate Blacks??

    don’t recall ever seeing one in
    a leadership position, oh wait..

    i plumb Obama is Caliph in Chief.. /s/


  • bg


    re: #10 January 21, 2013 at 12:11 am bg

    i plumb forgot


  • onbe

    Off topic

    worth turning viral

    Tienanmen square activist turned American citizen demonstrates for the 2nd

    The past Monday I decided to visit the Minuteman Park in Lexington and pay tribute to Captain John Parker and his fellow minutemen. A thought came to my mind, that the founding fathers of the United States and Chairman Mao had one thing in common: they all realized that guns are important political instruments. Their similarities, however, ended there.!

    “To me, a rifle is not for sporting or hunting. It is an instrument of freedom.

    It guarantees that I cannot be coerced, that I have free will, that I am a free man.

    Now suppose, the 20 million Beijing citizens had a couple million rifles on hand in 1989? How many rounds should they have been allowed to load into their magazines? Ten rounds? Seven rounds? How about three rounds?

    Do not give up the fight, my friends. It may be a small step that you give up your rifle, or a 30 round magazine.

    But it will be a giant leap toward the destruction of this republic.

    In closing, I will quote the words of Captain John Parker. “Stand your ground. Do not fire until fired upon. But, if they want a war, let it start here.”

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  • Candy


    AQIM chief buying arms in Libya: source
    (AFP) – Mar 12, 2012

    BAMAKO — Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a top fugitive leader in Al-Qaeda’s north African branch, is in Libya shopping for weapons, Malian security sources told AFP on Monday.

    “Mokhtar Belmokhtar, one of the chiefs of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has been in Libya for several weeks, notably to procure arms,” a top Malian security source said.

    Back some more re: AQIM message posted on Feb 17 Martyrs page, (you know, the ones ‘defending the pretend gun running consulate):

    It should be noted that this does not necessarily provide wholesale proof that there is going to be some type of jihadi takeover of the Libyan government. That said, there are new data points that should be analyzed in light of the previous paragraph. It was pointed out to me Sunday on Twitter by al-Jazeera journalist Gregg Carlstrom that the admin of the official Facebook page of the Libyan uprising (17 February Intifada) posted AQIM’s most recent video message from Shaykh al-Hasan Rashid al-Bulaydi. This is no doubt a worrying sign.

    Note: They have the capture on site

    So now the pirate becomes the new spiritual OBL via the media…

    Strange, he’s been in most of the ‘Arab Spring’ countries as well… nevermind.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, Osama bin Laden is dead but al-Qaeda is very much a live… I cannot say the same for their hostages. I failed at stopping al-Qaeda!

    Look, I would have helped the Algerian soldiers but they would not agree to my High Capacity Magazine Ban. So, screw them!

    If the Algerian and French military would have enforced my ban on High Capacity Magazines, I think the death toll would have been lower… for the Terrorists!

    It’s a tragedy so many Muslim Freedom fighters had to die! I am sure Bill Ayers and Hillary Clinton would agree!

    My Huge Jumbo Jet is spewing fumes and David Axelrod has yet another scam to shake down gun owners. It’s a variation of Joseph Stalin’s power grab. I cannot go into details at this time. My last scam fizzled.

    Further, Hillary and I will not be available to testify about the Benghazi massacre where my ban on use of automatic rifles with high capacity magazines against Muslim Freedom Fighters was in full force. I cannot answer any more questions! Good day

  • Finncrisp

    Blessed gas attack? Then man obviously does not know english:)

  • Valerie

    #16 January 21, 2013 at 9:20 am
    Finncrisp commented:

    Actually, the translation is likely to be correct. The guy has simply slandered Islam. He’s switched “jihad” and “hirabah” in the name of God.

    Acts of terrorism, and the killing of innocents, are considered “unholy war” or “hirabah” in Islam, unless you are an Islamist hell-bent on using religion as an excuse for your adventures in attempted world domination.

    The people who did this want to overthrow the Algerian government, and replace it with Sharia law.

  • Lim Lynn
  • Goatweed

    The Algerian Army or their intelligence service is conducting serious interrogations of the five captured AQs.

  • MT Geoff

    I think it’s very important that the Algerians handled this themselves. I am grieved at the deaths of the hostages, of course. Any military action might have had the same outcome.
    It matters that Algeria’s governmen has demonstrated bott the will and the capacity to deal with jihadis.