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    When a million dollars is no more important to you than a penny is to me you may have a spending problem.

  • democraps suck

    Let’s hope that the sharks get him

  • bad actor

    This guy thinks he is king, not president. I have no words to describe how I, as a tax-paying American, feel about his flagrant abuse of his office. If I said what I really think, and what I really wish for him in the coming year, a bolt of lightning would probably hit our house.

  • Jim

    Maybe soetoro will get stung by a stingray and as a result be arrested for animal cruelty after it dies from soetoros poison.

  • Indiana

    What would you expect from the “Sultan of Washington?” We created this monster…..

  • Who’s “WE” God that pronoun is overused! I for one, did not want King O to win. Now he is doing what all Monarchs do-order a decree or a proclamation to show they are “working” on helping the country, while leaving the real task of governing to Parliament or a PM or his advisers.

    King O now believes that unlike us common folk, who DO have jobs, and bills to pay, feels that for today his “work” is done and that a well “deserved” vacation is in order ‘cue that Go-Gos song!

    Now he and his Queen and their ROYAL offspring can RELAX, SURF, GORGE themselves while the rest of us, “eat cake” so to speak!

    Ha, to you O voters. Snuck off like a thief in the night, too bad YOU ALL don’t know YOU’VE been ROBBED!!!

  • Ella

    What are the chances of his plane developing an oil leak between here and Hawaii?

  • the nazi blamed the jew for all of germany’s problems. the liberal blames the rich for all of the problems the politicans have caused america.

  • FMB42

    Yep, the guy who couldn’t make it to his mother’s Hawaiian death bed can’t seem to get enough of the place now that he’s the President.

    Well, at least some of us know just were his priorities are now don’t we?

    But then again, we knew what Obama’s priorities were after learning that:

    Obama listened to Wright’s hate filled khutbahs for 20 years.

    Obama labeled a relative who took care of him during his youth as being “typically white” (while saying nothing nearly as derogatory about his black father that ditched him and his mother when he was young).

    Obama proudly claimed that his grandfather served under Gen. Patton, while conveniently failing to remind us that this was his (typically?) white grandfather.

    Obama publicly claimed that Trayon Martin could have “looked like his son” (while failing to say the same about the US Border guard that was killed by a thug that was armed by his criminally mismanaged Fast and Furious “supply/sell guns to the Mexican drug cartels” program).

    Obama made both dishonest and ignorant comments about the Benghazi murders, while, at the same time, allowing his administration to falsely place the blame on an innocent video producer.

    Obama decided to reward Biden, top lawmakers, and certain Federal employees with pay raises (while, at the same time, warning us of the “fiscal cliff” dangers.

  • doc

    I’m glad the rich got a tax increase, should have been more…just remember, these bastards live in predominantly blue states…they helped elect him, let them suffer now since he’s here for another four years. The stupid republicans should have sat back and let Obama have what he wanted and the credit for it also…but, noooooo, they had to be involved and are now as much to blame for this fiscal cliff “deal” as the demos…..dumb asses!!!!!!! They never learn…bunch of dumb ass Charlie Brown’s!

  • thegoldman

    Calling any and all great white sharks to Hawaii…

    You do something for us we do something for you…

  • Mikey

    We’re gonna have to suffer for a few years, but trust me sooner or later there will come a tipping point. Some action or event that will expose Captain Zero for the piece of sh!t that he really is. He will get too cocky. Press his luck. Something will happen.
    Then the majority of God-fearing patriots will stand up and force his departure. Constitutional crises. Gridlock. Fighting in the streets.
    Until then, the suffering is almost too much to bear, watching our once proud country being torn apart brick by brick by this tyrant. Our Republic is being severely tested. But we will emerge stronger. And the anti-American elements among us will be exposed for all to see.

  • bg
  • King Putz


    Great Whites golf?

  • joeh

    I’d settle for an Orca or two if a Great White can’t make it.

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  • bg


    Reza Kahlili

    Reza Kahlili served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian
    Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task
    Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by
    Congress. He is the author of the award-winning book “A Time to Betray”
    and regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on
    Iran and counterterrorism in the Middle East.