26 Killed – Including 2 Soccer Stars – In Egyptian Riots

Chaos in Egypt – 26 dead – 277 injured

Thousands of people are demonstrating across Egypt against the rule of President Mohammed Mursi. (Reuters)

Twenty-six people were killed and 277 injured in escalating clashes in Egypt today.
Al Arabiya reported:

Two Port Said football players were killed during the escalating clashes in the city, bringing the death toll to 24 following a court ruling that sent 21 people to the gallows for their role in one of the world’s deadliest incidents in football violence.

Tamer al-Fahla, former goalkeeper of the al-Masry team, and Mohammad al-Dadhwi who played for Port Said’s al-Mareekh team, were both killed after the sentence pertaining to the “Port Said Massacre” was issued. Both bodies were transferred to the hospital’s morgue in the city.

The board of directors at al-Mareekh’s team did not comment on the sentence, but it held the political leadership responsible for what happened.

The al-Mareekh’s board announced mourning at al-Dahawi, who was going to be transferred into another football team in the Egyptian league, but the deal did not go through.

The judge, Sobhy Abdel Maguid, read out a list of 21 names “referred to the Mufti,” a phrase used to denote a death verdict as all such sentences must be reviewed by Egypt’s top religious authority.

However, according to AFP, the death toll in Port Said has reached to 26 people killed.

“Twenty six people were killed and 277 injured,” said Adbelrahman Farag, the head of Port Said hospitals.

Two policemen were among those killed, the interior ministry said, adding that there were “many critical injuries among police forces.”

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  • midusdew

    yep and morsi won the election… just like opinko. the election was probably rigged…

  • What difference does it make?

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  • RealMc

    Reap – Sow.

  • Lim Lynn

    Supporters was extreme rivalry eh?

  • donh

    Obama used all the powers of world media covert intel and diplomacy to stay Mubarak’s hand at putting down the Muslim Brotherhood rebellion….but now that Imam Obama has his brother Morsi seated in power……whatever butchery it takes to hold onto that seat and solidify Sharia Law Dictatorship has our tacit ” see hear speak no evil ” approval .

  • jony101

    I love it when the muslim world implodes in violence. First they overthrow one peaceful dictater, they get a more violent dictater, they not happy with the new dictator. Obama adds fuel to the fire by sending them advance f-16 jets so they can attack israel. Its best when they fight and kill each other and leave everyone else alone.

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  • Adi

    Obviously it is a Zionist plot.

  • dunce

    The peaceful religion in the cradle of civilization. Yeah sure, they could burn down a library in Alexandria again. A model for the world.

  • Highlander

    I wonder when Obama is going to take responsibility for this? I’m guessing we’ll be waiting a while for that ….

  • vityas

    There are two great phrases we have now.
    What difference does it make?
    Let it burn.
    You can use them both in this instance.

  • paul52

    And let’s GIVE these ass-hats F-16 fighters and Abrams tanks on taxpayer money. That was such a swell idea, Barry Hussein.

  • bg


    how soon we forget..

    “Freedom Isn’t Free”

    Founding Fathers

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it.
    Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can
    exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary
    right to dismember it or overthrow it.”

    — Abraham Lincoln, 4 April 1861

    Godspeed Egypt..


  • Granny

    I know – let’s give them some brand spanking new F16 fighter jets!

  • bg


    June 24, 2012

    Egypt: Barack Obama the true leader of the Muslim Brotherhood

    Freedom Protesters Gather in Tahrir Square
    – Lash Out at Jerk & Idiot Barack Obama

    scroll for more..


  • Winston Wolfe

    How’s that Arab Spring working out for you, you jug-eared POS?

  • bg
  • bg


    i truly believe that most Americans have no clue as to how fortunate
    they are to be living in the US.. which is exactly why Obama can pull
    the wool over their eyes via his empty promises.. they are however,
    also in for a cruel surprise, heck, we all are.. *sigh*


  • Bitter Clinger

    The muzzies really know how to throw a party, don’t they?

  • Joanne

    No doubt the Egyptian elections were rigged – they all use the same tactics and that is they are in control of the counting of the votes, just the same as in the U.S. Obama didn’t win the last election – he stole it, and he will steal every election to come. These people protesting in the streets will be the same kind of people who will be protesting in the streets of America against Obama…..if a match is found to light a fire under the butts of those who must get out and protest.


    more brotherly love demonstrated by adherents of the religion of peace. Nothing at all 10th century here, hu?

  • sam

    I wouldn’t consider former players for a local Egyptian soccer team “stars”.