Young Mother Tells Teens to “Get a Job” After They Beg for Cigs – So They Shoot Her (Video)

Three Pennsylvania teens were arrested for shooting a young mother dead after she told them to “get a job” when they were begging for cigs.

The goons didn’t want a job – They wanted a cigarette.

The Blaze reported:

A young mother was senselessly murdered by three teens in western Pennsylvania after she told them to “get a job” and stop roaming the streets when they asked her fiancée for a cigarette, police say.

Beaver Falls police have charged 14-year-olds Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez and 13-year-old Kyle Goosby Jr. with criminal homicide and other charges in Saturday’s shooting of 22-year-old Kayla Peterson.

She was shot at about 3:30 p.m. that day and died in a Pittsburgh hospital two hours later.

Goosby is in custody and his attorney says he was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when Velasquez – identified as the gunman by police – opened fire. Beaver Falls Police Chief Charles Jones says officers are still searching for the other two suspects.

The teens posted this picture on Facebook after shooting the woman dead. (WTAE)

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    Welcome to our

  • NeoKong

    Al Sharpton had no comment.

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  • L.N. Smithee

    Are we certain that photo was posted AFTER the shooting? Facts were FUBARed for days in Newtown, so I gotta ask.

  • donh

    Todavia Cleckley is da only man yo gonna hab to see ifs yo wants to buy yo sef a gun ……if Obama gets his way. …an a dime bag of bullets …10 to a zip lock bag…. will cost you $35.00

    THAT is what gun control is REALLY all about….market share…..and making sure ya’ll scared Fo Rizzle when the politicians threaten police layoff for not payin up yo fair share tax increase.

  • duke5015

    What can you expect ?? Turn away, Holder.

  • bg


    so tragically sad, so utterly pointless, no doubt
    not one Obama’s could have been sons.. /sarc/


  • MrPayback Coyotebrains

    Looks like these could be some more of Obama’s sons?

  • tony ivey

    i would cut there throats who cares.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Find the little bastards, lock ’em up, and throw away the key.

  • http://. WillofLa

    Well, here you go Dianne Feinstein. You want to take guns away from “American’s” you can start with all Black youth from the age of 14 to 25. Is that about the right age span? I don’t know what the age spans are for Black criminals who pray on innocent people so I picked that one. If Obama wants certain ideology’s of American’s to change and whatever then he can start with his own kind, well they aren’t HIS kind since he’s pure African and White, these Negros are just plain trash punk murderer’s who don’t care about anything. You want to put people away you can start with putting these Negros on work farms so they aren’t a threat to anyone. And if they try to escape, you shoot them dead right where you find them. Don’t you think that might solve some of the problem with American’s using “guns” to kill each other and other innocent American’s? Obama ought to know all about it since he has spent more time in South Chicago than anywhere else in America so he should know all about gangbangers and Negro punks who go around killing people for a cigarette.

    I clipped a newspaper article out of two Black men here in town who shot each other over a chicken leg. Then a week later two Black men shot each other over a parking spot in front of their house. So these Negros shot this woman over a few cigarettes so that’s the same thing isn’t it? So Dianne can start with young Negros up to the age of 28 or so and take their guns away from them. Then wait six months to see if any of them obtain a gun to shoot somebody else for a chicken leg or a parking space or some cigarettes. And if any of them continue to do what they were doing when they had their own guns, then Dianne has to drop the whole thing. And it’s because if crime isn’t affected by disarming Black youths who go around shooting more people than any other race in America, and if it works with them then she can go on to illegal Mexican youth dope dealers next. And if crime goes down to nothing with that race and/or group then she can go to the next group, and so on until she gets to us because we are the least harmful and most law abiding of everyone in America who owns or has a gun.

  • bg


    RIP with the Angels in Gods hands dear Kayla..

    can’t imagine, just can’t imagine.. :-(

    re: #7 December 19, 2012 at 10:26 pm bg

    not one OF Obama’s


  • buffy

    I’m waiting for Barry to say that if he had a son, he would look just like kid with the joint in his mouth in the pic above.

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  • http://. WillofLa

    “Find them, lock them up, and throw away the key.” ? The jails are already full of these little Negros now. There’s no place left to put them. How about just shoot them when the cops catch them, pay them back for what they did. That’s called “street justice”, “code of the West”, “life in the city” you know. Obama ought to know all about it. Did Rahm Emanuel tell the Negro gangbangers to “shoot each other, leave the rest of us alone.”? Ha, ha, ha, I almost laughed my butt off when I heard that. That’s right Rahm you tell them. How about an open season on gangbangers? The cops aren’t doing anything about the Mexican Mafia, MS-13 gangs in New Jersy and where ever else. We need to form up the “Werewolfs” who go around and shoot these gang members.

    Oh, gee that’s not reality, I must have seen that in a video game my son was playing, like Grand Theft Auto.

    We’re supposed to be nice and sweet and kind and want to make friends with the illegals and the poor Black people even though they all want us to die! That’s okay as soon as ObamaCare kicks in White people will be dieing soon enough.

  • Tricky Dick

    If Obama had a son…..

  • Remco Kimber

    Just read the headline.

    I knew, just knew, that the perps would be from da brotha community.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    another victim of the oppressed people.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Couldn’t they just have thrown their feces at her instead? That other one did.

  • Bigkahuna

    Notice the mass murderers are all crazy…these are just evil little worthless scum.