Where do they find these weirdos?
Obama’s Ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck sent out this bizarre muscle holiday card this year.
Via Red Alert Politics:

According to ABC, Oreck posted this to his Facebook page Tuesday and sent copies to friends.




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  1. Earring in the left ear? I’m from San Francisco and know what that means.

  2. Google him and look at the first picture that turns up. “Amerikka”

  3. Moron,start calling these people out, this is just wrong for a U.S. Ambassador ,this administation ia unbelievable. How about a christmas card with Ambassador Stevens dead being dragged through the streets,just photoshop a santa hat and the liberals would love it.

  4. You can tell this is a doctored photo. This guy looks too effeminate to have real arms like this.

  5. Where do they find these weirdos? It’s not hard since so many can be found in the party of weirdos, fruits, nuts and the terminally stupid. Otherwise known as the demoRat party.

  6. Narcissists under the service of an even bigger narcissist…

    Move along. Move along. There’s nothing here to see.

  7. If he was trying to buy a gun that photo should be enough to deny him. They better keep him away from defenseless children.

  8. How is this Christmas? It’s more like a photo for a gay date site.

  9. Earring in the left ear? I’m from San Francisco and know what that means.

    Apparently it means you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. Looks more like a calling card for scoring some action down at the local glory hole.

  11. According to some reports this guy is into the muslce building gig and this was not the official Embassy holiday greetings but sent to some personal friends and it ended up on Facebook. He is also heir to the Oreck vacuum cleaning empire and a big Obama supporter and campaign bundler. This is one time I’m glad I never purchased an over-priced Oreck. Libs are so hypocritical. They use our free market system to acquire wealth and at the same time, promote policies which will deny others the opportunity to do the same.

    To see the official Christmas/Holiday greetings from Mr. Oreck and his wife (I guess that’s his wife):


  12. I imagine the ambassador and Obama have had some contact.

  13. OOOhhhhhh….Obama’s diggin it! This guy looks like a member of the “down low” club. Watch out Reggie.

  14. Teh ghey is strong with this one.

  15. “Where do they find these weirdos?”

    Answer: The Roman Catholic Church

  16. Another “It’s all about me!” type . . .just like his boss. Bah.

  17. Gaydar went off.

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