Oh Brother… WaPo Associate Editor Compares Obama’s Newtown Speech to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven years ago…
Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss compared Barack Obama’s Sandy Hook memorial speech tonight to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
Lincoln wrote his speeches, was fighting a Civil War and actually matched his words with deeds. Obama has done nothing on the weapons front except run guns to Mexico.

Charles Krauthammer called the same speech highly political.

Via Kristinn:

Give it a rest, Maraniss.

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  • Fortune

    When only Obama & his thugs have guns, how SAFE will true Americans be?

  • Evil Otto

    I also compared this speech to the Gettysburg Address. “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was a speech that shall live for all eternity in the hearts of Americans. Obama’s speech sucked monkey balls.”

  • Hugh

    Maraniss is a drooling tool! I mean really, there is just too much hypocrisy, phoniness, and blatantly incorrect info to even bother to comment on what Obama said. If you don’t see it, then you are a willfully ignorant tool–and that is all there is to it.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Comparison, huh? First off, a true comparison does NOT mean an equivalence.

    Here’s the comparison that I see, and it’s not exactly favorable to Obama:

    Lincoln’s speech: short, humble, sorrowful, minimally political

    Obama’s speech: overly long, self-indulgent, sorrowful, highly political

    Lincoln predicted the world would not remember what was said at Gettysburg. Except for his own little speech, he was correct.

    Remains to be seen whether anyone will recall a single thing Obama said at Newtown.

  • radioone

    “he jumped to you can’t raise your kids by yourself, you need help”

    Maybe he should start this “government experiment” in Detroit and Chicago.

  • DomesticGoddess

    As I piece together the information it appears to be a “perfect storm.” The mom, an active gun owner (I have guns but they are hidden) did not secure the guns in the house. That’s probably why she never let anyone in – she might have kept her guns out all the time. Coupled with a mentally ill son who plays Call of Duty, a mesmerizing shooting game, and you have this tragedy. The mom should have hidden the guns. Of course Barky and the libs make the non sequiter that this tragedy is more evidence that law abiding Americans need to lose their guns.

  • donh

    Shame on Newtown for serving up their grieving citizens to rubbernecking media vulchers and political agenda pushers….WHEN IS THE BIG PARTY NEWTOWNERS…??? ….TIME FOR THE $250 ticket Hollywood Celebrity Rock concert “fundraiser ” for the victims .

  • John21

    The propaganda media doing what it does.

    Did you really expect anything less than drooling over the “Incompetent Administration” from the Washington Post’s liberal public relations department? Now, it is time to switch from praising his savior to telling everyone how bad guns are.
    They will not mention the mental disorder growing rapidly in this country, this is all the fault of 12 lbs of plastic and metal. Proven by re-electing the stupid to lead our country down the sewer pipe.
    The mental limitations of our media is truely disgusting, and we continue to listen to the stupidity of our press.

  • DomesticGoddess

    #47 – Dohn – You are exactly right. Why did they let the campaigner in chief USE them for this “narrative?” I would have spit in his face if he tried to “comfort” me.

  • Indiana

    I watched his “speech.” I was offended by his “It takes a village” tone. Additionally….I deplore his use of that pulpit to deliver a community organizer campaign speech. Glad my dead child wasn’t used as a prop.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    So this is why they were trumpeting the speech as 100% Ubama authored.

    I detect another peace prize in the making

  • thestorm

    Here’s one for you. On the same day,a man in China went on stabbing spree.

    Canada Free Press: The Only Way to Stop a Gun is With a Gun


    Take a good look at Mexico. The people are not allowed to possess arms. If they had arms,they could defend themselves from the cartels that Holder armed with guns from America.

  • MWTexas

    Yeah, Ole’ JugEars is a stupendous orator. I’m sorry I missed it. I change the channel every time his face appears as I cannot stand to see that arogant liar using more unfortunate citizens to stand on so he can be elevated.

  • bad actor

    Hey Maraniss, your drool is showing. Yeah, people will long remember what Obozo said at Newtown, just like they long remember what he said after the Gabby Giffords shooting…not.

    I am so sick of these suck-up, so-called journalists trying to shape public opinion that I could scream. The trouble is that those ‘low information’ (i.e. STUPID) voters – the ones who watch Survivor and Dancing with the Stars – are beginning to out-number the rest of us, and those ‘democrats with press credentials’ know it. And so does Barky. It’s disgusting and demoralizing. What can we do to stop being ruled by the stupids among us?

  • Amash

    If he speaks, it’s political. He doesn’t know any other way. Consider this , can you think of any president before this clown, who would have made sure the WH tell everyone that he wrote most of the speech. Narcissist and beyond. Read the speech. It’s like any other he’s given. Politics. It’s all about him. We have 4 more years of all about him.
    I didn’t listen to the speech. I have to trip over myself to get to the remote any time his ugly face and/or voice are on the screen. He makes me sick.

  • succotash

    If he is so concerned why hasn’t he said or done ONE thing to address the gun violence in Chicago(guns are banned) ? When the black panthers called for the killing of ALL white “cracka” babies he did not say ONE word.If he is so concerned why has he not said ONE word about the gun-running(fast&furious) to Mexico or in Benghazi where 4 americans were killed. IMHO there is a whole lot of hypocrisy showing and not ONE person with moral conviction to stand up,man up and get to the truth.

  • Campfollower

    #22, I thought exactly the same. His tone was ALL WRONG throughout the speech. He’s not comfortable caring about people is what I got. His “it takes a village” thing came off as him scolding us all because we must all be responsible, according to his warped thinking. Well, crap. I’m NOT responsible for what some crazy kid does and neither is the government.

    Then he quoted scripture and it was like watching Jon Stewart quote scripture. Remember, the Alinskyites worship a guy who chose to dedicate his book to Lucifer!!!! You gotta be kidding!

    Obama’s speech was nothing more than agitating. He was taking the grief and coming anger and getting ready to try to “ORGANIZE” us. Alinsky said almost in his dying breath (in his last major interview with Playboy Mag) that he wants to ‘ORGANIZE THE MIDDLE CLASS” and this is the goal. Agitate, play on our fears and anger and get us to accept the changes he believes need to happen for whatever evil reason.

  • aprilnovember811

    I pulled this from another blog.

    Call me crazy if you like, but I believe the shooting in AZ, and CT, were both orchestrated. It might be an ugly thing to hear, but I believe Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, the MB, and the UN are behind it.

    I think after Fast and Furious didn’t w
    ork to nab guns, they orchestrated the AZ shooting. When that didn’t work, they targeted children. We are normal people, and couldn’t concieve of doing something this evil. Ayers, Dohrn, Obama, and others aren’t. Remember Ayers said, “Kill you parents.” Remember also that he and Dohrn, praised Charles Manson for their killings, and called it cool.

    I think they’re so desperate to gain control of the population, that they are so desperate to nab guns, that they felt murdering children, would be what finally does that. We’ll see. It’s that gut feeling, that knot in the pit of your stomach that tells you something. Instinct, I guess.

    Just remember Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, and many others. I think Ayers and others have recruited both of these shooters, as their own suicide martyrs. I think in their minds, if the shooters implicated any of them, they would just call them crazy.
    Mrs. Kilkeary

    Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify
    December 16, 2012
    By: Kenneth Schortgen Jr


  • Ray

    The Fox coverage is unwatchable. They are really pimping for gun control.

  • g

    Maraniss is WRONG Obama’s speech was much, much better than the Gettysburg address. The only thing worthy of comparison is when G-d gave Moses the 10 commandments. But still….face it people, we are not worthy, such depth.