Bah Humbug

A UPS driver was taken hostage and robbed of over eighty packages during a stop today in East St. Louis.
KMOV reported:

A UPS delivery driver was abducted and robbed while making his rounds in East St. Louis on Monday, a source told News 4.

According to the source, the driver was making a delivery in the 500 block of N. 22nd St. when a suspect approached and made him get back in the truck.

The source said the suspect then forced him to drive to about the 3200 block of N. Park in Washington Park.

That’s where they met two to three other suspects. The suspects then unloaded 60 to 80 packages out of the truck and put them into a minivan and four-door sedan, according to the source.

The source said at some point, the suspects got nervous and made the victim drive a block or two away before continuing to unload the packages.

The driver was then allowed to drive away from the scene. According to the source, the driver has been with UPS for more than 25 years.

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  1. Let me guess, the suspects were of a dark color???

  2. Anyone have a description of the robbers? Oh never mind. I think I know.

  3. Obviously, rougue tea party members upset with Romneys loss

  4. There’s a man dressed as a Marine Gunnery Sgt stealing from Toys For Tots in the Denver area. Does someone have a description of this SOB? Oh never mind. I think I know.

  5. It’s an Obama world! I’d bet the robbers looked like Obama’s sons. Too bad the UPS driver wasn’t armed.

  6. Newsflash: Kenny from O’Shaughnessy’s Bar and Grill just called and said a really drunk UPS guy left a bunch of boxes in his bar.

  7. A UPS delivery driver was abducted and robbed while making his rounds in East St. Louis on Monday, a source told News 4.

    The solution is simple: Discontinue service to the area until something changes – either the policing or the social attitude of the majority of its residents.

    Make them come get their packages at an office (and staff it with an armed guard), or flag the relevant zip codes as areas that are not served by home delivery and refuse to accept packages addressed to those areas. No outfit needs to put up with this kind of crap.

  8. What was the description of the shooter in Connecticut? Oh wait, never mind

  9. Surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

  10. Either thugs or Democrats.

  11. Did they use an “Assault Rifle” to rob him?

  12. To #9…. dare you to take a stroll through East St. Louis by your lonesome day or night. I’m sure the Welcome Wagon will take care of you.

  13. What kind of hazard pay is this dude getting for going into East Berlin i mean East St. Louis?

  14. To “It’s Time To Repeal the Second Amendment”: I say, let President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg lead by example and completely disarm their security details. Or are some lives more precious than others? (And if you want to bring race into it, check out the stats on your messiah’s home city of Chicago. Local blacks can’t slaughter one another fast enough there – despite some of the most-stringent firearms regulations in the country. Funny how criminals don’t have much compunction about breaking the law.)

  15. All I need to read is “East St. Louis” and I know everything I need to know.

    Yes, these thieves would, without question, be part of the “diversity palette” so essential to the PC narrative.

    Or as expressed in Yiddish, Schwartzes,

  16. Aw, leave poor “I.T.T.R.T.S.A.” alone, folks….he/she is just making him/herself feel good by saying inane things, as “Progressives” are wont to do.

  17. For those of you that don’t know, East St. Louis is a 100% “community of color”.

    I was born there in 65, and we moved out in 72. In 1970 it went from a very nice place to live, to a town that became unlivable, all in with two years.

    I grew up on 81st Street and Belleview Ave. One night, a neighborhood kid was shot while he was walking home, just two houses down from us. The next day my dad pulled us out of school, made a homemade “for sale” sign, and two weeks later, we moved.

    It’s been a rotten outhouse ever since, and it wasn’t the farmers that moved in and made it worse.

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