Update: Jim Hoft’s Recovery From Knee Surgery

As many of you know, Jim had surgery on December 4th to replace one of his knees.  For those of you who did not read Jim’s announcement, you can find it here.  The surgery went well and Jim was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  He is now home recovering, and I understand knee replacements are quite excruciating.  Jim is tough and one of the most determined people I know, so if anyone can recover in lightning speed it’s Jim.  But, although the volume of his blogging might say otherwise, he is not super human and may need a few more days before he’s back.  Of course, with a few of the meds Jim’s taking I’m sure his posts would probably be a lot more fun.  Thank you for your patience while a few of us fill in and try to accomplish what one man does every day.

Jim post-surgery with his adorable niece.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Jim deeply appreciates them.

Update:  Obviously, Jim is back.  I was wrong… he is super human.

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  • Wait…… Jim, you’re not out jogging this morning ?


    God’s speed my friend.

    Get back soon – the interwebs needs you.

    — — —

    For schmittes and giggles, maybe you should do one post on meds.


  • Adi

    Great news. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Mr. Hoft from Canada.

  • cecil dildine

    Did not want to wait for full Bamacare did you

  • RealMc

    Having had knee surgery twice…..take your time getting back Jim……my second surgery was directly due to me trying to get back too fast the first time!!

    Get Well Soon!!

  • Greg T E

    Mines pending….scared to death. Keep us posted on your progress!!!!

  • Relax, enjoy the time off and rejuvenate! This blog is not going anywhere…. you have capable people posting articles and your readers will be around when you get back. So, like #4 said, take your time and *see* you soon Jim! 😀

  • Get well soon!

  • I have family members who had knee replacement. It is painful and tough.

    If Jim thinks he has to prove something by coming back too fast he should also have had a

    brain replacement. Good health Jim, but also good common sense.

  • MJ

    What an adorable little girl!

    I know you think I’m nutz, but I love you and so does my friends and family!!
    HUGS to Mr Hofts family, too!

  • Injunjoe

    Keep up with the therapy, I hear it only gets better from here… Get well soon, thanks for this site.

  • RWGinger

    I am so glad everything went well and I know you are anxious to be normal again.

    But please for OUR sake do give yourself the time needed. We can manage without you for a few more days versus you having to go through this again.

    glad it is over !

  • anti-bho

    My Golden Retriever/Chow mix mutt had one of her knees done a little over a year ago and is now going strong again. If you’re as tough as her Jim, you’ll be playing ball again in a few weeks.
    Just kidding.

  • Jimmy

    Jim Hoft is the best.

  • Steve


    Although your ‘next man in bloggers’ are doing a great job!

    Common Cents

  • Alana

    Hope you mend quickly and well, Jim!

  • Luke

    Get better sir. Keep us updated on your progress. You are a hard working man and will get through this.

  • OldSailor

    That’s a real cute nurse you’ve got there Jim. I work for a home health agency and we see lots of patients with knee and hip replacements. Follow the nice doctor’s orders, don’t skimp on the exercises and therapy, you’ll be back on your game in no time.

  • valerie

    Healing is top priority for you, right now, but I’ll keep checking in. Best wishes for a solid recovery!

  • Rubysue

    Hi, Jim! I’m a long-time reader and lurker. I wanted to wish to the best for your recovery! I had my right knee replaced last October and my left knee in February. Both were TKRs due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and were the first knee surgeries I have ever had. The recovery can be challenging, but this is one of the best things I have ever done. For me, the pain meds caused most of my issues, but don’t get off your medications too early because it will interfere with your recovery. Water therapy is also fantastic, especially walking in water (you won’t be able to do that until the scar is healed). I walked over five miles a day two months ago in Disneyland and, although I still have some stamina issues and my left knee can still swell when I stand for any length of time, I am a transformed person. Hang in there! Don’t worry about posting if you don’t feel up to it. Also, don’t let your therapist try to rush getting to a certain flexion or extension number, because that will just aggravate the healing process. You will get there. Ice is your best friend and you will also need to drink lots of water and consider taking prunes, prune juice and Miralax every day starting NOW!!

  • Rubysue

    To Greg T E – Try not to be scared! I won’t say that my TKRs were a walk in the park, but my recovery has been amazing and I’m very glad I had the replacements.

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  • jim don’t rush it. give your knee time to heal.

  • Donna S

    “Of course, with a few of the meds Jim’s taking I’m sure his posts would probably be a lot more fun.”
    My motto is – stay away from the computer while on any mind altering drugs. You may regret it later. ; )

    Jim, glad your home. Do all they tell you to do as you don’t want that knee seizing up. Hope you’re not in too much pain or discomfort. My best.