Unreal… Obama Blames Benghazi 9-11 Terror Attack on “Just Some Sloppiness”

Just Some Sloppiness

(An Un Relenter Image)

Today Barack Obama blamed the Benghazi 9-11 terror attacks on “sloppiness”.

This is what Obama means by “sloppiness”-

** Benghazi Terrorists Were Armed By Obama
** US Benghazi SEALs Had Laser Capability and Waited Five Hours For Air Support… But It Never Came
** Obama Administration Was Warned 3 Hours Before Benghazi Attack – Did Nothing
** Ambassador Stevens Called for Help During Benghazi Attack …(But Obama Did Nothing)
** August Cable Signed By Ambassador Stevens Warned Benghazi Consulate Couldn’t Withstand ‘Coordinated Attack’
** There were four previous Islamist attacks in Benghazi this year before the 9-11 terrorist attack.

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  • Patty

    He’s on arrogant —!!

  • Patty

    correction: one not on, but maybe he is on something.

  • Ghost

    just heard on radio news,
    Zero: “…it was the worst day of my Presidency.” referring to the Newtown, Connecticut school murders (not Benghazi, but that’s not even the point) so as always, it’s ALL ABOUT HIM! the demon seed bastard.

    I literally exploded. The Supreme Narcissistic Callousness of this Evil Incarnate is Luciferian.

    I will thank God in my prayers tonight that I heard this at home and not while driving home tonight behind a $25k-$30k car with the Virginia license plate “TY OBAMA”. (yes, it was a smug black male driving, I zoomed ahead to see- and I also wanted him to see my Tea Party inspired, unique magnetic rear sticker with a stylistic American Flag and determined, patriotic message)

    you may be wondering what “TY OBAMA” means. I had to think, I knew it had to have meaning.
    I figured it out, it means “THANK YOU OBAMA” (repeat, it was a smug black male driving)

    I will now recuperate by enjoying Robert Griffin III take his rightful place among America’s sports superstars, exemplifying the Best of America, making it OK to give Thanks to God Almighty for His Blessings, demonstrating what great parental care with AMERICAN! values can do for raising a child- and forcing people to ask the next obvious question, “why do we love RGIII but hate Tim Tebow?”

  • Ghost

    even Drudge knows what’s important

  • Patty

    Sort of OT:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy NewAmerica

    In our NewAmerica:

    Taxes will go up and up as spending goes up even faster.
    Regulations will pour out of the bureaucracy to fill in all the blanks in thousand page laws no one ever reads.
    Our President will continue to bow before despots and our foreign policy will continue to support radical Islam in theMideast.
    No one will ever be held accountable for Fast and Furious,Benghazi, or any of the other scandals which will erupt from the pustule of corruption that is Inside the Beltway.
    The burgeoning energy industry that has the potential to liftAmericaout of its economic tailspin will be throttled as the coal industry, the fracking boom, and oil shale are all regulated to death.
    We will pour billions down the green energy rat hole building industries that cannot produce enough energy to exist without government support.
    Obamacare will destroy the insurance industry and eventually a single payer system will consign the rest of us to standing in lines in converted gymnasiums for impersonal care while our leaders take limousines and private jets to the Mayo Clinic all on our dime.
    Industry will continue to flow out as foreign made goods flow in as more imbalanced trade agreements are called free.
    We will be monitored by drones, wire taps, and computers as Big Brother extends his grasp till freedom becomes just another name for nothing left to lose.

    This may be the New America that awaits us in 2013. Our families, friends, and neighbors have voted for it, and we all get to live in it: oh happy days are here again. The second coming of FDR has put food stamps in every pot and a Volt in every garage.

    In our New AmericaChrist has been purged from Christmas and sappy sentimentality has replaced the joy of being born again in a relationship with God our loving Father. So as you prepare to celebrate the New Year be sure and thank any of the millions of Obamazombies who get their opinions from the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media, and who actually believe the economy is recovering and glory in America being knocked off its high horse for the New America we are all unwrapping under the Xmas Tree this year.


  • SeniorD

    The only sloppiness surrounding Benghazi starts at the top of the dung heap and keeps rolling downhill. The post-Coronation circus will not uncover any new information, it’s all for show to prove to their collective serfs their Lords and Masters are doing Important Work that we can’t possibly comprehend.

  • Francesca

    That photo (above) is so heart-breaking. Can you even imagine what that poor man was thinking and feeling? He knew what horrors awaited, and probably by that time knew no help from his country was coming. Sickening.

    If we Americans let this drop, nobody will ever trust the government again. (Not to mention Fast and Furious) We need to keep the pressure on Congress to keep on pursuing the truth on this no matter how long it takes.

  • RB_Murican

    With each day that goes by this creature becomes more insane and the media deifies him proportionally. God help us all.

  • Patty

    #10 December 30, 2012 at 7:57 pm
    Francesca commented:


    Pray for Peace!!

  • Ghost

    I like “Happy New America” for OUR name after the Divorce
    they can have U.S.S.A. along with all the mini-Coopers, windmills and arugula they can eat

  • Patty


    But as frightening as it gets:

    Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense

    Obama has made no secret of his desire to dismantle our nuclear capacity; the New Start Treaty he championed in 2011 forced the U.S. to observe a ceiling of 700 strategic delivery vehicles and 1,550 strategic warheads, and this past March he stated his desire to cut our arsenal further:

    “ … a step we have never taken before – reducing not only our strategic nuclear warheads but also tactical weapons and warheads in reserve.”

    It is naïve to assume that Obama is simply blind to the results of his actions and trusts the world around him to act with generosity. There has been too much evidence of Russia’s support of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and Russia has cunningly avoided supporting sanctions on North Korea for its rocket launches; in December, Georgy Toloraya, Director of Korean Research at the Institute of Economics, simply said:

    “In Russia we believe that resolutions must be observed and UN decisions must be implemented. We think that North Korea has the right for space explorations but only after all the issues linked with the UN sanctions banning rocket launches with the use of ballistic technologies are settled. It is necessary to divide two aspects – we support the discussion of the rocket launch issue by the UN Security Council but we don’t think that this must automatically mean tougher sanctions against Pyongyang.”

    Obama knows all this. His step-by-step evisceration of the United States is not confined to its economic system but its national defense as well.

    The above post is the second half of this article. read more on site

  • http://! l.barney

    Such audacity! If bush said anything like this, the media would want to impeach him!

  • Kate

    I am surprised he didn’t just sum it all up with the word “bummer”. Obama has no soul and no heart. He couldn’t care less about Americans dying, especially military. He is a horror of a human being and it is beyond my comprehension that people would vote for him once, much less twice. Sad commentary on the intelligence of many Americans who are still groveling at the feet of the emperor with no clothes. All Obama cares about is his marxist beliefs and fundamentally changing America. If he can destroy Israel at the same time, he will be even happier. I hope he rots where he deserves to go.

  • Patty

    Report Indicates Obama Lied To Nation About Benghazi Attack Motivation

    State Department’s Accountability Review Board Report Leaves It To Obama Explain His And His Minions’ Explanations. According to President Barack Obama, the alleged protest before the attack on the Special Mission Benghazi was purportedly caused by spontaneous mob’s emotional reaction to an anti-Islamic video produced in the U.S. However, the ARB’s conclusion, “there was no protest prior to the attacks,” directly contradicts the president’s, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s, UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s, and White House Spokesman Jay Carney’s repeated false statements to the nation blaming the video as the motivation for the attack and the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. What follows are some of the more egregious falsehoods perpetrated by the president and his subordinates. The following videos and report point to a cover-up. Clearly, Obama owes the American people an explanation why he and his regime personnel lied to them about the circumstances of the attack and the motivation of the jihadist attackers. READ ON:


  • Rachelle

    It was sloppy (and stupid) for Americans to elect this leftist nut in the first place.

  • Gail

    I would call that bloody poignant! Or just bloody sloppiness! Or, what or who are you going to believe, me or my lyin’ lies!

    Definition of poignant: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/poignant

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Today Barack Obama blamed the Benghazi 9-11 terror attacks on “sloppiness”.

    That word basically describes his administration.