New Jersey liberal Ronnie McMillian threatened Rep. Michele Bachmann and Governor Bobby Jindal.

A New Jersey man who made threatening phone calls to public officials including Louisiana’s governor and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was arrested today. Authorities charged 27-year-old Ronnie McMillian of Hawthorne, N.J., with two counts of transmitting threats to injure another through interstate commerce.

Here’s the message he left Rebuplican Governor Bobby Jindal:

“And you better keep in your f—ing little head, you little maggot—you better keep in your f—ing head that gay people have Second Amendment rights, too, you little [unintelligible]. So you better back the f— off or [begins yelling] every single one of you white [Re]publican parasites are going to get a bullet in your f—ing head.”

If convicted, he faces a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison per count and a fine of up to $250,000. United States Attorney Fishman credited United States Capitol Police Supervisory Special Agent Jason Bel; and special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Michael B Ward, for the investigation leading to the arrest.



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  1. You don’t really think anything will happen to this guy, do you? He’s a lib. He gets an automatic pass. Rules don’t apply to them. This story will simply go away.

  2. Never mind, knucklehead, that Gov. Jindal is descent from India.

    Unhinged is right.

  3. Nothing will happen to him, and nobody on our side will do anything about it. It’s why we lose every battle.

  4. Magna cum laude graduate of the public schools,


  5. Another 20 something liberal killer?

  6. The MSM and the Democrats are responsible for creating for these types of people.

    If he does anything NBC,CNN,Comedy Central and all the rest,as well as the Dems should be held responsible.

    They should be held accountable for what he’s done so far.

  7. He will not be punished, but he does make me think their should be gun control. Liberals should be excluded from the protections of the Constitution because the don’t believe in that document. Since they are obviously dangerous and insane they should not be allowed knives, cars, or firearms.

  8. I thought Jindal was a brown person. I’m so confused.

  9. Are you guys kidding?

    Commentators on every TV and radio station in PRC (That’s Peoples Republic of Connecticut) have been busy all afternoon denouncing the lack of civility in the threats uttered by this deranged individual from NJ, calling for him to be charged with hate speech, and lamenting the incitement to deadly force that he has raised.

    . . .


  10. And how is this freak any different than the lineup at MSNBC?

  11. Notice how he called them White. Yet more proof that the Left openly hates White people. That was certainly my experience as a former hardcore militant Leftist activist myself. I hated White people (my own race). I also hated Males and Christians as well. Yet the Left has the chutzpah to run around calling Right-wingers hateful racists, sexists and islamophobes 24/7…

  12. Bingo! Merry Christmas to you too and Happy New Year as well.

  13. If convicted, he faces a maximum potential penalty of…

    The key word is “faces”, which does not necessarily mean “will get”. Unless he has some kind of notable criminal record, it’s rather unlikely he’s going pay a heavy price for his inability to control his emotions. Unless, of course, his case is assigned to an unsympathetic judge…

  14. Remember, Liberalism is a cult of hate and violence. He’ll walk. They protect their own.

  15. I am guessing he will be Obama’s next mental health and republican outreach czar!

  16. Or Special Eds sidekick

  17. If they can arrest him, why can’t they arrest all of those twitter comments about killing people in the NRA?

  18. Exactly Gregor! There are two sets of rules. Rules that apply to card-carrying Democrats and rules that apply to the rest of us. Good point!

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