Two Firefighters Shot Dead – Two Others Injured at Scene of Fire in Webster, NY

UPDATE: FOX News reported that two firefighters were shot dead and two others were injured at the fire in Webster this morning.

Two firefighters were shot at the scene of a call in Webster, New York.

Firefighters were letting the house fire continue to burn while the area was being secured.
ABC 13 reported, via Free Republic:

13WHAM News has learned that at least two firefighters have been shot at the scene of a fire on Lake Road in Webster.

The fire is at 191 Lake Rd. near Bay Rd. Webster Fire tells 13WHAM News that an unknown gunman opened fire on fire crews as they arrived on scene.

Strong Hospital confirms two firefighters are being treated there. No fatalities have been confirmed.

The fire has now spread to three houses. Firefighters are waiting for police to finish evacuating people from the area before they move in.

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  • RKflorida

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. We as a nation are reaping what we have sown.

  • Jackie

    To RKFlorida – we are a nation reaping what Obama has sown — hatred and division!!

  • Time

    Can we all see where this is going.. Only in the land of liberal Oz is this going on. Why ? Can someone get a handle on this ? When you have unknown reasons why this continues to happen and I am guessing, with a stretch of the mind, we are going to hear it was some lunatic, off his medication, taking some psychotic drugs, crazed, that had it in for fire fighters, Huh. Let’s face it, this is none of that. This is some group, purposely, trying to bring awareness to their cause. Their cause is full circle confiscation. If they don’t stop the cause they will never stop the crimes. This is very serious people. When you have law abiding citizens being used as targets to further a groups cause and write laws, it is then an emergency of highest concern. I am starting to believe there is out right intagonistic intent for this action. Wanting people to retaliate …We all know what this would end like when that happens. That is their plan, armed retaliation, but we cannot allow it. Shut them down at the cause and send them to prison.

  • JudyinNC

    Attacks on Firefighters happen more than most know. There were certain areas my husband wouldn’t enter or allow his crew to enter without police protection. My nephew’s district is horrible. When they arrive on scene they usually can expect rocks, bricks, and gunshots.

  • mark1973

    Another “False Flag”?

  • JudyinNC

    I should have included in my above comment these districts were located in FL.

  • RealMc

    Come on Jim, spell check is your friend:

    Two Firefighters Shot Dead – Two Others Ingured at Scene of Fire in Webster, NY
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, December 24, 2012, 9:01 AM

    INJURED is spelled with a “J” not a G…….

  • mark1973

    #5,Exactly! This is beyond a coincidence and the timing is more than suspect and would give Obama an excuse for an Executive Order and/or decree,Banning semi-auto weapons at the least based on his “Can’t Wait” policy. Also if he Bans semi-auto weapons,while holding out the “Carrot” of keeping Bolt action rifles and Revolvers, expect soon after a semi-auto ban,for his gestapo’s to stage sniping attacks with Bolt action Rifles so he can take those away also. He needs a pre-text to take away ALL of our Firearms so he can really start Bringing the Hammer down on our Liberties.

  • Ohmmade

    Anyone who believes our President is conspiring to murder firefighters in order to pursue some type of a ban on all guns needs to have their head examined, and Jim Hoft should be embarrassed with his comments section.

  • Lilbby

    #11: The only people who should be embarrassed are liberals who consistently show a lack of brains. Far more conspiracy theories exist on the left… shall we start with the idiotic idea 9-11 was an inside job?

    The LEFT are the violent idiots in this society, and NO, I wouldn’t put it past the scumbags to create havoc to advance their warped views. They want to confiscate guns to keep control. Duh.

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  • mark1973

    #12,That’s kinda strange since the left had no problem’s within hours after the Sandy Hook slaughter, in a coordinated attck of using the Dead Schoolchildren to push for an abolition of our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s and you talk about who should be “Embarrassed”? Also,wasn’t this the same Administration,with “Fast and Furious’,which had a program that was designed to cause murders of mexican citizen’s,by shipping weapon’s south from American Firearms stores,all so they could have a pre-text to take away our God Given Second Ammendment? ‘Fast and Furious’ resulted in the deliberate Murders of at least 300 mexican citizens and 2 American Border Patrol Agents,so let’s not pretend that the Obama Administration would all of a sudden grow squeamish over staging the deliberate shooting deaths of people to get rid of our Firearms. Those Firearms he has to rid us of he he is to achieve his goal of making America a marxist/islamist slave State.

  • mark1973

    #12,I’m sorry i meant #11.

  • If you were an anti-gun rights Attorney General of the United States and wanted your prize agenda item brought to the forefront of the national conversation and laid in the lap of a propaganda hungry media, wouldn’t you relish in a mass shooting at an ELEMENTARY school and then salivate at the idea of two public servants being shot responding to a fire call?

    Just sayin….

    By the way, has anyone heard from Eric Holder in three months?

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  • shadow

    Another “False Flag”?

    Of course. Everything that happens in the world is part of a grand conspiracy.

  • shadow

    Far more conspiracy theories exist on the left

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA The sad part is you probably believe that.

  • shadow

    What’s the pro-gun solution for this, arming fire fighters? A cop to ride along with every truck?

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  • YourMaster

    putting all the libs in mental asylums would prevent such deaths or even better ship them all to china. 😀