Top Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo said this about gun control today,
“Confiscation could be an option.”

** Audio here.

The Blaze reported:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D-N.Y.) said Thursday that all options, including confiscation and “mandatory sales to the state,” would be on the table next month when the New York State Legislature debates new gun control measures. The comments were specifically aimed at what might happen should stricter rules be imposed on “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines.

The governor said he plans on proposing a package of gun legislation in his State of the State address on Jan. 9.

“There’s a big difference of opinion on these issues,” Gov. Cuomo said today during a radio interview with Albany’s WGDJ-AM.




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  1. How that would shake out is simple. Large groups will gather all over the country, with their guns by right of God and wait for Cuomo’s brownshirts

  2. #20, Navy Seal, I don’t normally gamble, but I would give you 20 to odds that there will be no uprising and that you have an overly fertile imagination.

  3. They will not send a cop to take your guns. Think back to what happened after Katrina. The weapons were taken by men in full tactical gear. You get what you vote for so all the big talk of “come and try it”, or “from my dead hands” is all B.S. When they show up with a Swat team you will piss down both legs like a little girl.

  4. This comment has been removed. When posting please be careful not to post something that might be interpreted as a direct threat.

  5. That rant/comment is grounds for his resignation. He is not ‘advocating’ he is flat out admitting to Violating the Constitution.

  6. Scratch a liberal, find a tyrant.

    New research into Adolf Hitler’s use of firearms registration lists to confiscate guns and the execution of their owners teaches a forceful lesson — one that reveals why the American people and Congress have rejected registering honest firearm owners.

  7. Oh silly libs, 20 to 1 odds. These are rights by God, not Cuomo or you. Many, many people understand and will mass. Did you see the hundreds of thousands that had Tea Parties? That was over taxes & Obama care.

  8. Ordering others to do your dirty work is a Democrat hallmark.

    That is why Bush doned a flight suit and led sorties into Iraq during the 2003 invasion.

  9. @ Grandpa #23 – have you ever heard the term Live Free Or Die?

    Do you think that ALL Americans are so fat and lazy that they don’t want freedom? That they don’t care?

    I wonder if you know that other country’s build fences to keep people in and America builds ‘em to keep people out. Why do you think Cubans will swim 90 miles in shark infested waters? Is it for McDonalds?

    I assure you that many many Americans are just waiting for that final step by this maniacal tyrannical government and they’re gonna get the fight they never thought possible.

  10. #29 December 21, 2012 at 5:12 pm (Edit)
    shadow commented:

    Ordering others to do your dirty work is a Democrat hallmark.

    That is why Bush doned a flight suit and led sorties into Iraq during the 2003 invasion


    You are confusing President Bush, who is a licensed pilot qualified to fly military aircraft and thus entitled to actually wear a flight suit and the movie, Independence Day, where the “president” dons a flight suit and leads a forray against an invading alien space ship.

    Sitting presidents do not lead military excursions except in the movies. ROFL

  11. #29 December 21, 2012 at 5:12 pm
    shadow commented:

    Ordering others to do your dirty work is a Democrat hallmark.

    That is why Bush doned a flight suit and led sorties into Iraq during the 2003 invasion.

    I order to challenge me to debate you need to provide substance to your inane posts.

    Should you debate me you will be vaporized.

  12. #28 Seabass, Of course I saw those rallies and I also saw Obama get re-elected by a considerable margin. I am by no means a liberal but I live in the real world where the Tea Party is dead (it just hasn’t realized it yet) and the NRA just demonstrated itself to be completely tone deaf and out of touch. And also, where in the Bible is there a right to guns? Where in the Constitution is there a mention of God? The Constitution was not handed down on Mt Sinai, it was hammered out by men and it can be amended by man and women.

    BTW, I’ll raise the stakes to 50 to 1.

  13. Just want to say they can have my bullets but they’ll get them back one at a time.

  14. HAHA..this coming from the man who started the housing bubble collapse while he was HUD director under Clinton……..

    Anyone checked on his Carry Permit yet? Talk about low hanging fruit.

  15. @ Lady Mondegreen #17: Who is “we?” You got a frog in your pocket?

  16. Really Brian? Whom are you planning to shoot? Or are you, like so many of the “men” who post here, just posturing and blowing hot air?

  17. #23 Grampa, you make a valid point – however, if they are going to send a SWAT team to every household in America that has guns to confiscate, I’m thinking it’s not going to be a 3 month program

  18. Or is this just “verbal government cheese” for the Looney-Liberals’ pet (Democ)rats ? (Ya gotta keep ‘em riled up and focused on SOMETHING, ya know. Give ‘em a “two-minute hate” all day long…)


  19. I’m just trying to inform the gun owners about what’s coming.. I don’t want mine or anyone else’s back to be turned when it happens… I won’t comment on anything else on GP, thanks!!!!!!

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