Taliban spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed released a statement saying the terror group will send two of its representatives to a peace conference in Paris.
Iranian Press TV reported:

Taliban Spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed says the representatives of the political branch of the group have been invited to attend an international conference in the French capital, Paris, Press TV reports.

In a new statement, Mojahed said that the Taliban will send two of its representatives to the conference.

The group says the Paris meeting is a research event and the Taliban representatives have no plans to hold talks with the Afghan officials and international envoys.

Taliban has hailed the invitation as the sign of the group’s kudos and pointed out that they will use the event as an opportunity to convey their views to the international community.

This is reportedly the first time that Taliban is invited to attend an international conference in Europe.

No formal negotiations have been held with the Taliban so far, but several informal contacts have been established.

They ought to love the indoor plumbing.




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  1. BETCHA Hanoi John beats everyone else there.

  2. The Taliban in Paris – what could go wrong?

  3. I don’t think we fight wars like we used to do anymore

  4. More ‘Paris Peace Talks’. They turned out so well the first time around.

  5. U.S. Attorney’s Office claims author’s of Blagojevich book “Golden” lying


  6. Those people don’t believe in peace, so what’s their angle?

  7. obama will peddle this as peace in our lifetime while the taliban will peddle it as drawing up the rules to our surrender. it’s easier to desert people when you can portray them as evil and masters of their own demise……..[In Washington, then-Representative Christopher Dodd of Connecticut averred: “The greatest gift our country can give to the Cambodian people is peace, not guns. And the best way to accomplish that goal is by ending military aid now.”]

  8. Why is it Japan has an absence of Muslims?


  9. [But Bush has kept his ground and may be on the verge of pulling off a miracle in Iraq. In fact it looks like the brave US soldiers just might come home with their head up instead of down which puts the Left on the wrong side of history again…mpress] heaven forbid. why be on the wrong side of history when you can manipulate history to fit your agenda.

  10. [Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable...]

  11. Yea that worked out so well for South Vietnam.

  12. They better start early. It’s a long way by camel.


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