Steven Crowder Puts Wife Under Armed Protection Following Threats

On Tuesday Steven Crowder was sucker punched in Michigan.

Now he’s being threatened for speaking out about the union assualt.

Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan union goons trampled and destroyed conservative group Americans for Prosperity’s tent during protests against right to work legislation. AFP members were caught inside the tent during the violent attack. Conservative Steven Crowder was brutally assaulted by the union goons while trying to keep the peace outside the tent.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder put his wife under armed guard protection yesterday as threats continued to pour in.

Of course, the liberal media as no interest in this story.

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  • Jpmn

    Did Crowder or AFP file a Police report?

  • patrick57

    He needs to sue the pants off of the guy who hit him ,the union he belonged to and the rabel rouser in chief who started it

  • threats to his wife. the famous liberal civility.

  • Dolly

    Steven: May our God put a hedge of protection around you and your bride. As Sean Hannity always reminds us from God’s own Word, “Fear not.”. Onward Christian soldier.

  • What about the hot dog cart guy whose business these fat f*(#$ destroyed ?

    I don’t even want to imagine what these union pervs did with the hot dogs, maybe code pink was there, then that would explain everything……

  • The Declaration of Independence enshrines three basic rights: the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If anyone prohibits these rights, THEY ARE ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION.

  • anti-bho

    They were gonna do it with garden shears, even. Someone should have told them that his, more than likely, have yet to swing. It’ll take a scalpel and exploratory surgery just to find them.

    Justin Bieber kidnap plot gang wanted $2,500 per testicle | The Sun |Showbiz

  • Sam Stone

    President Obama is expected to make a comment at 1pm. Leaked what he will say is something to the effect that Crowder acted stupidly.

  • Another Bob

    Hitler would be proud

  • BridgetGB

    Let’s not forget that it was Obama who was in Michigan a day before all of this went down; fanning the flames which ignited into violence. The media serves up baby food every day for the toothless masses – anything to distract them from the truth. The double standard maintained by the utterly useless media has now put conservatives in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Hoffa is out there threatening ‘civil war’ … the left is dangerous because they believe their lies and now officially ban truth while allowing their heroes absolute immunity.

  • Bob

    AFP really needs to up the game on these union goons. File a huge civil suit against every union that can be identified there as John Doe defendants until they can identify every person.
    Also, if a the police do not take a serious look into this, bypass them as they are in a union also. Go right to the prosecutor and file the charges directly. There is evidence to support this.

  • cavt

    Our dictator’s whole goal is to divide Americans against each other and so far he is successful. Any conservative/constitutionalist better be in a position to protect themselves and their family. The handwriting is on the wall. This is not going to get better.

  • jana

    stay safe, we need your energy!

  • Badger Pundit

    Just one armed bodyguard to protect Crowder’s wife from known, explicit threats? She”ll need FIVE MORE to have as much protection as White House aide Valerie Jarrett (against whom there are apparently no known threats) has on a 24/7 basis:

    Hey, maybe the President can assign a few of Jarrett’s agents to help out Crowder.

  • driguana

    This is the new Amerika!!!!

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Steven Crowder Puts Wife Under Armed Protection Following Threats

    If I were in his shoes, I’d have taught her how to acquit herself capably with a firearm a long time ago.

  • jb

    you know who is going to do all he can to protect Crowder’s wife? The union thug identified as Tony Camargo from Grand Rapids. Capece?

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  • WhoCaresAnyMore.

    Is this a new video?

    Union thugs flip tables in MI AFP Tent 121112

  • Ghost
  • #20…that video looks like something out of communist russia.

  • The media is so blatantly partisan it’s sickening! They only way they will care about this is if Matt Lauer was the one who was punched!

    I am with you, Steve!

  • FMB42

    Quote from Sam Stone:
    “President Obama is expected to make a comment at 1pm. Leaked what he will say is something to the effect that Crowder acted stupidly.”

    I won’t be surprised if Obama says something to the effect that “(certain) entities have the “Constitutional right” to protest (while attacking those that oppose them)”.

    Sadly, this is exactly what the Democrat South did when they started the Civil War in their defense of slavery.

  • reggiec

    I have a very simple approach to living. I will never purposely do anything to harm another physically, financially ot psychologically with one exception. If anyone threatens or harms me or mine; may god have mercy on them because I won’t.

  • Bill L

    Unfortunately, for everyone of us that has known what this Great Country used to be needs The Conservative Leadership In Washington,DC. To wash the Yellow off of their Spine and Stand Up to the Liberal Left and the person posing as the President , or this Country is doomed like a Hand Basket going To He’ll quickly. God Bless Mr. crowder and His Wife !!!!

  • madashellnow

    Last report was that Steve told Camargo to turn himself in and go to prison, or meet with Steve in a one-on-one MMA sanctioned match….

  • Lars

    These goonions are mad at conservatives when it is the illegal horde that deserve all the anger. Where are the taco/falafel stands being demolished? Idiots that failed at boy scout badges do not have all the answers.

  • Seymour del-Uziens

    We need more unions because they offer us hope and change.

  • Bob L. Yeager, Sr

    May God surround you and your family with Christian Soldiers and keep the souless union goons in their caves where they belong. God bless America and Christian thinkers who pray for each and every maladjusted union member. May the light shine into the darkness of their souls

  • Dorothy

    Praying for you and your wife.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Screw police protection. Start offing these a-holes yourself.

  • Saltpordoc

    If Mr Crowder and wife live in the SE Michigan-NW Ohio area, I am a former police officer and ccw permit holder who would be priviledged to try to return some sanity and security to his family life.
    I am well aware of the tactics of these thugs having been present at the opening of two non-union retail stores and watching them defecate on the floor in the restrooms, or take all available shopping carts and go aisle to aisle sweeping product off the shelves (some actually falling into the cart) then walking off laughing and leaving the cart to set.
    I know these tactics do not rise to a level such as physical assault, but am stunned by the idea that these goons somehow think these tactics will make a non union shop more inclined to become unionized. All they havedone is alienate the workers who have to clean up after their childish temper tantrum.
    All unions are noe good for is to pad the Local president’s pockets and breed mediocrety from
    the workers!
    Stand fast Mr Crowder! Prayers for safety for you and yours.

  • Vern

    The left only knows one way to react to anything that goes against them, they want to beat up people, and threatened their life. The Main St (Nuts) Media would not dare to cover this story,
    it might make the Dems and their trouble making leader look bad. The Unions good days are
    gone, and now they are hurting Americas future, but they want the Union dues so they can help
    keep the crooked Dems in power, and they will hurt anyone that goes against them.

  • Usa FlagFlyn Gal

    Obuttho’s visit to Michigan had but one purpose. That purpose is just one more example of his plans to create chaos,where ever and when ever. In this case, ginning-up his base, gets them “all worked up”! He has no shame! These idiots are clueless to the fact that they are only conviences to him. If Steven had been, or is wife is further threatened or harassed by these Union-ball itchin’ Jerk O_f’s, he should turn them into the Michigan Attorney General, the Fed and make damn sure that Bill O’Riley rides their asses to hell, nightly! Bill is the “whirling durbish” to pin back even the Devils Ears!

  • Usa FlagFlyn Gal

    TO Stevens wife! Head for the High-ground! Stay Safe and PROUD! Steven is a HERO! We need him to keep up the with GOOD Fight! Wish there was some way we could set-up a Tax Free Fund to Help the Security Costs for protection for both of you.

  • Usa FlagFlyn Gal

    HEY, AMERICA!!!!! Who among us knows how to set up and promote a Special FUND for Steven and Wife???? Use Bank of America (becuz there are Branches on every corner). Have Bill O’Rilley promote it on his show and website. We need to Promote American Warriors in what ever way they come out for us. That reminds me that we need to spend some dough on our wounded warriors also. We OWE THEM BIG TIME!

  • Boyd Sharp

    Hey union jerks – it takes a real man to threaten another man’s wife. All while you cower behind mommy union leaders skirt. Punched out Crowder? Identify yourself. Get out of the closet and quit wetting your britches. Lamestream media – better pay attention to this stuff. Today its conservatives. Tomorrow it might be you. Ask yourself – what happens to me when I have used up my usefulness? When I no longer serve their purpose? Prayers with you and the wife Stephen.

  • Stormin

    When only Obama & his thugs have guns, how safe will True Americans be?

  • A_Nobody

    Be prepared because the punks are coming. With it caught on camera why was the perp not arrested?? Only reason I see is teh cops are in collusion.