Speaker Boehner: “We Have a Serious Spending Problem & It Is Going to Be Dealt With” (Video)

Speaker John Boehner stood firm on FOX News Sunday this morning. Boehner told Chris Wallace,

“I’m determined to solve our debt problem. We has a serious spending problem and it is going to be dealt with… We are going to deal with America’s debt problem… We’re going to deal with it.”

If Boehner sticks with this it will make him a conservative hero.

More… Speaker Boehner Says White House Fiscal Cliff Offer is “Nonsense,” Calls for Spending Cuts & Tax Reform.

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  • Sasja

    As long as you stand firm and not waver, we’ll have your back. But the moment you capitulate, you’re on your own. Personally, I haven’t much faith in the GOP RINO leadership. They’ve haven’t shown much, if any, willingness to not spend the peoples’ money, and then some, for quite a long time.

  • RickZ

    I don’t trust Weepy to stand hs ground at all. Besides, it’s not like he’s been a supporter of the TEA Party and its call for more limited government.

    He’ll cave because there are cocktail parties he wants to attend.

  • sack of potatoes

    He says the right words, but somehow I just don’t believe Boehner. He has a history of this.

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  • Lee

    I’m afraid that I have lost faith in this kind of thing. The only promises that I trust from politicians are the ones that will affect me negatively. Those I have no reason to doubt.

  • mg4us

    Hey Weeper of the House. . . before you Cry me a River
    remember that when a business or family has massive deficits. . banks and advisors tell them the FIRST thng is to: iCUT BACK. .REDUCE THE SPEND & BURN

    The person or company or entity CONTROLS !))% of the spending. .it is in THEIR CONTROL so they need to exercise restraint. . . BEFORE COUNTING ON ADDITIONAL REVENUE or INCOME. . .

    It really IS THAT SIMPLE!


  • Jonah Vark

    Here is my message to Missouri Congress members…….

    I sat down and made a list. And this is what I came up with.

    Federal Income Tax.
    Social Security Tax.
    Medicare Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Capital gains tax.

    State Income Tax.
    Real Estate Tax.
    Personal Property Tax.
    Utility Taxes
    Up to 6 different telephone taxes.
    Gasoline Tax (Federal and State).
    Cigarette Tax (Federal and State).
    Liquor Tax (Federal and state).
    Highway tolls
    Service Charge Tax (air fare, hotels, taxi cabs, etc).

    (fees paid to the government).
    Business license
    Building Permit
    Vehicle License Registration.
    Driver’s license
    Marriage License
    Electrical license
    Occupancy permit
    Food License
    Fishing License
    Hunting License

    In Missouri, we pay more than 7% SALES TAX ON ALMOST EVERYTHING WE BUY!

    The government already gets more of our money than we do!
    Obamacare will add more taxes and Obama wants to take more of our money?

    Stop giving money to foreign countries who vote against us in the U.N.! Stop funding frivolous earmarks and wasting tax payer dollars! Stop spending our money like there’s no tomorrow! We should demand a moratorium on all unnecessary government spending! If I appear angry, I AM! Unfortunately, we have a bunch of eunuchs in Congress who are willing to be lap dogs to this administration and don’t have enough gumption to stand up and do the right thing for our country!

  • More liberty

    Lets begin with the easy stuff. Stop redistributing our money via foreign aid to foreign government such as Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, South Korea……

  • RickZ

    #8 More liberty commented:

    Lets begin with the easy stuff. Stop redistributing our money via foreign aid to foreign government such as Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, South Korea……

    . . . The Den of Thieves on Turtle Bay.

  • P. Aaron

    Democrats aren’t interested in solving problems…only creating new ones and/or making them worse.

  • RickZ

    # 10 P. Aaron commented:

    Democrats aren’t interested in solving problems…only creating new ones and/or making them worse.

    From over a hundred years ago:

    Conservative. noun. A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from a liberal, who wishes to replace them with others. ~ Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

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  • “If Boehner sticks with this it will make him a conservative hero.” … well, we can hope but I’m not putting any eggs in a basket.

  • paul52

    Man, I wanna believe Boehner. Maybe he has grown a pair. If he caves, screw him.

  • iconoclast

    The GOP won’t cave…right. And the tooth fairy exists.

    Better to join the parasites and looters and grab what you can with both hands before the party is over. My family tells me that in the USSR Party members had it fairly good–until it all came crashing down.

  • Patty

    ” Calls for Spending Cuts & Tax Reform.

    If I had a dollar for every time these words were spoken.

  • Patty

    Bankrupt Calif. town’s city attorney warns of public safety cuts: ‘Lock your doors and load your guns’

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/02/bankrupt-california-city-attorney-warns-of-public-safety-cuts-lock-your-doors-and-load-your-guns/#ixzz2Dv1VoN7w

    Things always happen first in CA., so is this what fallen off the Fiscal Cliff looks like for the rest of us.

  • teamgreentim

    As most here have said, it sounds good, Speaker Boehner. What can we voters do to assist you? I’m in Rhode Island, so my Senators are a lost cause, but I’m willing to help you reach your goal, Mr. Speaker. Lead the way, sir. What is the plan to make your statement a reality? None of us can afford failure. Enlist America, go over the heads of the media with your message. It Can Be Done.

  • i can’t stand RINO’s, so can someone tell me the time hack where he burst into tears,so i can just cut to that?

  • Patty


    Massive Anti-Obama Rally @ “Obama’s” Inauguration Day!!!

    Whether it’s massive or not will depend on YOU. Since our officials and parties won’t fight, will YOU?

    We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony …

    If you are unsatisfied with President Barack Obama’s reelection win and you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold Anti-Obama signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Federal Holiday), at the West Front of the Capitol Building, which is currently being reported in the news for ticket purchase.

    However, all Anti-Obama supporters shall gather at the National Mall, Fourth Street NW, which is a non-ticketed free area for gathering at 9:00 am for an all-day event.

    Help us to realize our dream … READ ON!!!

  • sablegsd

    Old weepy? Stand his ground? Have any morals or principles?
    That’s not gonna happen. Ever.

  • Mike

    Just keep the pressure on Boehner and the rest of the House GOP. We are their base and they will be out of office if they don’t listen.

  • driguana

    Hey, Boehner is from Cincinnati….he’s gotta have some guts…..somewhere!

  • donh

    This is just another one of his amateur magician Shriner Clown flim flam bait and switch now you see it now you don’t scams….like his promise of ” no more business as usual ” following 2010….and he gave us the business as usual.

  • Patty

    Obama is taking our National Security and Money from our Military to keep us secure and this will reduce our deficit. This will help our Budget!!

    Treasonous. WTF.

  • Patty


    The Imperial Presidency

    Implications for Economic Growth & Job Creation Ignoring Advise & Consent Creating “Laws” Outside of the Congressional Process Ignoring the Plain Letter of the Law & Failing to Faithfully Execute the Law Circumventing the Normal Regulatory Process Government By Waiver Creating New Programs Not Authorized by Congress Creating New Super Agencies Conclusion Download the PDF Implications for Economic Growth & Job Creation Over the past several months opinion pieces appearing in such places as The Washington Post, National Review, and The Wall Street Journal have talked about the emergence of an “Imperial Presidency.” While some may wish to simply…

    http://majorityleader.gov/theimperialpresidency/ MUCH MUCH MORE HERE

    Please read the article above


    And today alone over 100 new regulations. Please read the article above

  • Patty


    The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative


  • CT

    Arrogant petulant punk POTUS threatens to push America over the ‘Financial Cliff’ to spite the 2% of Americans already paying 50% of the taxes.

    Make no mistake our arrogant POTUS is the one pushing America over the ‘Financial Cliff”.

  • Patty

    What Is Obama’s Plan?

    The massive debt run up by our rogue government is certain to collapse the economy if something isn’t done about it very soon. The community organizer in the White House is supposedly the president, so Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) wants to know what his plan is to address this existential threat:

    Since there is no chance of getting a straight answer from Obama, I’ll take the liberty of answering the Senator’s question. Obama’s plan is right here.

    On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.


  • mamagriz1968

    Don’t hold your breath folks. He’s shown us over and over that he has a spine of Jell-o.

  • Patty

    Obama Depicts Republicans as Kidnappers–Says don’t let the GOP hold middle class tax cuts “hostage”


    The “hostage” thing must test well in focus groups, because the Democrats are fond of the word.

    From President Obama’s weekly address:

    So let’s begin by doing what we all agree on. Both parties say we should keep middle-class taxes low. The Senate has already passed a bill to keep income taxes from going up on middle-class families. Democrats in the House are ready to do the same thing. And if we can just get a few House Republicans on board, I’ll sign this bill as soon as Congress sends it my way.

    But it’s unacceptable for some Republicans in Congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage simply because they refuse to let tax rates go up on the wealthiest Americans. And if you agree with me, then I could use your help. Let your congressman know what $2,000 means to you. Give them a call. Write them an email. Or tweet them using the hashtag “My2K.” That’s My2K.

    I’d suggest the right counter “#My2K” with an even more frightening “#Your6Tr.”

    If there are “hostages” in this situation, they are current and future generations who are being bound and gagged by insurmountable debt that is leading (and has led in many instances) to horrible economic consequences.

    Here’s the video:


  • JoyO

    I am so tired of hearing the Democrats complain about Bushhhhhh’s tax cuts for the rich that I really don’t care if my taxes have to go up to prove that Bushhhhhhhh’s tax cuts were for every one! Besides, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need people at all levels of income to be paying taxes — that way they will understand that the only money our BIG GOVERNMENT has is the money it has taken via taxes from ALL AMERICANS. I lived the first 11 years of my life in Appalachian poverty — yet, I do not think I should expect the RICH TO PAY MORE than they already do. The American Dream is to succeed and become all you can be. It is a crying shame that the Progressives want to punish success. If they keep on winning elections, taxpayers will quit working and expect the government to support them. Only the political elite and the Liberal college professors are too dumb to figure this out!!!

  • bg
  • RickZ


    Please, give us some warning when you link to a disreputable site like Al Jizz.

    That’s a link that’s Not Safe For Humanity.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If Boehner sticks with this it will make him a conservative hero.

    No, he’s going to be an idiot. Why? Because what he will get in return for the compromise that is surely coming (assuming he’ll be able to convince the rest of the House to accept it) will be very little or nothing at all.

  • donh

    Boehner will trade a 1 trillion dollar tax hike for a set of hand autographed Obama golf balls , a personal trip on Air force One, a promise by Harry Reid to recite the pledge of Allegiance on the Senate floor, and 5 billion in cuts to the department of rural subsidies in 2016.

  • shadow

    We should demand a moratorium on all unnecessary government spending!

    And who decides what is, and what is not necessary?

  • Lucy

    everyones taxes should be raised we have to pay for obamacare and all of the 50 million people on food stamps who are counting on all of us who are working to continue their benefits.

  • RickZ

    # 38 Lucy,

    I sure hope that’s sarcasm.

    (Sometimes sarcsm doesn’t come across too well.)

  • bg


    RickZ #34 December 2, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    that’s your opinion, just so happens the only mistake
    i made was not labeling the link KAVBUKI PLAYA’S..

    besides, if you bothered to check the info at any source you deem to be
    credible, it says about the samo samo.. me, i did check, and decided on
    that one because i agree with the writers opinions even before i knew
    the article existed, go figure..


  • bg


    re:#40 December 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm bg

    oh crap.. 😀



  • bg


    shadow #37 December 2, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    the answer should be “we the people”..

    albeit on a much lower scale, we all know the majority of
    US have been bought off one way or another ourselves.. 🙂

    and so the game goes on until we’re slapped in the faced with the
    consequences of the reality that nothing is fee, especially slavery..


  • bg


    re: #42 December 2, 2012 at 9:19 pm bg

    i give re:

    🙂 = 🙁


  • YourMaster

    fawk it… call the dems on their bluff.
    craft them a bill with: bush tax cuts made permanent in the system,
    cut spending by trillions, and some form of repeal on 0bamacare or massive tune down
    and give the dems the middle class tax cuts in turn.

    …this we know the dems will be unwilling to pass in the senate…
    if we go over the fiscal cliff because of that or because 0bama veto’s it’s on them

  • bg


    i don’t agree with calling them the BUSH TAX CUTS, especially since they
    expired on JANUARY 11, 2011, and now belong to Obama, who gave the
    RICH a tax cut this year, question is, will he do it again next year, or will
    BARRY and everyone else still be calling them the BUSH TAX CUTS for the
    RICH, and continue ignoring all the good they did for the middle class??