Noah Pozner was one of twenty children slaughtered by a madman last week at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A bogus website set up to collect donations for Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner was shutdown by authorities. reported:

A fraudulent website soliciting donations in memory of Sandy Hook Elementary School victim Noah Pozner was removed and redirected to the family’s official website.

The fraudulent site offered details about the murdered six year old and his family, and about the funeral, and asked for donations to be sent to a New York address, which the family is not familiar with, according to reports. The site also included a petition on gun control.

The family’s official site is It is soliciting funds for Noah’s Ark of Hope, which a disclaimer at the bottom of the page says “is the only official website for payment to directly and solely benefit the siblings of Noah Pozner.” The donations reportedly will go to pay for counseling for Noah’s four surviving siblings, one of whom is his twin sister.

The fake site was exposed in the Daily Mail and by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.




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  1. Isn’t this what Obama is doing?

  2. I am cynical when it comes to family members requesting donations off their dead children especially when done almost before the poor child is buried. Does she even need the money?
    So you all can lambast me for what you may perceive as heartlessness on my part. I just can’t help but think this mother is an opportunist.

  3. Obama has invoked the dead children as a reason to capitulate to his tax increase demands. Burn in hell.

  4. Out them. Out them fast, out them all. We don’t have to tolerate fraud.

  5. #2 December 20, 2012 at 9:30 am
    Sasja commented:

    The counseling costs for this family will be significant. Just sayin’

  6. HMMMM. The article I read yesterday about this didn’t mention a family website. Just that the family had gotten INTERNIC to turn over the domain using Noah’s name and that it now said donations were going to the United Way.

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Sasja to a great extent. This is a wealthy community. Any counseling necessary that their insurance doesn’t cover surely the state Victims Fund will – not to mention all the special funds that will be coming the way of the school mates & families of the victims through our tax dollars. This does, I’m afraid, seem more than a bit opportunistic to be asking for $$$ on the Internet before the bodies are cold.

  7. Pozner is commonly a jewish name…meaning from the German province of Poznan…So they pick a family that may have a background as holocaust refugees to torment with scamming donations ………MUST be someone with ties to the David Axelrod.

  8. I do have a question and maybe someone here has the answer. From the time this murderer “shot his way in” (I read that somewhere) and started his rampage, what was the timeline from the 911 call to when the cops arrived? Did no one at the school place the call the second they heard gunshots? If they did, how long did it take for the cops to arrive and did they enter the school immediately? Just how long was the shooter in the school?

  9. Sasja commented:

    I do have a question and maybe someone here has the answer. From the time this murderer “shot his way in” (I read that somewhere) and started his rampage, what was the timeline from the 911 call to when the cops arrived?

    The 911 call was placed immediately by a teacher who heard the shots. Police response time was 20 minutes. The police fired NO shots to protect anyone. Everything was done and over with before they got there.

  10. RedStateGal. Thanks. It took 20 minutes to respond to an emergency at the school by the cops and there are some who don’t want to have a trained teacher or administrator armed? Unbelievable. Actually, 5 minutes would have been too long that is why we need to get serious, and put our emotions aside, to see those in charge of our children during the day have the means to protect them should the need arise.

  11. This vid shows a father of one of the children laughing and joking until the cam focus’s on him. This is the short version. I’m sure the full “act” version can be found on youtube.

  12. Wow, first time seeing this site. Really a lot of sick people here. Why don’t you stop putting down other people and do something good for mankind.

  13. Wow, a low-information troll visiting this site for the first time with the usual cliche’s. Who’da thunk.

  14. John Mason- I agree with you 100%


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