Sandy Hook School Shooting- ENTIRE CLASS UNACCOUNTED FOR– 26 Shot Dead – At Least 18 Are Children …Update: Shooter Was Teacher’s Son

There was a shooting reported today at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
FOX News reported the shooting was in the Kindergarten room.
At least one child is dead.

Teachers led students, many of them crying, from the school building this morning after the shooting. (KLTV)

There are reports of two shooters at the school. One shooter is dead.
ABC Local reported:

Schools in Newtown, Connecticut, are locked down due to possibl shooting.

State police are assisting Newtown police for an incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dickson Drive in Fairfield County.

Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra confirms a “shooting event” at the school and that it is presently an “active event.”

There are unconfirmed reports of two shooters, one dead, one still at large. There is no word yet on any injuries, but state emergency management officials confirmed ambulances and other units were also en route and staging near the school. Students were being escorted from the building.

Police have not officially commented on what is happening, but superintendent of schools Kathy June released the following statement: “Due to reports of a shooting as yet unconfirmed, the district is taking preventive measures by putting all schools in lockdown until we ensure the safety of all students and staff. All public and private schools in the town are in a lockdown situation.”

UPDATE: Via FOX News- At least five children and four adults are dead.

UPDATE: Horror! FOX News reported 26 are dead – 18 are children.

UPDATE: Via Drudge – the shooter was a teacher’s son of one of the students. The shooter was 20 years old.

UPDATE: FOX News reported an ENTIRE CLASS is anaccounted for!

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  • Ghost

    I already know all the details about the murderers… same as before

  • Remco Kimber

    Police now verifying whereabouts of local Muzzies who are known to target schools.

    See Muslims, Beslan, 2004,,_Russia_and_Islam

  • Margaret Spelling

    Is this a rerun?

  • bg
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  • olm

    I, like many on here, have been afraid of this type of violence. Please update this story. Although from what I’m reading, this sounds like a parent, the body count is rising and I do not trust the lsm to give the truth.

  • lIZ

    We are all Benghazi now. Violence coming to an area near your children. When we have no law and order at the top… hits everyone.

  • lIZ

    So awful. God help those parents and the families. God help our country.

  • SeniorD

    What hasn’t been mentioned is that Newtown, Connecticut is a ritzy bedroom community for NYC.

    18 innocent children dead, when are they going to wake up and permit citizens to pack heat?

  • bg


    via GP news link:

    [The exact number of deaths is unknown, but officials are speculating
    that as many as 27 people could have been killed, including 18 children.
    The shooter, who police say is likely a parent of a student who may have
    had a confrontation with the principal, is said to be among the fatalities.
    Two guns, said to be .09-mm pistols, were recovered at the scene.

    can’t believe he mentioned “gun control”,
    talk about “politicizing victims”.. *sigh*


  • Gloria Gilson

    Yet further reasons to keep your kids out of the public schools.

  • I have no words…

  • Will

    Mossad terror to end the 2nd amendment and disarm Americans. Standard Ziocommie operating procedure. See: Port Arthur Massacre.

  • SomethingWicked

    The reports on this are all over the place anywhere from 3 shot to to now I see 26. It is hours later, how can there still be so much chaos. I could see if it was a descripency of a couple but is it dozens shot or several? I am sure there are news trucks all over the place they should certainly be able to decern if there are dozens of ambulances rushing people away

  • mark1973

    “False Flag” Sthooting by someone tied to the government! Earlier on this site,this week after the shooting in Oregon, i said that was an Obama inspired “False Flag” event as a pre-text meant to get an Asault Weapons Ban so they can enslave us and to expect more such events. I’m definitely saying it about this one.All of a sudden these attacks are taking place just as Obama needs an Assault Weapons Ban.This is NO COINCIDENCE! Expect more such planned events by the Administration,with Boehner and the repubs eagerly jumping onto Firearms control legislation,with their dem buddies. These people can’t Enslave us untill they get our Firearms and they will do anything to justify it. Expect a decree from that MONSTER Obama shortly Banning Assault Weapons. Don’t give up your Firearms!

  • DomesticGoddess

    There is a pattern emerging here. Beginning to think these “suicide” shootings are not a coincidence.

  • bg
  • I pray to God every night that he will take me before I ever have to attend one of my children’s funerals. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families, especially the children and their families, just can not imagine losing a child.
    May the victims all be sitting next our Lord and Savior right now.
    May the shooter never see the light of Heaven…….

  • Gloria Gilson

    But, but, but, schools are supposa be gun-free zones. How could this possibly happen! Our legislators, wise solons, passed a law and that was supposa change the hearts and minds of bad people. But look what happened.

    So who are the real monsters here? Answer, those who would disarm us to be helpless in the face of evil.

    FU, liberals, Democrats,

  • Time

    If this is not a sick, twisted attempt to distract the public once again at the helm and benefit of the ones that are in trouble I do not know what is. It is sickening. They who have no value, no compassion for life use it for advantage or cover. I will not and cannot believe at this time that this was not intentional. This was planned and carried out by people in high places that want to cover what may now be coming out and distract the population. How is it that the gunman at 20 yrs of age has a child in that school ? Did he have a child at 14, 15 yrs old making his child in kindergarten, 5-6 yrs old ? I find this incredible, not believable. Again watch the other hand. My heartfelt, deepest condolences go to the families that are suffering this tragic loss. May they all find solace somehow, somewhere during this great pain. I pray to God for their care.

  • All_IS_LOST

    No politics No accusations..just utter sadness. May the families be comforted somehow.

  • Will

    Looks like they picked the whitest place they could find to do a false flag.

  • SomethingWicked

    I guess it is feasible that a 20 year old “father” could be a step father married to an older woman, unusual, but feasible.

  • squeaky

    “..feasible that a 20 year old “father” could..” unless there’s 2 20 year olds, the 20 year old is in custody.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Wish a teacher would have had a gun.

  • bg


    heard it took place in one Kindergarten classroom.. 🙁

    also heard the shooter was 20, and has some ties to
    New Jersey, whatever that’s supposed to mean.. 😯


  • Dave

    It is absolutely horrifying if any of you try to connect this in some way to Islam or your racist BS.

    And let’s not get into guns and gun control. Let us be realistic – there will not be gun control in this country. It’s not being talked about by anyone terribly meaningful yet (Bob Costas does not set policy), and it just won’t happen.

    What we do need to talk about is mental illness and our culture of violence. Whether you’ve got a compound bow or a handgun, what drives certain people to use deadly force on each other so often in this country. Canada has guns, just like we do – why is our rate of violence so different? What is different about us in the US? What do we need to address?

  • maria

    this is just sadd.. wth is wrong with this guy really an elmentry school?? he needs jesus ! pooorr kids some of em might be traumatized

  • Sarah

    I bet it ends up being one of these right wing, anti-government idiots inspired by the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

  • Will

    ” Canada has guns, just like we do – why is our rate of violence so different”

    Canada, Finland, Switzerland-All have guns but not the violence. What’s the difference? The USA has blacks who commit crimes at 9X the rate of whites and Hispanics who commit crimes at 4X the rate of whites.

  • RyanMW

    i don’t get it…. who in their mind or out would want to do something like this…. i for one am very upset by this…. i served in the army for about 5 year trying to protect people from dangers outside of our country…. very sad day for america once again

  • Candy

    Yep, here come the gun ban advocates.

  • Candy

    As soon as the shooters names are out, check to see if there are connections to Stanford.

    Recent shooters had connections. We all know they’ve had a record of manipulating minds.

    Now our kids are getting sacrificed for their agenda.’

    We need to know this info STAT and let’s keep track of all reports/changes from when it was first reported.

  • Indiana

    This is tragic….those poor families. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers. Allowing my child’s teacher to “carry” was my first solution….but then that’s also over-reacting. Anyone who’s not afraid to die is unstoppable. Terrorism at its purest.

  • RyanMW

    released his ryan lazna something like that idk the spelling

  • lonestar

    #23 – same reaction, how does a 20 yr old have a kid in elementary school? Highly unlikely unless he had one of those 9 yr old brides.

  • Candy


    This story is from 10:21 a.m. via Business Insider with shooter’s name and knowledge of body at the home:

    Could someone verify an earlier report stating only three had to be treated with that number of dead? That can’t be true.

    Black helo file:

    Hmm. Carney, today is not the day to debate gun control.

  • Candy

    Anyone have a Power School password?, Newtown K12 shut down.

  • RyanMW

    how many people are going on facebook after finding out about this and unfriending Lanza strange he looks like just a normal guy wonder what drove him to have no concern for human safety and kill his own mother… i wish i could see his body in person because i would still beat the hell out of him

  • [email protected]

    Mark1973 are you freaking kidding me right now? 18 students killed and you are talking gun control you moron? You are the typical moron who should not own a gun…are you freaking kidding me right now? Seriously!!! You people make me sick!

  • shadow

    Two guns, said to be .09-mm pistols, were recovered at the scene.

    Worlds smallest pistols? .09 mm is less than 4 thousandths of an inch, or about the thickness of a sheet of paper.

  • shadow

    Yet further reasons to keep your kids out of the public schools.

    Yes, that couldn’t possibly happen at a private school.
    Four Killed in Amish School Shooting

  • Libby

    As a parent, my heart is bleeding for all people who are now having to face the burial of a child. For those who claim guns don’t kill people, it was a gun used by a mental person who committed this horrific act. If guns were not readily available by ANYONE this could not have happened. To those who speak of being able to Carry HEAT, think twice, it could happen to any of us.

  • Derek

    Another staged event rerun.. They need this one bad..Hold tight to your guns, they are wasting no time by moving from this “staged event” to a call for action. Obama is ready to go door to door for your gun. What are you prepared to give them?

  • Libby

    I can’t believe g.gibson would be so callous as to start blaming either political party for what has just happened and/or to adding comments in gutter language. This is NOT the time for such posturing. Our thoughts instead should be on the lost children and their parents. This is not time for spewing hate.

  • RyanMW

    now Ryan’s facebook page has been removed

  • Mad Hatter

    #32 December 14
    Sarah commented:

    I bet it ends up being one of these right wing, anti-government idiots inspired by the likes of Rush Limbaugh.


    Go back over to the Daily Kook site you miserable piece of trash.

  • RyanMW

    wait sorry now it’s adam lanza

  • RyanMW

    Ryan’s facebook page is still up but since this morning he had 117 friends when i looked at about 10:30 PST and now at 1:30 PST it’s down to 107 weird

  • gph

    I’m surprised that so many were thinking exactly what I was in regard to this incident. It is all very suspicious – as have been the last couple of similar incidents. I do find the above comments by Gloria Gilson to be offensive, though. I know many, many people on the left spectrum of politics who are armed and know exactly what is going on. No need to demonize people. Better to spend your energy educating them.

  • jainphx

    A crazed spoiled snot that just had to kill his own mother, and while he’s at it, her whole KINDERGARTEN class. Folks this comes from the way our children are raised. The more we give them in material things the worse they get, and don’t try to instill morals or the love of the LORD in them. Heavens no we can’t have that, better they be agnostic and kill, than to have the basic knowledge of G-D and all things like love thy neighbor and HONOR your mother and father and some such other arcane beliefs. My goodness the more we see the worse it gets, can’t pray, can’t object to being taught homosexuality and a world where there is no G-D. We reap what we sow. My prayers go out to those that lost dear little ones, oh and try and stop me from praying you evil “do gooders” that do nothing but cause this and then point the finger at us that have the solution. Good G-D bring these little ones to your side to live ever after.

  • YourMaster

    he was probably another victim who found out 0bama had gay sex with his dog, then cooked it and served it to dinner to his whole family at the WH – no wonder this keeps happening. 😀

    Please go to this website and write condolence letters to the parents and staff members. I am a student in California and I will be putting them together in a book and sending it to the school. It wont bring back the lives of the students, but it will show that people around the world care . Please spread the word. The more letters, the better.

  • Rai

    I live a world away in Nigeria, but have friends and family in the US. And I read this report with tears, am still deeply touch as i followed updates and exchanged bb messages with my sister in Atlanta. How can people be talking about their rights to firearms being curtailed, when 20 children are dead, 6 adults in a town with population size of 27,000. how many more school massacres does America need to live through? before GUN CONTROL is taken seriously by all. Anyone who thinks these events are mastered minded, needs psychiatric evaluation!!!!

  • DomesticGoddess

    Careful fellow commenters – the trolls are out in full force and are either showing their colours or hiding and trying to lure us in to play “gotcha.” Miserable trolls, you can’t fool us. Go back to the PMSMBC or Rachel Madcow, Tingles Matthew, or other syncophant jernalissstss. Miserable provacateurs!

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  • antonio

    God bless this families, and poor innocent children. The shooters WILL go to hell and burn for eternity. Prey for these families. God bless.