Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans on putting armed posse members outside of schools in his district.
KTAR reported:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to start putting armed members of his volunteer posse near schools in the wake of the mass shooting in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Arpaio doesn’t plan to put posse members inside schools but will have them posted around the perimeters.

“Why not utilize the posse into patrolling schools in our areas?” Arpaio asks.

With what he thinks is no reason not to, he’ll start this new idea within the next week.

The specific schools are not yet known but volunteers will be spread throughout Arpaio’s jurisdiction and he has identified certain areas.

The posse members are qualified for the job, according to Arpaio.

“Our posses are well trained with over 100 hours of how to use weapons [and] they have authority under the elected sheriff,” Arpaio said. “I feel they’ll be a great asset to schools around our area.”

They would be armed with a side-arm and not a semi-automatic weapon.




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  1. Bet the Obama regime will start harrassing the sheriff again.

  2. When Bill Clinton proposed this several years ago, the Dems thought it was a great idea. Now, media and dems are calling the NRA proposal ludicrous and Sheriff Joe crazy.

    No politics involved here, folks. /s

  3. “They would be armed with a side-arm and not a semi-automatic weapon.”

    Ugh… it makes my brain hurt.

  4. Uncle Ted/Sheriff Joe 2016!!!!!

  5. Old Joe will do anything for publicity.

  6. related.. interesting news in light of oBama and the senate dems’ latest drive for gun control:

    “Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact.
    The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak.
    If you dismiss this by saying, “Of course they have armed guards — they get Secret Service protection,” then you’ve missed the larger point.
    The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period. And this is the reason people like NBC’s David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren’t used (and weren’t even allowed).

    Shame on President Obama for seeking more gun control and for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own. His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed.


  7. Posse – I love that word. It’s so American.
    Go Joe!

  8. #7 December 28, 2012 at 2:01 pm
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    Old Joe will do anything for publicity.

    Name any elected official who doesn’t. Name recognition has more to do with getting elected than just about any other factor. That’s why incumbents win over 90% of the time. Do you have a problem with polls, i.e., determining what your constituency considers good public policy?

  9. you can sum up all the reasons we need to have armed guards in the schools to protect the children in one word; liberalism.

  10. Dudette #1

    Sooner that than massacring schoolchildren. Do we have any proof the Newtown shooter wasn’t an Obama operative? He even destroyed his computer hard drive so no emails can be retrieved.

  11. Let’s just hope it works out better than his last “posse” boondoggle.

  12. S. Wolfe, why wouldn’t his emails be retrievable? Once you have someone’s IP Address you can retrieve their emails.

  13. Our government finds the need to provide the President armed security while, at the same time, making little or no effort to provide the same armed security for the children in our public schools.

    If armed guards are good enough for the President, then they’re good enough for the children in our public schools.

    Anyone who thinks that the President somehow deserves armed personal protection while the children in our schools go without obviously has never had any children, or doesn’t care about those they do have. But then again, the large percentage of single mothers in this country proves that many don’t care about who they breed with either.

    Besides, I’ll bet that some of the Obama supporters in here caress the photo(s) they have of him more often than they do their children.

  14. They would be armed with a side-arm and not a semi-automatic weapon.

    Would it be possible for the idiots in this studio’s newsroom to elaborate? Because only morons would say something like this.

  15. If armed guards are good enough for the President, then they’re good enough for the children in our public schools.

    If you want to pay for armed guards for every school, feel free to make a contribution. Our deficit is large enough already. And the schools can barely afford to pay the teachers, much less armed security details.

  16. Would it be possible for the idiots in this studio’s newsroom to elaborate?

    I’m guessing that they don’t know that much about guns, and apparently believe that only rifles can be semi-automatic.

  17. Yes, the “deficit is large enough already” due to Obama’s spending spree. Surely you support the Republicans, and the Tea Party, in their efforts to reducing the deficit?

    Right Shadow?

    Ya, sure you do.

    And you can cut the “we can barely afford to pay the teachers” propaganda.

    These “teachers” are paid very well for working part-time jobs. This is not to mention the administrators pay. Just cutting a single administrator’s job would more than cover the cost of hiring two, or even three, armed guards per school.

    Meanwhile I find it typical that you’re not suggesting that these teachers seek “better” full-time jobs. Nor do I hear you suggest that they supplement their incomes by actually working during the 3 month summer vacation we give them every year. And don’t try to tell us that they work any more while “off the clock” than what private sector workers do “off the clock” during the entire year.

    Either way, I’m not surprised that the likes of you would suddenly find the “cost too high” to provide armed security guards at our schools.

    Hey wait a minute, here’s an idea for the you; maybe Obama can contribute some of his record setting campaign funds towards the funding of these armed guards.

    That’s it! Instead of posting your hypocritical propaganda in this forum, you could spend your free time contacting Obama so that you can suggest that he follow the same advice that you give us in here.

    You could even hug your Obama photo while you contact his staff…

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