Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told reporters this afternoon that he did not see a deal tonight in the fiscal talks.
The Washington Post reported:

Asked as he exited a meeting of the Senate Democratic caucus whether a deal would be struck today, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) replied: “No, I’d be shocked. I think the parties are much farther apart than I hoped they’d be by now, and that the country thought they’d be when negotiations started on Friday.”

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  1. Everyone knows that Obama and the Dems don’t want a deal. That way Obama can come out and blame the Republicans, he’ll say something to the affect,

    “We could not get a deal worked out since the Republicans want tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires.”

    The Alinsky Media will Parrot the line over and over until it becomes the truth. Meanwhile, the real truth is that Obama doesn’t want any cutting of Government spending. He’s taken out the Credit Card, borrowed money against future generations, and has gone on a spending spree like a drunken pirate on a weekend binge.

    He has an Ivy League Degree, but doesn’t have the common sense how to balance a budget. Remember folks, in 2008 he ran on “changing how Washington works.” It hasn’t been Hope and Change, it’s been Same Ole’, Same Ole.

  2. It is ridiculous for House and Senate Republicans to be negotiating with Obama rather than their colleagues in the House and Senate. Perhaps this is happening in order to get the Democrat Congresspeople off the hook when nothing happens. Remember, his budgets always get voted down by both parties in the Senate.

    Look at the games Obama and the Democrats play!

    Senate rejects Obama budget in 99-0 vote

  3. The republican press release should read as follows ‘the president clearly wants to bankrupt America and we can’t negotiate with the democrats’

    Rationale press releases won’t get through to the retarded population

  4. It would seem to be so easy to do what’s right by the American People — that is if doing what was right was what it was all about.

  5. ++

    No Deal Tonight


    ht Oliver


    [DH: Wait, you’re DHS—not some Wall Street insider.

    RB: So you think they are separate agendas? That’s funny. The coming
    collapse of the U.S. dollar is a done deal. It’s been in the works for years—
    decades, and this is one of the most important cataclysmic events that DHS
    is preparing for. I almost think that DHS was created for that purpose alone,
    to fight Americans, not protect them, right here in America. But that’s not
    the only reason. There’s the gun issue too.

    and we know it.. :mad:

    ‘Hats Off To The President, He Won’

    Boehner Is Likely to Hold Speaker’s Job


  6. ++


    posted about this several times over
    the past several months.. crickets..


  7. ++

    re: #8 December 30, 2012 at 4:55 pm bg

    damnit!! crickets link:

    Understand EMP threat? U.S. enemies do


  8. He’s taken out the Credit Card, borrowed money against future generations, and has gone on a spending spree like a drunken pirate on a weekend binge.

    Congress controls the purse strings. The president can’t spend any money that is not first approved by Congress. If you want to cut spending, talk to Congress, not the president.

  9. “According to the Congressional Research Service,
    setting the threshold at $250,000 would trim the deficit by $930
    billion over 10 years. Setting the threshold at $500,000 would trim it
    by $668 billion over 10 years.” Washington Poat

    The difference between the parties is $262 billion over 10 years. Or $26.2 billion a year.
    The US government spends $11 billion a DAY! The $26.2 billion a year covers 2.3 days spending.
    The Sandy Hurricane bill is $60 billion. 5.5 days of regular spending. If the $250,000 income level is adopted, it would bring in $93 billion a year. This bill would eat up 65% of all that new revenue. Leaving $33 billion to help pay down $16 TRILLION in debt.

    Is that what is holding all these legislooters up?

  10. #11
    shadow commented:

    Congress controls the purse strings. The president can’t spend any money that is not first approved by Congress. If you want to cut spending, talk to Congress, not the president.

    And you said the same thing during Bush’s last four years in office when the Dems ran the House and Senate?

  11. #11 Shadow,

    If you ask Obama, he fully blamed Bush for running up $4 trillion in eight years.

    “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents — #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” – Barack Obama, July 3, 2008.

    I’m just going by Obama’s example of ‘blame the President.’ I’m sure you were shaking your head in agreement when Obama made that statement. Now that someone takes the thinking of Obama and blames the President, all of a sudden you don’t agree.

  12. If Tyre were “a deal” it would be a bad deal. USA is already history and we are a captive nation. Obama is a puppet. He will try to disarm us soon just before the currency collapses. The the veneer comes off and all will be horrified.

  13. ++


    not really,

    Adolf Hitler April 15 1935

    just a wee reminder of so much more..

    Breaking The War Mentality
    by Barack Obama
    March 10, 1983

    [In 1933 the German establishment thought it could use Hitler to restore a modicum of order to the confused and confusing Weimar Republic. In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom. Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.]

    Young Obama Wrote Article Blaming
    America For ‘Growing Threat of War’

    [If Obama still has this sensibility, he could be poised to take American
    foreign policy sharply to the left, notwithstanding the centrist foreign
    policy team he has assembled. Moreover, since Obama didn’t recognize
    the Soviet menace during the Cold War and blamed the possibility of
    war entirely on the United States, there’s good reason to think that
    today he could lack the moral clarity needed to fight radical Islam.]

    and that, as we all know, is just a drop in the Obama bucket..



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