Season’s Greetings… Union Goons Disrupt Cancer Survivor Tribute and Fundraiser

Season’s Greetings!

TIN EARS: Cablevision’s James Dolan performs at the Times Square Hard Rock Cafe yesterday at a benefit to fight pancreatic cancer, as union members protest outside.

Members of Communication Workers of America Local 1109 protested outside a cancer survivor tribute and fundraiser this past weekend.
Politicker reported:

Last night, members of the Communications Workers of America Union distributed flyers calling Cablevision CEO James Dolan an “Ebenezer Scrooge” outside the annual holiday fundraiser for the Lustgarten Foundation, a pancreatic cancer charity supported by the company. Cablevision released a statement about the situation this afternoon calling the union’s activities at the event “shameful” and accusing CWA of numerous other misdeeds.

“This benefit was about curing pancreatic cancer. For the CWA union to interfere with this important effort is a new low for a union that has already tried to exploit Hurricane Sandy, intimidate employees and mislead other unions,” the statement said. “It is deeply offensive to not only Cablevision employees and customers, but also to cancer sufferers and their families.”

CWA and Cablevision have been locked into an ongoing dispute for the past year as the union attempts to organize workers at the television company. Cablevision accused the union of exploiting the hurricane because it has loudly criticized the company for not automatically refunding customers who lost television service during the storm.

Local 1109 defended its despicable actions today following the NY Post’s article on their rally.

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  • Bob

    The union goons have no conscience. They care less about others and solely want more in their pockets.
    My company boycotted Chicago and San Francisco for trade show because the forced union rules cost us $4000 more for use of outrageous union workers. Electrical unions would charge $300 just to bring an extension cord for our display.
    I buy no union made or supported product.

  • raybojabo

    Hiring union goons is just a proxy donation to the Democrat/Communist party. Boycott unions unless you are a Commie rat bustard..

  • pagar

    Sounds like commenters 3 & 4 have said it all. No American should ever be held in union slavery.

  • Patty

    rats, dog meat, puke, whatever the adjective. These are the Obama voters and this is where they live, under rocks, where slime goes to grow. And this is why America will never get on track for years to come. The greed, hate, supersedes any good.This is the nation we live in, hope the radical left wingers are happy now. And Obama is their leader.

  • Mad Hatter

    Stalin would be very proud of these useful idiots.

  • luminOsity

    CWA = Completely Worthless A$$H0l35 (except for target practice). Only the SEUI is lower scum than they are. ATT U-verse has just voted to go union, time for you U-verse customers to find a new service provider. Make the [email protected] starve.