Sandy Hook mourners were forced to evacuate church this morning after a bomb scare. reported:

More than 400 Sandy Hook mourners were dealt another trauma when they were forced to evacuate the Newton church they gathered in on Sunday afternoon. The St. Rose of Lima church received a threat which prompted state police to abruptly evacuate attendees at 12:30 this afternoon. When will the horror end for these people?

According to a news report, Monsignor Robert Weiss explained, “Someone called and threatened the church. State police said we needed to evacuate everyone.” Can you imagine the terror those poor children and the parents were forced to deal with a second time in a matter of days? What kind of evil person is stalking these folks?

Police toting guns stormed the church and cordoned it off as grieving community members once again clutched their loved ones close. Children who are still suffering from the Sandy Hook tragedy a few days ago were left crying and clutching their parents. Only a very sick individual would get pleasure out of torturing these poor families.

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  1. Bombs and bomb threats should be banned.

  2. Meanwhile, a mass murder attempt elsewhere on Friday was avoided, because somebody took threats from a crazy person seriously.

  3. It’s not clear if there actually was a threat or if, like many tragedies, whether it was a hoax or the result of a community on edge.

    The church hosted overflow crowds at all three morning masses Sunday.


    Westboro Cult Plans on Protesting Sandy Hook Funerals WHY? Because there is a hate for God and a lack of HIM in many lives today. And this must be address because this is an important part of our children’s lives and ourselves. We have to teach respect and that there is a different direction we must take and soon. God seems to be taken out of many traditions and often because of one person’s objections. It will take many of us to stop those who are trying so desperately to take these traditions, for lack of a better word out of our daily life.

    If the get an attorney, we do, if they sue, we do, we will win. And many young lives will have a loving faith and will become more confident every day. RESPECT EACH OTHERS.

  4. Beclowning themselves again, the vile left asserts:

    “The guns in the massacre — two handguns and an assault rifle — were legally obtained.”

    First of all, the rifle was not an assault rifle. Calling it an assault rifle does not make it one any more than calling the rifle a flower makes it a flower. Dishonest morons.

    And, most importantly, the murderer stole these weapons. They were not legally obtained. The murderer tried to purchase weapons and was turned away.

    Such a nasty little troll you are, LW.

  5. obama is the hater in chief and the ultimate sponsor of attacks on the church. That is what muslims do.

  6. And Durbin is out of his mind. Holder is too. This was a young man who was sick before and sicker after. His mother was supposedly getting more help. She couldn’t handle him. And taking more gun rights away is not the answer.

    And for self defense of our kids we could easily have cops guarding our schools but Durbin has money earmark for outrageous things. And for Holder no question he is the last person to be talking about Gun Control. Criminals will get there hands on automatic rifles and Holder Attorney General is proof of this.

  7. This is for the President when he goes to Sandy Hook tonight…

    How to Cry On the Spot

    But his Hollywood buds already taught him this, and he used it the other night…

    …and in his last election rally in Ohio…

    …and on election night…

    It’s just about his favorite trick this last month and a half. Either that or he’s cracking up. I’d rather believe he’s a big fat phony. It’s better for the country.

  8. A principal has a system that could be used if possible. I feel the alert system could be worn around their neck. It would automatically lock every school room door. And it would at least give a few moments for the children and teachers to take some form of cover.

    Alert system button is around her neck at all times and also one or two in other parts of the school. just an idea.

    This would cost money but what is a human life worth. And we need retire or active duty cops in plain clothes to guard our schools. And this should be what the liberals should be talking about and Washington. Stop wasting our money and start saving our children from another tragedy.

  9. #9
    Joe College

    He could be crying over all those innocent people who died at the hand of Drones.

  10. Right …because the vigil was being held in a Christian CHURCH…Part of the militant Atheist movement in CT has seen the BAN of any form of public gatherings in church owned facilites …such as highschool graduations …

    Why the default blame on guns and mental illness ?…..Why is it never considered that these angels of death zombie psycho killers know EXACTLY what they are doing , are in full grasp of their mental faculties, and kill because their God is Satan and THIS is their church…>

  11. There are some really sick units out there

  12. “Only a very sick individual would get pleasure out of torturing these poor families.”

    Sums it up well.

  13. He could be crying over all those innocent people who died at the hand of Drones.

    As opposed to Bush’s Shock and Awe, where the bombs were programmed to kill only bad people.

  14. There are some really sick units out there

    In here, too.

  15. Only a very sick individual would get pleasure out of torturing these poor families–Liberal

  16. No matter what one tries to do to stop these violent attacks, they will continue because those who commit these atrocities are on a mission to destroy life, whether a tyranical head of state, an individual or group. Gun free zones are target rich as we have witnessed over and over. Unarmed citizens are at the mercy of a tyrannical government or the evil that would invade your home. Except for the ignorant masses, those in power who call for banning guns will have their protection and find no problem with leaving the citizen vulnerable. The cops can’t be everywhere and response time in alot of cities is slow. We are ultimately responsible for our safety and the safety of our families. What people should do is insist that at least one adult teacher or administrator in a school is sufficiently armed and trained and let those who would consider attacking they will be met force with force.

  17. There is much more at work here then what we the population is understanding and being informed. It is deeper then we can ever imagine. These acts of violence are planned against this country for agendas. They are using unstable individuals that they can cohearse into carrying out their plots. As we have witnessed many unsettling changes to news reports over these troubling, sick events, many things do not add up. I am convinced that these heightened acts are coming full force for reason. The agenda is to bring the nation to its knees, unarm the population and take over the nation. They are unable to do it, penetrate this nation when the population is so heavenly armed. They cannot do it and will not try. They must divert attention, gain sympathy and garner support to disarm the nation. It is only then that they can infiltrate the country and bring in a new. We are witnessing this mass murder and now bombing attempts. Stopping all sorts of explosives, guns and any types of arms this nation will be privy to and any chemicals that could be used in making such is their goal. If people are not aware of it then I can’t help you. It is amazing that we have no terrorist attacks but 15 mass shootings in one year . Why is that ? Why is it that our own people are turning on their own people ? Something is truely wrong when you have your own people turning on their own, eating their own. We must look who is behind this and find them. They are the ones pushing this mass murder, taking over young minds and infiltrating them, convincing them of whatever it is and installing fear into them, causing fear within, controlling them, their minds and actions and making killers out of them. Something is taking over our young and we must stop it NOW.. We are at war not only in other countries but here at home…

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