Republican Doomsday Plan: Cave on Tax Hikes for the Rich

Republicans may pull an Obama and vote “present” on tax hikes.

Republicans in Congress may fold on tax hikes, allowing Democrats to increase taxes on rich Americans.
Yahoo-ABC reported, via Free Republic:

Republicans are seriously considering a Doomsday Plan if fiscal cliff talks collapse entirely. It’s quite simple: House Republicans would allow a vote on extending the Bush middle class tax cuts (the bill passed in August by the Senate) and offer the President nothing more: no extension of the debt ceiling, nothing on unemployment, nothing on closing loopholes. Congress would recess for the holidays and the president would face a big battle early in the year over the debt ceiling.

Two senior Republican elected officials tell me this doomsday plan is becoming the most likely scenario. A top GOP House leadership aide confirms the plan is under consideration, but says Speaker Boehner has made no decision on whether to pursue it.

Under one variation of this Doomsday Plan, House Republicans would allow a vote on extending only the middle class tax cuts and Republicans, to express disapproval at the failure to extend all tax cuts, would vote “present” on the bill, allowing it to pass entirely on Democratic votes.

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., an influential conservative House Republican, is already on record supporting extending the middle class tax cuts.

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  • Joe Blow

    As to be expected, Boehner’s office wouldn’t answer the phone this morning. The old line Republicans don’t give a rat’s a$$ what the people think.

  • brian

    Republicans won the house. They shouldn’t follow the Senate’s example and not do their job. If possible the republicans should fight this and if they go down in 2 years, so be it. The republicans will get the blame no matter what. When do you EVER seem democrats taking responsibility for ANYTHING? That would be a first.

  • donh

    .Learn to use the progressive satanist double speak code language. …Keep tax rates the same , CALL THE BILL A TAX HIKE ON THE RICH , and close a number of wasteful spending programs in the fine print. ..and when the Democrats cry fraud and foul…accuse them of FAILING TO HIKE TAXES ON THE RICH. …and continue to offer more spending cuts as ” taxes on the rich”…because in all honesty a spending cut IS a tax HIKE on the rich who are making their fortunes off wasteful graft spending and croney connections.

  • Cargosquid

    Walk away. The GOP will get the blame anyway. At least this way we’ll get the cuts.

    The rich voted for Obama. The majority of voters voted for Obama. They want more spending.

    So….tax them all and make them pay for it.

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  • GotFreedom

    Go ahead GOP, raise taxes on the job creators and you will be joining your constituents in the unemployment line next time around!

  • maynardb61

    Our representatives are acting like this is TARP pt.2 and it is not. Let the democrats have
    tax increases on everybody. It will not bring down the deficit anyway. Walk away from the empty table Republicans and quit digging a hole.

  • bg



    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    ~ bARRY dUNHAM sOETORO bARACK hUSSEIN oBAMA (by any other factual, fictional, composite, some sort of god, or messianic names)


  • Meg

    Obama stated that he ran his campaign on raising taxes on the rich and that is why he was elected. Let us not forget that a large percentage of Obama voters do not and never will pay taxes. That is why he had their vote. So, I disregard their opinion.

  • rrpjr

    Why don’t they all just resign for the next four years. Give the country to the Left. Announce to Obama and the democrats that it’s all theirs, and they and no others will be entirely responsible for the results. This at least would save the taxpayers their salaries — one small public service the GOP could perform.

  • bg



    [Oh, the gnashing of the teeth; oh, the flamboyant tactics. Oh, all the
    breaking news excitement on cable news as the debt ceiling countdown
    saga goes down to the wire, with an intense political confrontation of a
    kind we haven’t seen before …

    Or maybe we had – in the TARP debate and the so-called Obamacare vote,
    to cite but two moments of high political drama. Once again, all the key
    players knew the outcome, but wanted to keep us guessing because it
    served everyone’s interests.

    For Boehner and the boys on the GOP side, it was the great leadership test
    subplot. He would prove how tough he was, demonstrate his leadership
    mettle, get equal time with the president, and even look presidential. The
    orange tan was gone. His moment in the sunlight had come as he roped
    the Tea Party kids into the politically correct corral. The congressman from
    Ohio was now a national force to be reckoned with.

    Let’s not forget that he had become Wall Street’s sycophantic underling,
    had been put added to their financial slush fund, and had many of the
    big money lobbyists on his side even as the financiers whined and
    complained about exaggerated threats to the world economy.

    They made some noise but not too much. They well remember the wit
    and wisdom of ex-White House aide and now Chicago Mayor Rahm
    Emanuel about a crisis being a terrible opportunity to waste.

    The Wall Street powercrats are high-stakes poker players, and this was
    one game they knew they would win in a political arena dependent on
    their beneficence.


    There is no ceiling on these political shenanigans. It’s just part of a
    fast-paced game designed to keep the public on the sidelines and on
    the edge of uncertainty while the media keeps the politicians in the
    spotlight and excites the base in both parties.

    In the end, the media will salute both sides for putting country
    above party. The only deficit here is one of political morality
    and honesty

    You tell me: am I too cynical, or is this the
    way what some call politricks has become?

    wash, rinse, repeat..

    how dumbed down are we??



  • bg


    jharp #15 December 3, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    “a tyranny of the elite”

    The Oligarchy We Live In, Charted

    Crony Capitalism: definition

    Crony Capitalism: video/transcript

    [The largest banks are actually bigger than they were when he took
    office. And earned more in the first two-and-a-half years of his term
    than they did during the entire eight years of the Bush administration.]

    The Enrich US Party.. (#54)

    [Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.]

    How dare the millionaires in Congress speak of “shared sacrifice”

    [Harry Reid in a statement to the press yesterday said that “We asked
    Republicans to consider a balanced approach that would have required
    shared sacrifice, but they would not.”

    First of all let’s get one thing straight. When Senator Reid and others from
    BOTH parties of the 44% Wall Street millionaire dominated Congress speak
    of “shared sacrifice”, they are not speaking of any sacrifice on their part
    or on the part of any member of Congress. All members of Congress, even
    those few who are not multimillionaires, belong to the upper 5% of the
    wealthiest people in our nation. [Any American who earns in excess of
    $180,000 a year is in the upper 5% bracket.


  • bg


    donh #23 December 3, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    i don’t agree with calling them the BUSH TAX CUTS, especially since they
    expired on JANUARY 11, 2011, and now belong to Obama, who gave the
    RICH a tax cut this year, question is, will he do it again next year, or will
    BARRY and everyone else still be calling them the BUSH TAX CUTS for the
    RICH, and continue ignoring all the good they did for the middle class??


  • Ripped

    Does the current crop of republicans have any brains? Why don’t they turn this around on 0bama and call him out for raising taxes on the middle-class?

    Did it not dawn on the Republicans that the people have spoken and given them the majority in the house for another 2 years. Now oppose 0bama and his tax and spend class warfare with all you have.

  • bg


    Ripped #34 December 3, 2012 at 2:30 pm



  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque


    Yeah, but it’s us, the public, that they’re screwing.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the republican politicans want your income just as much as the democrats.

  • theblackdude

    No surprise they don’t represent anything complain about everything. Cant hold there own against libs and only represent there personal interest. We going to hell and we deserve it. Its gonna take a civil war to fix this country. The populace is stupid and our representatives are cowards. Prepare your self so you can at least die later than most.

  • dork lungfish

    I see that only a couple of you understand the GOP srategy here. Whether this “plan” is a great idea or not, I undertand the intent: to allow the taxes to go up on the “rich” with Democrat “yays” only (hence, Republicans voting “present” on raising taxes on the “rich,” while going along with keeping current — lower — rates on the rest of us). The “rich” get taxed, which is what Obama, and, apparently, a majority of clueless “Americans,” want. So they “win,” and the likely resulting downturn in an already dismal economy happens and, logically, belongs to the Democrats. The danger in the plan is that Republicans are really lousy at making their case, and have the MSM against them. If they can’t make the case that the Democrats were wrong for raising taxes when the economy goes further south than it already is, then we as a nation face a long dismal future.

  • shadow

    Since when is a millionaire or billionaire someone that brings in 250k per year?

    If you bring in $250K per year and haven’t managed to amass $1M or more in wealth, you ain’t doing something right.