Reporter Shot Dead at India Rape Protests

A reporter was shot dead during violent demonstrations against sex attacks in India.

From the Video: Thousands of protesters have again taken to the streets in New Delhi. They are furious at the brutal gang rape of a young medical student last weekend. Some campaigners in India point out that violence against women is on the rise – but when the victims are poor, they get little attention.

Sky News reported:

A journalist has been killed in violent demonstrations against sex attacks in India as police failed to contain fresh violence.

A television reporter, 36, was reportedly shot dead when officers opened fire on a protest in Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, over an attack on a film actress.

The star, known as Momoko, was dragged from stage in full public view last week by an armed militant who tried to rape her. She managed to fight him off and fled.

Momoko, also a popular model, has waived her right to anonymity to make a public appeal for her attacker’s arrest.

Crowds in Manipur pelted police with stones on Saturday, prompting a curfew to be imposed for parts of the state.

This was relaxed on Sunday but soon a huge crowd assembled again to confront police who opened fire in retaliation, according to police spokesman A. Singh.

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  • bg


    no no no, we must accept such matters as being “normal”.. /s/

    inch by foot by yard by mile

    more.. 🙁


  • greenfairie

    Say, where are the feminists?

  • Patty

    when right is wrong and wrong is right. A few are trying to keep right from slipping away. But it will be an uphill climb. Wish them well, not much in the bigger scheme of things.

  • Jack


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    Then it will be open season on Whites.

    White women (who are more beautiful) will be dragged from stage by darker men and raped in public.

    We must ban immigration totally and whites must have 10 white children each, or this is the future.

    Whites: Procreate or Perish.

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  • Patty

    Muslim Cleric Encourages Christian Woman And Girls To Be Kidnapped/Raped, ‘Friends Of The Zionists’

  • dunce

    dragged off the stage during a public performance and she had to fight him by her self. that says a lot about what scum Indian men are. What were they doing, waiting their turn?

  • nitnot

    Who will bet against the perps’ being Mohammedans? Bad bet. Dunce … darn tootin’ they were waiting their turn as it is all their rights after all.