Rep. Raul Labrador: “Democrats Are Like Bank Robbers” Who Want to Raise Taxes on Everyone (Video)

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) said Sunday that he’s not really sure Democrats don’t want to go over the fiscal cliff.
“They’re like bank robbers” who want to raise taxes on everyone.

Well said.
Newsmax reported:

Idaho Republican Rep.Raul Labrador said on Sunday that he’s “not really sure” Democrats want to avoid going over the fiscal cliff, and that they’re like “bank robbers” who want to raise taxes on everyone.

Labrador, appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” also believes President Barack Obama has successfully provoked a civil war among Republicans, which has been the Democrats’ goal from the beginning.

“They have tried to get us to fight against each other on taxes when — I’m not really sure that they don’t want to go over the fiscal cliff,” said Labrador.

Meanwhile, Labrador was one of the House Republicans who opposed a plan by House Speaker John Boehner to raise taxes only on people making more than $1 million. But he said if Democrats really wanted to avoid the fiscal cliff they could have voted for the bill.

“There were only about 50 of us in the House who said that we were not going to vote for John Boehner’s deal last week,” he said. “All they needed was 50 Democrats to vote for the deal, and it would have passed last week.”

But, Labrador said, the Democrats have been trying to divide Republicans “from day one.”

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  • jb books

    “…I’m not really sure that they don’t want to go over the fiscal cliff,”

    Understatement of the year.

  • Alina Leova

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected; it’s all the Democrats fault.

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  • They’re like immoral, communist, America loathing pricks too.

  • Edward


    WHO STOLE the 18 TRILLION DOLLARS–$40,000 of YOUR Money?

    Hats off to Labrador! He is right. The Demogangsters stole all this money and now they want to steal more, so they want the debt limit raised.

    It is like bank robbers angry that they robbed the whole bank and want people to put in more money so they can steal more.

    The Demogangsters in the left-wing media are making a big issue of the Govt. running out of money because it “spent” it all and want to raise the debt by calling it a “fiscal cliff.” They are lying that the public is upset, when they are not.

    The US debt was just a few trillion when Obama took office, but now it is 18 Trillion! Real govt. expenses are under 2T per year, but Barry aka illegal-alien-in-the-white-house Sotero has been stealing 2-3T additional per year and diverting it to his Demogangster owners and operators.

    The total is now about 18T, i.e. $40,000 per man woman and child!

    Yes, the govt. borrowed this much money in your name and they claim they “spent” it. They “spent” it on who? Maybe you got a few food stamps and some welfare checks, etc. but did you get $40,000 from Obama in the last few years? But you will have to pay the 40K (almost 2 brand new cars) back!

    So who stole the 10-15 T under Obama? Who did he give it to?

    Well, Obama stole most of this money and gave it to his campaign contributors and their projects to pay them back. Democrats get almost 60% of their campaign contributions from the J*ish lobby. It is very openly known that Obama was installed with J*ish support. As reported in Chicago J*ish News, “Obama is the first J*ish President.” See:

    Also, see this at if American knew site in the domain for ORGanizations.

    Also see, “How the J…s took the White House” article on Brother Kapner’s website with the prefix www which is under real Zionist News in the domain com.

    We must remember that Obama is an illegal alien and the cases against him have all been fixed by the J*ish lobby, which owns and operates the Judiciary.

    So Obama (the thief in chief they installed) stole much of the 18 Trillion dollars (say 10 to 15 T) and gave it to his owners and operators and campaign contributors who put him there, the J*ish lobby, under the table, disguised as bailouts, grants and contracts.

    Trillions have been sent to Israel, a banana republic and which lives almost entirely on trillions in US Aid (see if Americans knew period org). Other trillions are sent to Israel under the table by the J*ish Oligarchs, either in the form of bogus grants and contracts to their companies and charities, etc. who then transfer it. Most Zionists aim is to fleece the American goyim and send to “their own” in Israel.

    Many Democrats, especially J*ish ones, have become super rich under Obama. The Judaists today are the richest ethnic group on earth today, thanks for $40,000 from each you!! They are more than ½ of the billionaires.

    The J*ish lobby is not satisfied with the theft of so many trillions of dollars and wants more, so they are brainwashing the public that there is a “fiscal cliff” if the debt ceiling is not raised (so they can steal more). There is no fiscal cliff. The Republicans must stop this theft.

    If we raise the debt ceiling, which is already almost 18 Trillion, it would be like giving more drugs to a drug-addict and will only make the problem bigger down the road and lead to an even bigger fiscal cliff in the future.

    The Republicans must not cave in and raise the debt limit until and unless they include in the bill some serious solns to the problems that the Dems have caused to usurp power and steal the elections. These should be:

    a. A total ban on immigration for ever and a border fence. The Dems import aliens as most of them (70%) vote for Dems, to increase the number of democratic voters. So Repubs must ban immigration as this is the 3rd most populous country in the world already and there is a serious shortage of water, space and jobs, etc.

    b. No electronic voting machines unless and until a paper receipt is given.

    c. Only those who can prove US citizenship can vote.

    d. Obama must prove he was born in the USA first.

  • imtorqued

    Hey brainiac, cloward-piven. Look it up you moron.

  • db


  • its not democrats againist republicans, it politicans againist the workers. it doesn’t matter that they are liberals, leftists, rinos, moderates. it doesn’t matter what their differences are. they can all agree on one thing; they want more money.

    unless the american worker rises up and demands the return to the right to the fruits of their labor the leftist’s march to complete enslavement of the american people will not be stopped. the left has been using the money you worked for to enslave you for decades. the confiscation of your income has been the key to their rise to power in the united states.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    But, Labrador said, the Democrats have been trying to divide Republicans “from day one.”

    They have, but the RINOs and the establishment Republicans are doing a bang-up job on their own.

  • Robert

    It is not just Democrats but all politicians as all levels who are robbing the taxpayers, in order to distribute the money to facilitate their own re-election.

  • BarbaraS

    IMHO, this was the dims plan all along. Taxes are raised on everybody and they will blame the republicans for not co-operating to just raise taxes on the rich. They will be all sanctomonious and say they tried but the republicans wouldn’t let them. Despicable people. No one in the middle class is going to be able to make ends meet with this increase and obamacare and inflation. Everyone will have to cut back drastically to the bone. Also, there will be less jobs. Obama took a prosperous country and his short term has practically brought it to its’ knees. I firmly believe that was the plan all along. Too bad the idiots in this country can’t add two and two and get the right answer.

  • Gary

    The Republican party is divided already.
    It’s because conservatives make up the main block of voters that put Republicans into office, but more often than not, we get moderates and Rinos as our candidates, so we remain unrepresented.

    As for the bank robber thing, it is absolutely right. People are electing representatives to go to Washington and make it legal to take more money from the higher earners and redistribute it to the lower earners or non-earners. Its’ robbery by proxy. They have somebody doing it for them.
    It’s legalized theft for as long as we’re willing to tolerate it.

  • Gary

    More on that, a quote from Walter E. Williams (so that credit goes where it’s due):

    Would rape become morally acceptable if Congress passed a law legalizing it? You say: “What’s wrong with you, Williams? Rape is immoral plain and simple, no matter what Congress says or does!” If you take that position, isn’t it just as immoral when Congress legalizes the taking of one person’s earnings to give to another? Surely if a private person took money from one person and gave it to another, we’d deem it theft and, as such, immoral. Does the same act become moral when Congress takes people’s money to give to farmers, airline companies or an impoverished family? No, it’s still theft, but with an important difference: It’s legal, and participants aren’t jailed.