The lingering drought also has made the Mississippi narrower this year.

The worst drought in decades may shut down the Mississippi River to barge traffic this month costing thousands of jobs.
KMOX reported:

It’s an issue that has plagued states along the Mississippi River for months and has now landed squarely on the desk of President Obama: how to prevent the imminent shutdown of commercial traffic along the nation’s largest waterway.

A nationwide drought, the worst to hit the U.S. in decades, has lowered water levels along the river, threatening barge traffic.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the President raised the issue with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, directing his administration to take “every step to mitigate” the situation. Carney added that there are a number of “complex” legal and technical steps which can be pursued, saying the Army Corps of Engineers has taken “proactive” measures.

The biggest obstacle is jagged rocks jutting up from the bottom of the Mississippi which make it impossible for barges to move.

“The Corps needs to get in there and literally blow them up to get them out of the way or we will be either extremely limited or completely shut down some time between December 15 and December 30,” Senior Vice President of Regional Advocacy for the American Waterways Operators Lynn Muench said. “If we do lose the river between mid-December and January, the jobs that are at risk in Missouri are almost 3,000 jobs.”

Closing the river in December and January would halt 10,600 barges, stopping the movement of about $7 billion worth of goods, according to a Nov. 28 study released by the Waterways Council and The American Waterways Operators.




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  1. But, but, but … I thought the earth’s water levels were rising, and Obama was going to be able to control things like this … ?

    sarc off

  2. I’m sure Barry will get right on this. Remember how fast he got the clean-up done and the lights on after Sandy? How about using that rapid response he’s so famous for that helped our heroes of Benghazi?

    Of course, another way to look at it is that this is a golden opportunity to speed up the demise of a once great Republic. Or will he finally do the right thing?

    “White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the President raised the issue with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, directing his administration to take “every step to mitigate” the situation. Carney added that there are a number of “complex” legal and technical steps which can be pursued, saying the Army Corps of Engineers has taken “proactive” measures.”

    Well, that’s not very encouraging is it? Another stall tactic? Maybe those complex legal and technical steps can be worked out by say, Spring?

  3. See (#2) Highlander… I thought that every time the weather was colder than normal, this rag published a headline along the lines of “Cold Enough for You Yet?: Global Warming, Liberal Liars and the Lying Lies they Tell.”
    I’ve been waiting all day here in St. Louis where the temperature has been in the 60s on December, 1st for ‘The Gateway Pundit’ to post something about how unseasonably warm it is in December. It didn’t happen today, though.
    Then I got to this post and saw that the first and only comment not-censored so far this evening was from a person who doesn’t understand the difference between the water levels in a freshwater, inland river and the worlds oceans.
    So then I remembered this wasn’t a source of news or information but rather the biased rantings of a bunch of sore losers who can’t understand why their countrymen voted that they should screw off…
    Then I felt better.
    So thanks for playing into the stereotype, I guess.

  4. Joshua, do you even know what you’re talking about?

  5. Clearly Obama’s fault.

    Start the impeachment proceedings.

  6. @joshua fears – dude you need to go back on your meds. Your incoherent rantings are a tad troubling. I’ll pray for you.

    @jharp – give it up. The Huffington Post is a much better place for you to go on your tirades. You’ll find many like-minded imbeciles there to keep you company.

  7. Joshua, you really do need to take a pill. You’re obviously unfamiliar with the concept of sarcasm, but I’ll forgive you, since you’re obviously a liberal, and lack the ability to think rationally. Relax. Winter will be here soon enough. Meanwhile, we’ll be enjoying the nice Indian summer and laughing at your superior intellect …

  8. This might be a good time for those of you who haven’t been stocking up to go online and order at least a 3 months supply of food and don’t forget your pets needs. Don’t forget to stock up on drinking water as well.

  9. And don’t forget the ammo and if you haven’t bought a firearm, hop to it.

  10. Saw this vid over on Instapundit. Take a break and enjoy.

  11. Lockheed and another manufacturer are creatingand construcing giant blimps. They are using
    the Old Air Corps blimp hanger in Orange County, Ca. the blimps are supposed to be able to move tons of cargo.
    That might work for awhile. but Lucky Obama gets another gift of destruction of the USA…

  12. Thanks #8 Highlander… I’m nice and relaxed, and waiting for winter. Sarc off… That’s how you do it right? All nice and cute like you’re throwing a switch? You know, because you aren’t a regular commentator on this site. So you can’t possibly acknowledge, or even know for that matter, what I could possibly be talking about.
    5… Sasja… No. I don’t know what I’m talking about. That should be evident by how I’m not prepping for an apocalyptic future featuring canned goods (#9) and firearms (#10) like you are. I’ll probably be the first with my back against the wall when the revolution comes.
    No, but really… did I see you on Nat Geo, in one of those “prepping” shows?
    Oh wait, Sasja… did you take to the wilderness during the first Obama term? I did… I’ve just now come out and back to society. I can’t believe this guy won again!!! Oh well… back to the woods with us, huh?
    Oh wait… you’re just going to keep spewing stupid, rural survivalist crap until “Barry” as you call him is out of office, aren’t you? You’re not going to actually do anything about your country “being lost” as you say…
    You know, I was thinking… since you aren’t even American enough to call the President of the United States of America by his right name… maybe you should move out of the country.
    America… love it or leave it.
    Highlander…. Sarc off..

  13. After going through Katrina and the months afterwards with no grocery store open for 60 miles, having to stand in line every day to get my provisions (one gallon of water, one bag of ice, and three MRE’s), I have now become a food and water hoarder. I will never, EVER again be reliant on government to ‘save’ me.

    Anyway… like bigL stated above, this is a gift to Obama… if barge traffic up and down the Mississippi River really is stopped or even slowed, the resulting crisis would deal a serious blow to the economy, while at the same time forcing more people to look to the government to solve their resulting problems. Ah yes, more government spending, woot Obama! Only problem is the article mentions Dec 14th… isn’t that when Obama’s extravagant tax-payer funded $4 MILLION dollar 20-day Hawaiian vacation begins? Does anyone here except the two vagrants from HuffPo actually think POTUS will take time off from spending our $4 MILLION dollars on his vacation to actually run the country and come up with solutions here??? *snort*

  14. Wasn’t it just in 2011 that we had so much water running down the Mississippi that many areas were flooded? From Wikipedia: “The Mississippi River floods in April and May 2011 were among the largest and most damaging recorded along the U.S. waterway in the past century, comparable in extent to the major floods of 1927 and 1993. “

  15. Where exactly is this drought? Maybe it’s lake effect but here in Chicago we’ve had plenty of rain. For a river that starts in Minnesota and ends in the gulf I can’t imagine enough areas are effected to dry up the river. Especially since I haven’t heard about any super drought prior to this. Nearly everything east of the Rockies flows into the Mississippi. That’s one big drought. My first instinct is that it’s more alarmist nonsense. My second is that all the money for dredging the river ended up in someone’s pocket. Either way it’s exactly the sort of multi-state crisis Obama would love to exploit.

  16. #17 King: “Either way it’s exactly the sort of multi-state crisis Obama would love to exploit.”


  17. Are the “Climate Change” freaks screaming their heads off yet?

  18. Joshua, I don’t know where you’ve been, but I comment here quite regularly. You really need to think about getting some therapy or something though. You’re wound up tighter than a two-dollar clock….

    Relax. The planet is doing just fine. It has taken care of itself for millions of years, and it will be doing just fine LONG after you’re gone … only a arrogant liberal could possibly be self-absorbed enough to think that their existence has any significance in the grand scheme of things on this planet. If you’re going to worry about something, try worrying about something significant, like the national debt …

    And remember this buddy …. nearly half of the people in this country told YOU to screw off in the last election too … so why don’t you go stick that in your pipe and smoke it you jerk …

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