Poor traitor Bradley Manning choked back tears in court yesterday before his military trial.
Manning believes he should be released from prison for mistreatment in prison but never complained about conditions during his confinement.
Now he says he was tortured.

Bradley Manning is charged in the biggest security leak in US history.
Yahoo ABC reported:

PFC Bradley Manning choked back tears during a second day of testimony at a hearing before his military trial as he claimed he didn’t tell his family about the conditions of his confinement at the Marine brig at Quantico, Va., because he did not want them to worry.

He also expressed concern that doing so could lead to an end to visiting privileges for his family.

This week’s pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Md., outside of Washington, D.C., was focused only on Manning’s nine-month confinement at the Marine brig at Quantico. Details about the hundreds of thousands of classified documents Manning is alleged to have leaked to Wikileaks will not be discussed until his trial, which is scheduled to get underway on Jan. 28.

On Friday, Army prosecutors asked Manning why he had not availed himself of multiple opportunities to complain about the Maximum Custody and Prevention of Injury status he experienced during his nine-month stay at Quantico in 2010-2011.

Army prosecutor Maj. Ashden Fein pointed to weekly detailed forms with his Army supervisors, where Manning routinely categorized the guards and facilities at the brig as “very professional.” The forms did not detail any of the maximum security conditions Manning talked about on Thursday, the first time he has spoken publicly during his almost two-and-a-half years in pre-trial detention.

Fein also read through transcripts of audio recordings made during the visits to the brig by Manning’s family and friends, when he did not complain about the circumstances of his detention to those closest to him.




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  1. Now it’s sympathy for traitors.

    The jihadists must be laughing out loud at the fools we seem to be spawning.

  2. Well, if Pvt. Manning doesn’t like the accomadations, let him walk around free at Quantico. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll beg for a return to his cage once he gets out ot the VERY good hospital.

    Then again, maybe we won’t have to pay for the Court Martial at all.

  3. Elections and traitorous conduct have consequences.

  4. Ready, aim, fire.

    There, problem solved.

  5. He should be choking up at the end of a rope but the scum running this country send traitors to the Senate.

  6. This traitor is shedding crocodile tears for his own sorry @$$. What about the people he put in jeopardy for his actions with Wikileaks, where are those tears? He needs to grow up, abide by the oath he took when he joined the military and accept the consequences for his actions.

  7. What a cowardly little piece of traitorous scum. Yep, they used to hang traitors, but he is likely to get off, sue the government for millions(which, of course, will be settled out of court), and live like a king, never to be taken to task for the people his actions likely got killed.

  8. To be honest it’s nice to see the lies and illegal activities of our government exposed. Jim Hoftis just another big government statist.

  9. he need to be hanged then he wont complain anymore.

  10. J.Knigth@#7 – this is a Court Martial for Treason, not civilian court. Pvt. Manning WILL either be spending a considerable amount of time at Leavenworth or face death. Unless his ‘Defense Team’ is working pro bono, little Bradley Manning will owe millions for an ineffective defense.

    The only sure bet for death is for the Ft. Hood Terrorist Maj A. Hassan (an American citizen). We’re having a lottery dor firing squad slots down here in Texas. Proceeds to go to the families of the victims.

  11. More Liberty @#8 – your donations to his defense will be welcomed. Useless, but welcomed.

  12. #9,

    My Webster’s shows treason as, “working for an enemy of the state,” which is the charge against the traitor manning.

    Sedition is, “inciting hostility toward the government….falling short of treason.”

    Since you condone, and encourage manning’s treason, we may safely assume that you are admitting to sedition.

    Read comment #1 and state your case for supporting traitorous acts.

  13. Aw, shucks!

    Watched the whole video and was hoping I’d get to see and hear how a traitor cries.

  14. “Poor Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning ”

    What was Manning convicted of again?

    I must have missed that. Or is it guilty until proven innocent?

  15. “Yep, they used to hang traitors, but he is likely to get off,”

    He’ll die locked up. He’s on suicide watch because he knows that.

  16. 6 December jharp commented:

    What was Manning convicted of again?

    I must have missed that. Or is it guilty until proven innocent?

    In Manning’s case, he’s guilty until proven guilty.

    I’m not an officer of the court, nor am I a politican. So I can deem that traitorous rat b-stard guilty as hell and deserving of a hanging. Not a firing squad, though, as that’s for real soldiers.

  17. #18 December 1, 2012 at 12:41 pm
    RickZ commented:

    What do you hate America and everything it stands for?

    You lost an election. Quit whining and get over it.


  18. jharp, I didn’t lose the election, America lost the election.

    Manning is a traitor, but in Proggie Land, that’s a plus.

    So why don’t you just shut your f-cking piehole? Or better yet, stick Owebama’s c-ck back in it?

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