Poor Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning Chokes Back Tears During Testimony

Poor traitor Bradley Manning choked back tears in court yesterday before his military trial.
Manning believes he should be released from prison for mistreatment in prison but never complained about conditions during his confinement.
Now he says he was tortured.

Bradley Manning is charged in the biggest security leak in US history.
Yahoo ABC reported:

PFC Bradley Manning choked back tears during a second day of testimony at a hearing before his military trial as he claimed he didn’t tell his family about the conditions of his confinement at the Marine brig at Quantico, Va., because he did not want them to worry.

He also expressed concern that doing so could lead to an end to visiting privileges for his family.

This week’s pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Md., outside of Washington, D.C., was focused only on Manning’s nine-month confinement at the Marine brig at Quantico. Details about the hundreds of thousands of classified documents Manning is alleged to have leaked to Wikileaks will not be discussed until his trial, which is scheduled to get underway on Jan. 28.

On Friday, Army prosecutors asked Manning why he had not availed himself of multiple opportunities to complain about the Maximum Custody and Prevention of Injury status he experienced during his nine-month stay at Quantico in 2010-2011.

Army prosecutor Maj. Ashden Fein pointed to weekly detailed forms with his Army supervisors, where Manning routinely categorized the guards and facilities at the brig as “very professional.” The forms did not detail any of the maximum security conditions Manning talked about on Thursday, the first time he has spoken publicly during his almost two-and-a-half years in pre-trial detention.

Fein also read through transcripts of audio recordings made during the visits to the brig by Manning’s family and friends, when he did not complain about the circumstances of his detention to those closest to him.

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  • bear

    Now it’s sympathy for traitors.

    The jihadists must be laughing out loud at the fools we seem to be spawning.

  • SeniorD

    Well, if Pvt. Manning doesn’t like the accomadations, let him walk around free at Quantico. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll beg for a return to his cage once he gets out ot the VERY good hospital.

    Then again, maybe we won’t have to pay for the Court Martial at all.


    Elections and traitorous conduct have consequences.

  • retire05

    Ready, aim, fire.

    There, problem solved.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    He should be choking up at the end of a rope but the scum running this country send traitors to the Senate.

  • Digger

    This traitor is shedding crocodile tears for his own sorry @$$. What about the people he put in jeopardy for his actions with Wikileaks, where are those tears? He needs to grow up, abide by the oath he took when he joined the military and accept the consequences for his actions.

  • J. Knight

    What a cowardly little piece of traitorous scum. Yep, they used to hang traitors, but he is likely to get off, sue the government for millions(which, of course, will be settled out of court), and live like a king, never to be taken to task for the people his actions likely got killed.

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  • More liberty

    To be honest it’s nice to see the lies and illegal activities of our government exposed. Jim Hoftis just another big government statist.

  • jony101

    he need to be hanged then he wont complain anymore.

  • SeniorD

    J.Knigth@#7 – this is a Court Martial for Treason, not civilian court. Pvt. Manning WILL either be spending a considerable amount of time at Leavenworth or face death. Unless his ‘Defense Team’ is working pro bono, little Bradley Manning will owe millions for an ineffective defense.

    The only sure bet for death is for the Ft. Hood Terrorist Maj A. Hassan (an American citizen). We’re having a lottery dor firing squad slots down here in Texas. Proceeds to go to the families of the victims.

  • SeniorD

    More Liberty @#8 – your donations to his defense will be welcomed. Useless, but welcomed.

  • bear


    My Webster’s shows treason as, “working for an enemy of the state,” which is the charge against the traitor manning.

    Sedition is, “inciting hostility toward the government….falling short of treason.”

    Since you condone, and encourage manning’s treason, we may safely assume that you are admitting to sedition.

    Read comment #1 and state your case for supporting traitorous acts.

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  • Look-Out

    Aw, shucks!

    Watched the whole video and was hoping I’d get to see and hear how a traitor cries.

  • jharp

    “Poor Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning ”

    What was Manning convicted of again?

    I must have missed that. Or is it guilty until proven innocent?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Yep, they used to hang traitors, but he is likely to get off,”

    He’ll die locked up. He’s on suicide watch because he knows that.

  • RickZ

    6 December jharp commented:

    What was Manning convicted of again?

    I must have missed that. Or is it guilty until proven innocent?

    In Manning’s case, he’s guilty until proven guilty.

    I’m not an officer of the court, nor am I a politican. So I can deem that traitorous rat b-stard guilty as hell and deserving of a hanging. Not a firing squad, though, as that’s for real soldiers.

  • jharp

    #18 December 1, 2012 at 12:41 pm
    RickZ commented:

    What do you hate America and everything it stands for?

    You lost an election. Quit whining and get over it.


  • RickZ

    jharp, I didn’t lose the election, America lost the election.

    Manning is a traitor, but in Proggie Land, that’s a plus.

    So why don’t you just shut your f-cking piehole? Or better yet, stick Owebama’s c-ck back in it?

  • jharp


    “Or better yet, stick Owebama’s c-ck back in it?”

    Always gets to a reference to homosexuality with you right wingers?

    Why is that? Are you gay? Or are you a 7th grader.

    Grow up loser.

  • RickZ

    jharp, Owebama’s the commie fag who married a beard. You’re just a moron faggette.

  • jharp


    And you behave like a child.

  • sablegsd

    Shoot this traitorous faggot already.

  • Beef

    Manning’s gult is not in question, as he has already confessed. The fact that he is still breathing indicates something profoundly wrong with our country.

  • RickZ


    I really don’t give a flying f-ck at a rolling donut what you and every other progressive moron thinks about me and people like me.

    I am fed up. I am fed up with the lies coming from this Administration. I am sick and tired of the lies (both omission and commission) of the Fellatio Media. And most of all, I am sick of the progressives/communists who now rule the roost and will get their comeupannce when they least ecpect it.

    If you think this is going to end well, well, that just means you live in a fantasy world where facts have no place and emotions trump all.

    Now. I. will. type. slowly. so. that. you. can. understand:

    You are not American. Oh, you might be a citizen, but you most certainly are not American. Being American is more than your addled brain could ever comprehend. Just like Owebama is not American, no matter where the stupid f-ck was born: He’s a commie, just like you. I hate commies and seriously wish them dead, from top to bottom. After all, it was the policy of this Country not that long ago to kill commies wherever and whenever possible, is as large numbers as possible. I still believe in that policy. Just as I think all those gun owners think that way. When you Free Shyt Army zombies come roaming the countryside, you will be a target rich environment. Bravado? Not hardly. It is your side who wants to take the guns because, to paraphrase Mao, this Administration knows that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. It’s going to take some trigger to create the second shot heard ’round the world, but I’d bet my last inflated dollar that 401(k) and IRA confiscation would do the trick. And yes, your side has already been floating that idea for a while now, all in the name of economic fairness because the poor don’t have accounts they put their money into, well, except for the accounts of the neighborhood crack dealers.

    F-ck you and f-ck The Free Shyt Army with the barbed c-ck of Satan, sideways.

  • Rose

    Whose shoulder will he cry on when he tries to files complaints against Hades?

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    Jharp, you are correct, almost 50% of the country elected a traitor, Communist/National socialist as our president. I no longer care why you guys are the way you are, but I know that you are a danger to my freedom and my children’s freedom.

    My son is gay so do you want to pull that gay crap on me? I will give you a place to meet me if you wish.

  • platypus

    With all due respect to ALL_IS_LOST, homosexuality is one of the key issues in this case. The poor little drama queen Manning is playing this for all it’s worth (his life). He confessed that the triggering incident was his butt sects buddy tiring of his efforts to impersonate a female.

    Apparently, that is sufficient motivation for treason and betrayal. So I am not surprised that he/she would cry in a desperate attempt to obtain undeserved mercy – my issue is how long this is taking.

    Suddenly, I got the answer revealed to my pea brain – DADT. Since the most workable policy was repealed, little Miss Pvt Drama Queen is trying to pull off a time travel type retroactive discrimination defense.

    All decision made in the case are being arranged into a strategy that is set up to show that he is being persecuted for his fabulousness. Judge rules against him – defense goes out to find a previously prosecuted soldier who got a “better” result that our little darling leaker. That translates into discrimination due to his alternative love interests. Which of course he can’t help because he’s always been different and was always bullied as a youth. Was he ordered by his CO to police the latrine with a toothbrush? – Discrmination against rainbow people.

    This will go on until a critical mass of “proven” discrimination has been reached, at which point the fourteenth amendment will have been violated.

    A deal will be cut for a general discharge with a sizable check and the charges will be dropped in exchange for a promise not to sue.

    Sometimes my appreciation for the military gets blinded by the stupidity of some of its members who allow/facilitate these scams.

  • charlotte

    Don’t be so quick to condemn Manning and Assange. I have changed my thinking on this a bit since Barry Soetoro has started acting like a dictator. They have exposed what the Govt military Industrial complex is up to. It is better for all this crap that was going on behind our backs to be in the open. And there WERE terrible human rights abuses, on innocent people. Remember they started on terrorists, then moved to innocent people and now we in the US are being threatened with much of the same–FEMA camps(800 in the USA), NDAA, the Govt reading all our emails, drone surveillance(can killings be far away? AND guess what-now, under Barry Soetoro the Muslim Indonesian, genuine terrorism IS NOT CALLED TERRORISM at all. Guantanamo will be closed and these REAL terrorists will be tried as CRIMINALS while we, who protest against totalitarian government, will be labelled as TERRORISTS, and incarcerated without trial in gulag like conditions. Hoarding food will even be crime against the state.
    And now with the UN regulation of the internet, we will be spied on. We are living in a totalitarian society –Bush laid the groundwork and Muslim Barry Soetoro will continue it and apply it to each and every citizen in the US. Will you then condemn any Bradley Mannings who surface? STASILAND is coming.

  • charlotte
  • Pete

    Relatively new to this website, but having just come from another comment thread might I give everyone a recomendation regarding trolls like this flaming hemorrhoid jharp?

    Don’t waste your time responding to him. He is clearly spewing his vile comments on whatever conservative websites for the express purpose of getting real Americans riled up. He is clearly overcompensating for some other inadequecy in his life. Ignore his ridiculous hypocrisy. Do not respond to his glaring stupidity in any way. He has no interest in honest debate, so why waste your time arguing with him?

    As as a retired military officer, I agree PV1 Manning deserves the death penalty for what he did. I do not care if he is suffering. He sold out our country. He put many US soldiers at risk in selling all that classified information to wikileaks asshat Julian Assaunge (sp?) He is a traitor and deserves to die.