Outrageous… Lib NY Paper Publishes Names & Addresses of Legal Gun Permit Holders

On Sunday, liberal New York newspaper Lohud.com published the names and addresses of legal permit holders in two counties online and in print.

Empty boxes added to protect gun permit holders.

It’s easier to take the guns when you know where they are.
AMI Global Security reported:

December 23rd 2012 a New York Newspaper Printed the names and addresses of every Licensed Pistol Permit holder in two Counties and another County is being posted shortly! This is a massive privacy breach and the latest in a series of over the top emotional reactions to the latest shooting tragedy in Sandy Hook CT meant to intimidate the lawful and prey on peoples fears to exploit the gun grabbing agenda.

In an article title “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood” the paper linked to an interactive map titled: “Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?” where you can search neighborhoods to see who received a legal permit to own a hand gun license listed by name and address.

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  • Flintstone F.

    Now all they have to do is post the names and addresses of all the criminals without handgun permits.

    I think I hear the rumbling of paper on the desks of some attorney’s…

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    Where are the civil liberatarians who howl when you ask for a Voter ID act?

    Once again, the hypocrisy is too rich.

    Asking a voter for identification is a violation of civil rights, but the publication of personally private information because you have a handgun permit is okay?

    What public interest is served by publishing this information?


  • http://marezilla.com Zilla

    What jerks!
    I live near those counties and I can tell you that there are still areas in those places that are very rural, places where you actually need to be armed due to issues we have with coywolves (coyote wolf hybrids) and other wild animals that do become infected with rabies and attack people. Also, hunting is huge up here, so OF COURSE people will have guns! And another thing, these are legal guns so why in the hell is it anyone’s business if people have them or not? I guess on the bright side, criminals in Westchester and Rockland (and coming soon, Putnam) will now know which houses NOT to break into! And any idiot leftist who uses this recklessly released private information to show up on the gun owners’ lawns to harass the people living there deserves to learn the hard way that armed people ARE allowed to defend themselves on their own property.
    That Lo-Hud rag is owned by Gannet, who also own our other leftist rags up here, like the Poughkeepsie Journal, and owns the bulk of dead tree papers across the country, so if they are doing this in one paper, expect to see this kind of crap in the rest of their outlets nationwide and feel free to express your outrage directly to Gannet:
    They own USA Today, so you probably WILL see more of this invasion of privacy on a much bigger scale.

  • http://marezilla.com Zilla

    You can tweet your outrage to the entity ultimately responsible for this garbage, Gannett is on Twitter as @gannett. Give ’em hell!

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  • Kyle Kiernan

    Now they have the responsibility to continue and follow the story. They need to map all the burglaries and home invasion robberies then compare the two maps. They need to include all the failed attempts that were thwarted and also to color code the gun permit locations which were acquired following a crime so we can tell the difference. Should be illuminating. And if they don’t do the follow up then their readers get yet another example of the fact that they are not publishers and seekers of what is the truth but they are only purveyors of their narrow ideology.

  • Yeosailor

    I was going to post something but Adirondack Patriot said it better.

  • Yeosailor

    also Kyle

  • Yeosailor

    also zilla

  • Yeosailor

    Only in jest,


    Crazy times. But still, Merry Christmas all!

  • greenfairie

    These self-righteous snakes don’t realize they’ve outed a lot of women trying to hide from stalkers and dangerous exes, which is WHY they bought guns in the first place. Now their abusers and stalkers will know where they live.

    Too bad the right doesn’t have its own Anonymous that will publish say, the names and addresses of Lohud employees who have had abortions. Pull that off a few times and these papers will knock it off.

  • NB

    Here is the editor who made the decision to publish and her work number:
    Cindy Royal (914) 694-5002

  • Patty

    Anthony Mele for Congress 17th District

    Anthony Mele AMI Global Security

    The race for Congress in the 17th District which includes the Bronx, portions of Rockland County and the Westchester Communities of Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry and Tarrytown, has incumbent Democrat Congressman Eliot Engel being challenged by Republican Anthony Mele.

    Mele is a true outsider, who won a GOP primary by defeating the Republican party’s candidate. He continues his David vs. Goliath challenge by taking on Congressman Engel, a 22 year incumbent.

    Mele, a Veteran and small businessman, is correct when he says that people are scared about their futures. Mele advocates less spending and lower taxes as the only way to create private sector jobs. “We need a Congressman that represents the working man and not the tax man,” says Mele, who believes that Engel doesn’t deserve another term.

    “Who would re-hire someone to any job that has created a $1.2 Trillion budget hole. Let’s fire Eliot Engel,” said Mele.

    Engel has served as a loyal Democrat to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. He has quietly been re-elected to a district which has changed in the 22 years since he was first elected.

    Engel recent late appearance at a debate raised questions about whether he is taking his re-election seriously. Mele, of Puero Rican descent, is in touch with the district, and has a message that usually doesn’t resonate with a overwhelmingly Democratic constituency.

    But with the economy, jobs and the deficit becoming the critical issue in every neighborhood, now may be the time to unseat Engel.

    We endorse Anthony Mele for Congress- 17th District.

    Anthony Mele
    Security Consultant
    MA, International Conflict Management
    BA, International Relations and Counter-terrorism
    Veteran, US Army

    Contact: [email protected]

  • MarkJ

    I’ll bet lawyers representing Lohud.com are at this very minute on conference call with the management and are screaming, “You stupid idiots, do you understand in those tiny pea-brains of yours what the f*** you’ve just done? Do you have any idea what you’re bringing on?”

  • Patty
  • Buster

    Look at that map and extrapolate to the rest of the Northeast (or the rest of the nation).

    Now count how many of those people have gone on shooting rampages.

    It renews my faith in human nature to think about it in those terms.

  • JKB

    Hey, you know who often times have guns and unfortunately in NY permits? Abused women hiding from their spouses, witnesses and victims of crimes who’ve been threatened, those being stalked….

    So now, thanks to this paper, those who are a threat to these people have their new addresses.