Oh, Good Grief!… Radical Socialist Obama Says He’d Be Considered a “Moderate Republican” Back in the 1980s

The absolute gall of this man.
Barack Obama told a Miami station that he’d be considered a “moderate Republcian” if he was pushing these same policies back in the 1980s.
The Hill reported:

President Obama said his economic policies are “so mainstream” he’d be considered a moderate Republican in the 1980s.

In a Thursday interview with a Miami-based local television station, Obama said he thinks few people believe he wants to impose socialism on the country.

“The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

“I mean, what I believe in is a tax system that is fair,” he continued. “I don’t think government can solve every problem. I think that we should make sure that we’re helping young people go to school. We should make sure that our government is building good roads and bridges and hospitals and airports so that we have a good infrastructure.

Unreal. There is nothing in this man’s background that makes him moderate or Republican.

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  • Sam Stone

    And today he is considered an Islamist who is pushing his group the Muslim Brotherhood on the world one country at a time.

  • Ray

    Yeah right. The conservative Republicans of today would be considered moderate Democrats 50 years ago.

  • ★FALCON★

    Clearly the homosexual is deranged and insane. Draw up those impeachment papers.

  • muddywood

    no Barry. You would be considered a communist or just a plain old useful idiot

  • Robert

    “We should make sure that our government is building good roads and bridges and hospitals and airports so that we have a good infrastructure.”

    He didn’t even do that. The “stimulus” went to government employees, NOT infrastructure.

    Obama didn’t build that.

  • Granny

    In the USSR perhaps he would have been considered a “moderate” with his policies. ROFL

  • paul52

    Barry must be gazing in the wrong mirror today. He gives narcissism a bad name.

  • Not Likely

    He’s right. Dim Hoft just can’t accept facts because Dim Hoft has no grasp on reality.

  • Indiana

    Obama has so many personality/mental problems…..he should be in padded room. I believe the MSM keeps promoting Obama…..just to keep chaos on the front page. They are the ones exploiting his incompetence.

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  • Paul in N. AL

    There’s nothing in his past to indicate he’s a man let alone moderate or republican.

  • SeniorD

    Hamiltonians and Marxists (Republicans and Democrats) make up the majority of Congress since Hubert Humphrey died. Jimmy Carter (Hamiltonian/Marxist – Georgia) (who never met a Muslim he didn’t like) was in charge of a huge economic mess so yes, the Marxist Offal Office Occupier (MOO) could be considered ‘moderate’ in comparison. But back then, we weren’t fighting several wars on China’s dime.

  • Radegunda

    Funny, I don’t remember any moderate Republicans in the 1980s saying their agenda was “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” or claiming that free-market capitalism as “never worked.”

    I’m unaware of any moderate Republicans in the 1980s who were mentored by a card-carrying Communist, or who spouted revolutionary Marxism in college (and never disavowed those views), or who began their political careers in a party to the left of the Democrats, or who collaborated with a Marxist domestic terrorist, or who appointed Marxists and Mao-admirers to government offices, or who openly scorned constitutional limits on their power, or who aimed to hand over national sovereignty to the U.N.

    Either Barry is deluded or he assumes everyone else is stupid. Or both.

  • Amash

    He’s a Muslim Marxist now and would have been then. Add Chicago thug to that.

  • P. Aaron

    Obama’s so delusional he thinks he can do anything…when in fact he can’t do anything.

  • Look-Out

    Barry, just let us know when you hear these words, “What you are about to do, do quickly”.

    OT — then there’s this…a story I heard on the radio and now see (in more depth) in print, stirring more tears and incomprehension —


    Unless…we’re to do what God calls us to as Christians…tell Him we need Him. Forgiving our enemy is a tall order.

  • All_IS_LOST

    Liar or Delusional…maybe both.

  • cavt

    An thing the dictator says, take the exact opposite and you will have the truth. When you’re whole life is a lie, it becomes mentally impossible to recognize truth.

  • retired militaryq

    He didnt finish the statement.
    He would be considered more moderate than Stalin back in the 80s. Or Kruschev

  • Bigkahuna

    He would have been considered a high school / college pot head and coke head learning he can get away with getting by as a slacker with affirmative action paving they way so you can learn how race hustling and msm fawning over a dick can get you to undeserved heights. You don’t have to work for it. Just use race and class and vote present.